Suns Rumors: The Steve Nash rumors are underway

ESPN NBA analyst Ric Bucher told NBA Today Podcast host Ryen Russillo Monday afternoon that Phoenix Suns point guard  Steve Nash’s name is swirling around the trade rumor mill.

In fact, when Russillo asked for some potential names been mentioned in trade rumors other than Carmelo Anthony, Bucher answered emphatically: “Steve Nash. Steve Nash probably is No. 1.”

Here’s what Bucher said about the Nash rumors:

“I personally feel like I may have overestimated where they are, my belief in Nash to take any spare parts and make it work. I may have overestimated that.

They just don’t have what they had previously and the feeling is that you’re going to have a distinct two camps (in the Western Conference), the haves and the have-nots. Depending on where Phoenix is and in which camp, they may say ‘you know what we need to go in a different direction.’ If you’re going to move Steve Nash, you have to move him now rather than late to get something out of him.

It’s tricky because again we’re talking about a business decision and Steve Nash is a great draw in Phoenix and he’d be a great draw anywhere.”

Trading Nash, who is scheduled to make $22 million over the next two seasons, would mean basically mailing it for the season and moving away from the Nash era and toward the Goran Dragic and Robin Lopez era.

It’s hard to say if this rumor actually has any legs, as we knew Nash rumors would come up at some point. But to hear that from a source like Bucher this early in the season says a lot about how realistic of an option dealing Nash truly is.

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  • Michael

    maybe nash and hill to the magic for jameer nelson and gortat. if the magic get too anal for giving up gortat then maybe the same trade but take out gortat and throw in brandon bass. what do you guys think of this trade? i think it makes sense for both sides. suns should move hill and nash to have a better chance at a ring, and the suns can get bigger with bass or gortat, and get a quality pg in return as well. nash and dwight howard would make a beastly combination. what are your guys’ thoughts?

  • JJ

    Thank you, Ric DOUCHer

  • janglesjr

    Steve Nash and Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks? This is crazy – yet another BIG 3 in the NBA!

  • Kyle S

    Nash to Toronto for Barbosa? Haha, j/k.

    The day the Suns trade Nash is a sad day and one which probably would result in the question of whether they made the right move not putting the tons of $ out to sign Amare. Even though he’d be over paid, makes you wonder.

  • aziz

    no way i cant believe that


    THE SUNS are not going to trade no one

  • Jacob

    That rumor can’t be true. The front office won’t make any moves this early in the season after spending the entire offseason trying to continue to make this team competitive.

  • Shaqita

    Maybe bring Kevin Love (rebounder) for Clark and 2 first round picks 2011&2012 (suns already gave second round picks 2011&2012 ) and go in full winning mode ?

  • Artur Mascarenhas

    Just cant blame Nash if he leaves…

  • KJ Loyalist

    Negative: Steve Nash leaves.

    Positive: We can finally rebuild, (because a decade of re-tooling hasn’t worked), and perhaps in the era of the DRAGON!!! we’ll draft / acquire the rest of the pieces needed to bring home a championship.

  • chrizy

    people have been saying he is going to re-join mr. pringles and amare in NYC. I first read it here:

    can the knicks even afford such a move?

  • KJ Loyalist

    The Knicks have plenty of money and when you put Nash’s 22 mil over the next 2 years up against this past free agency period, it’s a steal.

    Remember, the Knicks wanted LeBron at max + Flash or Amare or Bosh or J. Johnson at max as well.

  • Steve

    I’d like to see Nash out. Even though he is playing at a top-5 PG level still, he is obviously past his prime. He’s not going to be able to carry the load for the Suns over an entire season the way they’re asking him to. He’s already getting tired in 4th quarters, and he can’t close games out. The Suns simply don’t have what Nash needs to thrive, and I’d rather see him successful and the Suns have a shot at picking up some pieces of the puzzle than watch Nash dwindle into irrelevance during a couple of miserable seasons in Phoenix.

  • Mel.

