Lou Amundson set to sign with Warriors; David Griffin joining Cavaliers

Loud, ringing cheers of “Louuuuuuu” will no longer be heard throughout US Airways Center.

Unless the Golden State Warriors are in town and Phoenix Suns fans still want to give Louis Amundson some love.

ESPN.com’s Marc Stein reported Monday that the former Suns forward is set to sign a contract with the Warriors for two years and nearly $5 million. Amundson’s agent told ESPN that the deal would be signed in Oakland on Monday.

The deal is reported to include the second season as a player option. Amundson chose Golden State over his other top choice, the New Orleans Hornets. The Warriors had more money available this year and could offer Amundson a higher starting salary.

According to Stein, Amundson waited so long (training camp is two weeks away) in order to see if suitors like New Orleans or the Indiana Pacers could make a move to free up money for a more lucrative deal.

Amundson, who averaged 4.7 points and 4.4 rebounds last season, was expected to land a big contract early in free agency, but lasted longer than any other quality free agent. The Suns likely expected him to be out of there price range and filled their roster with Hakim Warrick, Hedo Turkoglu and Gani Lawal.

Griffin joining Cavaliers’ front office

In an ironic twist, former Suns Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin has joined the Cleveland Cavaliers’s front office as vice president of basketball operations.

Griffin essentially trades positions with new Suns general manager Lance Blanks, who is second in the chain of command under the Suns’ new president of basketball operations, Lon Babby.

ESPN the Magzine’s Ric Bucher reported the move Monday. Griffin previously turned down an offer from the Denver Nuggets due to a low salary, the report said. The Arizona Republic reported that Griffin will get a three-year deal.

Griffin left Phoenix after former GM Steve Kerr’s departure and did not want to be considered to replace him. Griffin now joins the Cavaliers’ post-LeBron James rebuilding project.

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  • Daniel

    I’ll still be chanting Loooooooouuuuuuuuuu!

  • Mel.

    ^Ha, me too.

    And Mr. Griffin is either a masochist, or loves a challenge; I know his alleged issues with Sarver were a deal-breaker in terms of him being Kerr’s heir apparent, but DAMN. The Cavs?!

  • Mike Meez

    Fourthed, I will still be saying Looooouuuuuuu when he comes back on a roadie. Now I gotta mark a Golden State game to go to in addition to the Knicks game to welcome back STAT.

    As for Griffin, I agree with Mel. What the hell was he thinking?! The Cavs are going to be terrible now. Their players have no idea what to do without Lebron running the show (that's why they were terrible in the playoffs, all teams had to do was slow down Lebron and game over).

  • me

    im with u on that one daniel

  • KJ Loyalist

    I won’t chant for sweet Lou.

    Instead, I’ll get the “LAWWWWWWWWWWW” theme going, (that is what it’ll sound like when we start chanting lawal out of unison).

    Then again, is it okay to chant that when he took Matrix’ number? I’m still a bit torn about that.

    As far as Griffin goes, to take something from Sprewell, he’s “got to feed his kids” and make that money.

  • Steve

    I can’t ever cheer for anyone besides my Suns. I know that Lou left amicably and without destroying his relationship with the fans, but I wouldn’t cheer for any former Suns player if he’s in my building wearing another jersey. That goes for you, Amar’e.

    The only exceptions I have ever made to that rule were Barkley and Majerle. That’s as far back as my years go, otherwise there might be a few other exceptions.

  • Zak

    I wish Lou had remained a member of the Suns… but that just wasn’t in the cards. I’ll wish him well with GS except when they play Phoenix.