Three keys to the Phoenix Suns' win over the Los Angeles Lakers

The Phoenix Suns rode a franchise-best 22 triples to victory lane Sunday against the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. It was the three-point barrage and Jason Richardson’s 35 points that allowed the Suns to defeat a much larger and more physical Lakers team.

But aside from the three-point onslaught, the Suns did three things very well that helped them surge past LA. Watch the video above to find out Phoenix’s three keys to the Lakers win.

  • Bill

    Great use of floor spacing by the Suns in addition to the three keys to this success. A legitimate inside presence would solidify this team, but they have to play with what they have. Great overall win despite the size differential.

  • my ears are bleeding

    can you find someone who isn’t a zombie to narrate?

    I was waiting for Bueller? Bueller?

  • Mirza

    Say it aint so Steve.. Serving the wife with divorce papers same day (or a day after) the birth of your son???? WTF, guess all these guys are the same (except of course for Grant Hill)

  • sun also rises

    Oh how surprising, Mirza’s back and talking $hit about the roster again.

    You could actually try reading this blog before popping up to show your ignorance. Nash has been going through the divorce proceedings for more than six months, but he and his wife opted to keep it private and cordial. Probably so idiots like you wouldn’t go jumping to conclusions.

    But of course, it didn’t work. It’s funny how you only show up whenever we’re playing the Lakers though… you sure you aren’t LakeshowForLife or any of those other clowns from last season trying to stir up $hit?

  • Mirza

    Oh yea now it makes sense that he announced the divorce the same day his son was born (thanks so much for clearing it up for me duche) .. Still hate LA and will ALWAYS hate LA duche boy …. But I bet ANYBODY that if we keep this up and hit about 20 threes per game, we WILL make the playoffs …. LOL

  • Mirza

    Kinda creepy that you know Steve so well .. could you tell me what he likes to eat for breakfast as well .. ok back to diarrhea of the fingers ….

  • Morgan

    Why bring up Nash’s divorce for a thread about the Suns beating the Lakers. Who knows why Nash is getting a divorce and I don’t really care why. It happens to thousands of people every year, and I honestly think it’s none of our business.

    Anyways, great job guys for getting the big win. I think this could be a spark that we need, and it’s another step for the suns becoming better as a team.

  • Joe

    Really like your video break downs, it gives nice insight. Good work yet again

  • Mirza

    All I said was the timing was what threw me off that’s it .. relax people .. not everyday do people announce they are getting divorced on the day their son was born

  • Gee

    If you read the post, you would know that it was his wife who filed for divorce, not Nash.

    Why come here flaming people for no reason. It does no good to anyone, and makes you look stupid on top of it. Grow up.

    On topic, good win for the Suns. It’s starting to click on offense, and if we can get a big man to rebound and defend the low post we could see a repeat of the WCF (hopefully going our way this time).

  • Mirza

    GEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DREAM ON …. Suns are not going anywhere .. they hit 22 three pointers last night .. 22 !!!!!! 22-40 from the 3′s .. and they almost lost the game .. you really believe HONESTLY now that this team can get to the WCF again then you are ignorant

  • sun also rises

    Hahaha. This kid gets riled too easy, especially when he gets called out on his crap. Funny how fast he hits the panic button (for a “fan” who says he’s seen “every game since 1996″ or whatever that BS claim was in his last thread) and whines and moans about every player on the team, but claims to be a die hard.

    This might be the first case of reverse band wagon I’ve ever seen. A kid who only takes an interest in his “favorite team” because he thinks they have absolutely no hope of succeeding. Bet you we get the post in about two more weeks where he makes a big deal out of how he can’t root for the team any more, because they’ve “let him down.” Drama queens, I swear.

  • Steve

    I’m not going to defend Mirza’s character, but his credibility as far as being a Suns fan shouldn’t be questioned. He’s legit. He just doesn’t choose to express it with the unending optimism that most Suns fans choose to have.

    As far as the win over the Lakers goes. A win is a win. If the Suns hadn’t been hitting their threes, I’m sure they would have adjusted their game accordingly to give themselves the best chance to be in the game. The Denver game tonight was a great example of that. The thing that concerns me about the LA game was the rebounding. HOWEVER, we did come up with a lot of crucial offensive boards when we really needed them. PHX’s offensive rebounding rate is actually pretty good, largely because of the efforts of Josh Childress. That might be the saving grace for our otherwise awful rebounding.

  • Alvin

    Okay Nash,
    Back to practice…