    I advocate a Nash trade, but only because he deserves better than two more seasons of beating himself up because he’s unable to single-handedly turn this squad into championship material.

    The irony being that Steve is the antithesis of the “I gots mouths to feed/we didn’t win a title in my first year with this squad ’cause of my supporting cast/trade me or get me a Pippen type,” but that he’ll fizzle out into obscurity by staying so bloody loyal that he goes down with the Suns ship.

    I’ll still watch this team ’til I croak, but one can’t shake the feeling that this season is the breaking point of that long-term dating relationship that’s never going to reach marriage… Steve’s just too nice a guy to tell you it’s over, but all the signs are there.

  • Zane

    yeah michael, we really want to make the magic a beastly team. That is a terrible trade and nelson and gortat are worthless. That would be a disgusting move if any like that were to happen. Nash and Hill are 2 of our core players and i want them to stay the rest of their careers.

  • suns68

    Trade Nash and we’re on a one-way bus to Clipperville.
    If Goran stays on trajectory, he’ll be ready to be this team’s leader in a couple of years, but he’s not yet.
    Keeping Nash is our best chance to bring our current group together for success this year.
    Having Goran understudy to Nash is our best hope for long-term success when it becomes his team.

  • KJ Loyalist

    Steve is fine in the valley BUT:

    Suns won’t take trash back for two time. They’re going to take another team’s, (or 2 teams), future(s).

    They’re going to want mass picks and / or cap relief and possibly a young stud in the making.

    Its going to take quite the haul to land Nash.

  • Corey Crewe

    Nash wants to go to Canada. Toronto has the trade exemption. Franchise saves money and loses a lot and gets a great pick. Its a horrible deal to give him away unless you sign his check!

  • charles

    nash is a very good player but he can not win the big 1 get what u can 4 him he left dallas they got better

  • paul ostroff

    We will give up anything short of our first born to get Steve Nash back to Canada.He is the most beloved native son here in Canada.This is not just about winning,but that wouldn’t be so bad

  • rames

    use the ESPN nba trade machine… nash and hill for nelson and peitrus

  • Tom Calarco

    Dragic is already better than Nash … or would be if given the chance to be the starter, I believe. Phoenix would be smart to move Nash now while they get something good for him.

  • Mirza

    2 time has to be moved ASAP. If we wait until next year we WILL NOT get as much as we can during this season. Trade him before he gets injured (I mean he isnt in his 20′s anymore). Goran will never be “ready to take over” until he gets the starting job and that’s reality folks. I love Blatche as a young stud however I dont see Washington dealing him (unless theres a 3rd team involved). Boy if we could have only pulled the trigger on the JJ Hickson deal (again not sure if that was ever on the table based on the fact that Amare im sure would not want to re-sign wit the Cavs). Gortat is a beast Zane and clearly you dont watch basketball to realize that. I like Bass but again that deal will never go through as I dont see the Magic giving up Jameer to get a PG in the latter stage of his career. SARVERS POCKETS MIGHT TAKE A HIT BUT DEALING NASH NOW IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

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  • Tim

    I dont think trading Nash and Hill is the anwser please let front office see this if the idots.
    If the idots in the front office and or owner wasn’t
    too cheap to pay for Amire with who they got over the summer would be enough to maybe go all the way that is the bigest problem you have is filling Amire spot

  • Steve

    @Tim – What?

    I like the Magic trade. Hill loves Orlando (He and Shaq had talked about buying partial ownership of the team), and Gortat is indeed a stud. He’s the best backup center in the league, and he’s better than half of the guys who start. He just happens to be behind Shaq 2.0. I don’t think Nelson is anywhere near Nash’s caliber, but Nelson and Goran splitting time sounds almost as good to me as Nash playing 34 and Goran playing 14.

  • John

    The people that think Dragic is ever going to be a solid full time PG are full of Supposition. He looks great going full bore in two 7-8 Min stretches a game. But it far different playing 80 games at 35 min. per game. Your game has to be managed well so you can play 35 min. at a quality level every night. He may or may not be able to do that.

