Robin Lopez Phoenix Suns breakdown

Phoenix Suns center Robin Lopez was a ghost against Portland and Utah combining for nine points and 11 rebounds in 43 minutes of play. But Lopez finally lived up to his giant expectations against the Lakers Friday, ripping off 18 points and hauling in 14 boards in 32 minutes against Pau Gasol and company.

Check out my breakdown of Lopez’ performance against the Lakers in terms of offense, defense and rebounding. I also put together a video breakdown following the Portland game, and am hoping to better my skills and fix some technical issues (video lagging) in hopes of continually cranking out insightful basketball breakdowns.

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  • chris

    great breakdown

  • Joe

    great post, thanks for all the hard work

  • audreyandchuck

    Didn’t form an opinion last year until the playoffs. Because he lacked coordinated skill, he looked like he emotionally reacted effectively to what was expected of him specifically. Maybe this year as a starter he will expect to make his own decisions moreso….kindof leaves me hangin toward an unstable way to come?

  • Rob

    Nice video editing. Good work guys (and girls if there be any)