The 'new' Phoenix Suns pick and roll

We’ve been scrutinizing all summer how the Suns will replace Amare Stoudemire in their vaunted pick-and-roll attack.

It’s still the most salient question yet to be answered about this team’s offense because the Suns were essentially a pick-and-roll team last year that used that play either to get an easy opportunity for Nash or Amare or to clear space for open long-range shots.

Sebastian Pruiti takes a stab at the Suns’ “new” pick and roll with Robin Lopez or Gani Lawal as the roll men in a must-read piece over at NBA Playbook.

Bassy uses video to break down the former and present Phoenix pick-and-roll attack, and here’s his conclusion:

To say that the Suns’ pick and roll is going to look different this year is a huge understatement.  I see them moving away from hitting the roll man on their PNRs and just keeping the ball in Nash’s hands and letting him create.  Without a real threat on the roll, teams are going to try and bottle up Nash.  This might mean that Nash gets fewer of those middle of the lane floaters/jumpers, but if Nash is willing to continue to kick the ball out when this happens, it could actually benefit the Suns if they are able to knock down their three point shots.

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  • JC

    I think the pick and roll will be fine, but right now the team has to focus on what to do with Turkoglu. He’s not a PF and should be playing at the 3 instead. Also, I think Phoenix overpaid Frye this off-season. He should still be making $2 million the way he is playing in the 2 preseason games. (Kerr should have signed Frye to a 3 year deal so Phoenix.) Frye played for a contract last season and is probably happy with his new deal that he won’t work as hard now that he is set for the next 5 years. I say move Turk to the 3 and give Warrick the starting 4 spot. Clark, Gani, or Jones should fight for the backup power forward position and give Hill and Dudley shared minutes at the reserve SF this season or convince Grant to retire and offer him a position as an assistant coach for the team.

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