Steve Nash is ‘not going to be traded,’ Alvin Gentry says

PHOENIX — Breathe easy Phoenix, Steve Nash isn’t going anywhere.

At least not if coach Alvin Gentry has anything to say about it.

“Steve’s not going to be traded; that I can tell you,” Gentry said. “If he’s getting traded, I’m going along with him.”

National trade rumors started swirling Monday when ESPN NBA analyst Ric Bucher brought Nash’s name up among other players on the hot stove.

Hoping to quell the chatter, the Suns’ coach issued a pretty emphatic and matter-of-fact response.

“Steve is here,” Gentry said. “Steve is the face of our franchise, so make sure that gets on every telecast, every radio, every page you guys got.”

Nash is seven games into his seventh season in the Valley since returning from Dallas.

“It’s not anything that’s been discussed here; it’s not going to happen,” Gentry said. “Have you looked at the way he’s playing? He’s playing at a real high level, why would we trade him? I don’t understand that.”

So far this season, Nash is averaging 18.7 points and 8.9 assists per game, both above his career averages, while taking a career-high amount of shots. Nash of course has won a pair of MVPs in Phoenix but has never made it beyond the conference finals.

“I’ve done everything I possibly can for this club but if that were to eventually happen, I’d [have to] move on,” Nash said. “But I signed here because I want to play with these guys and play in front of our fans.”

When asked if he had been approached by anyone or by his agent, Nash simply replied, “Nope, nothing.”

The 36-year-old has one year remaining on his contract after this season as part of a two-year, $22 million extension he signed during the summer of 2009 that kicked in this year.

“My personal opinion is that it’s just a lot of chatter,” Nash said. “It was a pretty frustrating year here two years ago and I re-signed because I thought we had unfinished business.”

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  • Tristan

    I think they should totally trade him…just for cash. Then use that cash for signing more role playing forwards to long term deals.

  • Kyle S

    Or trade him for more solar pannels on top of the building and parking lot. J/k. They’re not trading him (thankfully).

  • Mel.

    “I think they should totally trade him…just for cash. Then use that cash for signing more role playing forwards to long term deals.”

    I laughed, but only because I didn’t want the tears to show.

  • Freddy

    Anyone talking about a trade is HIGH like a kite. /done

  • JJ

    Trade Lance Blanks for Billy Blanks.

  • Jeane

    It would be the Dumest of all the Dumb Dumb moves the Suns have made lately. The way things are goeing, they might as well lock the Arena and throw away the key.

  • PhxSunsFanInLA

    Wow thank god I was very worried nash would be traded…id still be a sun fan and goran needs a few more years before he can b a quality starter…I say for this season 50+ wins. Go sunssss

  • KJ Loyalist

    Ðragon could start today. The real problem is finding him a quality backup now so that what happened all of those years with Nash without a backup doesn’t happen again.

  • Mike Meez

    I’m happy to have Steve here as long as he wants to be here. And I think he’ll want to play through his contract in Phoenix. After that, I could see him leaving to get a ring and I wouldn’t blame him. By then, the Suns should be rebuilding.

    I think Dragic could start today, but easing him into the role over the next couple years behind Nash can only help his game.

    @PhxSunsFanInLA (Los Angeles, right?)- I know your pain, I lived in L.A. for 4 years and have lots of Laker fans for friends who love to give me crap. Stay strong out there. You never know when you’ll run into a Suns fan either; I randomly met Mark West’s son out there.

  • kevin.

    i hope nash will be retire.. here the suns….. since.. i was… 11 yrs old he is my idol…..

  • wally19

    This is like when amare was here and all they could talk about was amare leaving town and the suns trading amare. now hes gone and they will talk about anything to try and throw the suns off their game. pisses me off. ric bucher is part of the tmz era at espn and i hate it when they speculate like that. “sources say” what sources a–hole? his sources could be some guy hanging out in front of a circle k. nash isnt going anywhere because the valley of the sun is nash country! go suns!

  • Evan

    This is what this team has come to? Speculation of trading our only star away and rebuilding for the next 3+ years? If Lopez, Turk, Warrick, and Frye average a completely realistic 30 rebounds per game combined the suns will be fine however in the first 7 games the 4 ‘bigs’ for the suns are averaging 18.7 rebounds per game, which is absolutely pathetic. I never thought i would say this but the suns miss Amare’s rebounding and defensive presence, now thats pathetic.