Steve Nash Diet Challenge update

I’m a dinner away from being three days done with the Steve Nash Diet Challenge, and I’m feeling real good.

Some highlights include finishing all the spinach on my plate for the first time ever last night and enjoying a nice little Sunday afternoon snack of carrots and raw cashews just now. Deeeeelicious!

I’ve got a salmon and brown rice lunch waiting in the fridge for later this week and last night I devoured some brown rice and broccoli as a late-night snack. My college friends wouldn’t recognize me.

I’m also excited to see how the hour extra of sleep will impact how I feel during the work week as I always sleep a lot on the weekends.

If you follow ValleyoftheSuns on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube then you have probably already seen this, but if not check out some videos of my first few meals below and continuing following ValleyoftheSuns on social media for more video updates all week long.

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