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  • Mirza

    @ John …. “he may or may not be able to do that” .. well I can tell you playing him 15 min per game wont show us …. Ill go as far to say Gortat is better than half of the centers that start …. ANY other team in the league he is a starter .. I’ll put him in top 5-7 centers in the league .. I dont see the Magic giving up Jameer for some reason .. although for a chance to acquire 2 time MVSteve to propel them over the top, kinda has to sound intriguing for them

  • Mirza

    the reality is this .. Not trading Nash will leave us at 40-45 wins and OUT OF THE LOTTERY yet again .. that’s reality .. this team as is WILL NOT make the playoffs .. (7th and 8th seed by some sort of a MIRACLE) …. The question for Sarver is this, do I get rid of Nash and lose $ on ticket sales or do we start rebuilding right now and ensure we have some future picks coming to us ….

  • Christian Jess Diada

    obviously Nash is getting older and the suns spent a lot of money for Nash without any championship…I think suns would be smart if they will trade Nash to other teams..because they now have Dragic to replace him.. I also think that Nash wants a ring and he can’t get that in PHX ..I think it would be better for Nash to move to Orlando..and to play with Howard..

  • Al

    I would truly like to see Steven and Grant win a championship whether in a Sun or Magic uniform. I think the Magic deal is a great idea. Nelson, Gortat, Pietrus or Bass and 1 first round pick, for Steve, Grant, and Frye and a second round pick. Nelson is a good player and the Suns actually selected Gortat in 2005 before trading him and has become the best back up center in the league; then there is Pietrus who has seen his minutes decreased in Orlando so moving to Phoenix would be a good improvement for him plus he provides 3 point shooting. It’s time for the Suns to rebuild and the new Suns era to begin. (“Dragon Era”)

  • rillo

    if he does get traded and thats a big if i think they should trade him to dallas. there he will reunite with shawn marrionand he can help j.j. barea who i think has a bright future. who to trade would be jason kidd and butler.

  • enoma

    Nash is over estimated . He better remains in the Suns. He is too small l to head a team . He can strive when there will be cover-ups like Marion , Amar’e , Boris . but on his own , he is created ” too impossble ” .

  • Steve

    Do we have a bunch of people posting randomly generated words? I’ve never seen this before on the site, but there have been a ton of virtually nonsensical comments lately. What’s going on?

  • Sean

    @Steve – That’s funny!

  • Robert T

    can you imagine Nash playng in Miami with the big three Wow!!!

  • Steve

    In that case, you would have to call it the Big Four. Or maybe just the Big Three and leave Chris Bosh out of it because he never should have been considered in that company in the first place.

  • JCG

    First of all Steve Nash is not going anywhere. And if you think he is, you all smocking crack. Sure we will trade Nash for Kobe Bryant or Durant or Melo if he signs a contract with the Suns. Heck we will trade him for Jhon Wall and a couple more players. Or maybe Blake Griiffin from the clippers. What in the world do you think? You are getting Nash for free. Did you watch how the Suns dismantled the Lakers on Sunday. This is a new team a NEW TEAM!!!! Give them some time.The season is way to early to grade the Suns. And every Suns haters are hoping we will trade Nash. So keep wishing. This year will be one of his best.

  • JCG

    AT Enoma: Nash is over estimated? You mean overrated right? Give me a break what has Marion-Boris-Amare done since leaving the overrated Nash. I will tell you. Nothing, nada, zero, zilch, jack squatt in fact their averages have gone way down. What they can do however is send a check over to Steve Nash the Two Time MVP for him getting them new contracts. Nash t age 36 or whatever is still inthe top 5 Point guards period………………………..

  • steve hills


  • Big Tom

    Big Steve is Tough

  • I’macoach

    Your best friend Dirk is waiting for you in Dallas Steve. You know you want to come back. Phoenix was fun for a minute; however, it’s not working for you. You know this. We miss you! Come home Steve.