Happy birthday to us

ValleyoftheSuns was founded exactly two years ago today as the Phoenix Suns were set to kick off the tumultuous 2008-09 season.

My how time has flown and this blog has evolved from a one-man show to a real team.

I’m proud of where we are. We had a productive summer building out the web site from the static one-page blog it was through the end of last season to a multi-page web site it is today complete with player profiles, a salary page and a schedule. We have even been nominated in the “Best of our Valley” Favorite Local Blog category. (Gratuitous plug warning: Vote for us, we could really use it).

I feel like Year 1 for this blog was about getting comfortable in this space and Year 2 was about expanding our content selection. Year 3 is about becoming even more legitimate as a full-service Phoenix Suns web site breaking down the team in every fashion possible, from Schmitz’s superb video breakdowns to advanced statistical analysis.

We will strive to continue to diversify our coverage and look at the Suns from every angle to make ValleyoftheSuns a must-read source of Phoenix Suns coverage on a daily basis.

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  • Steve

    Save me a piece a cake…carrot?

  • Mel.

    Schwartzy, you’ve also got the upside of knowing that Year Three has the potential to be the most infuriating and somber experience for the Suns’ fan collective in the last decade… or heck, maybe the last TWO decades.

    There’s nobody I’d rather have covering the ride. Bring on the euphoric ups and the debilitating downs!

  • Jason

    Happy B-Day VOTS!

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  • Ajax

    As a massive Suns fan living in St. Louis, I would like to say thanks for all you guys do.
    Happy Birthday!!

  • Tyler

    I’ve been reading since about day 1 or whenever espn put your link on the site… anyways congrats.

  • BOND

    I stay since last year playoff.
    All I have to say is keep up the great work. Valleyofthesuns make me feel connected