Phoenix Suns sign Dwayne Jones

The Suns need help on the glass, and they've signed Dwayne Jones for that purpose.

The Phoenix Suns have been searching for a big man to round out their front court for weeks.

Although he certainly isn’t anybody’s ideal candidate, they appear to have done that Monday afternoon as they signed 6-foot-11, 250-pound Dwayne Jones, according to a press release.

Jones is a familiar face around US Airways Center, as he signed with the Suns on April 5 and finished the 2009-10 season in Phoenix.

The 27-year-old forward was part of the trade with Toronto that brought Hedo Turkoglu to Phoenix, but the Raptors chose not to keep Jones around.

The former St. Joseph’s product originally captured the Suns’ attention because of his work in the D-League, as he led the Austin Toros in rebounding (16.0 per game) through 48 games in 2009-10, while averaging an impressive 17.6 points per contest.

He was nothing more than a decent practice player in Phoenix, appearing in two regular season games and two playoff games, but with the Suns hurting for a rebounder the move doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

As his D-League numbers suggest, he knows how to attack the glass, which figures to be the Suns’ biggest weakness heading into the 2010-11 season.

According to a recent tweet from The Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro, Jones signed a one-year, minimum-salary deal with small guarantees, meaning that he will indeed be suiting up in purple and orange past the preseason.

The move now brings the Suns’ roster to 14, a number they have rarely reached in prior years due to luxury tax issues. The signing shows Phoenix truly is worried about rebounding the basketball next season, although Jones won’t even see enough time to help the Suns’ rebounding woes.

But it can never hurt to have another big body around, and the options really weren’t there for the Suns. So all in all, bringing Dwayne Jones back to Phoenix isn’t necessarily bad, but don’t expect him to make a difference in 2010-11.

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  • Eagle Sun

    Well, why not play him some time with Rolo or Frye. He can help cover big men and rebound (while Frye is playing SG, and Rolo is playing PF), even for some 10 minutes a game would prevent Turk/ Warrick from having to guard the Dirks, Duncans, Gasols, and Al Jeffersons of other teams for the whole game.

    The Suns should fit him into the rotation to deal with big, long teams in certain situations.

  • Eagle Sun

    I had wanted Earl Barron, but Jones can fit the role if we use him.

    If Jones plays well and is used effectively, I think that the Suns should win 60+ games in the regular season.

  • Kyle Fleeger

    Dwayne Jones isn't going to play really at all. I guess, he at least gives us a mobile, active defensive rebounder when RoLo and Channing get into foul trouble. He is more mobile than Jarron Collins, and is young enough to run the court without worrying about his legs exploding like Shaq.

    Not a bad signing in that he already knows the offense and players on the team.

  • Kevin B

    I hope they can get him some playing time that last year. I would really like to see what he can do!!!

  • Kevin B

    some MORE playing time THAN…

    Sorry about that

  • HankS

    This signing confirms that the Suns are going to open the season with the roster they currently have, that is to say, without a real power forward, and see how it works out. That said, D-Jones isn’t necessarily a bad addition: nobody can average 16 rebounds through 48 games without there being something to be said for him, not even in the D-league. Jones’s competitors for playing time will be numerous, but everything considered, I’m sure he likes his chances a lot.

  • Kyle Fleeger

    I think the likelihood of Dwayne Jones playing more than 3 minutes a game is slim to none. He will only ever play in garbage time and when both Centers are in foul trouble. He couldn't make the original roster so there is no reason to believe he will play ahead of Hakim Warrick, Earl Clark, Hedo, Grant Hill, Channing or Gani Lawal (who could end up seeing time at the 3 I read).

    That being said, if he starts to play well in the minutes he sees, and starts "ripping down boards", it's tough to argue they won't play him a little more. If I were him I would just be happy that I get to run the court with the best offense in basketball, and make a difference in his limited time on the court with his defense.

    Either way, Dwayne Jones is this years Alando Tucker. He won't even end the season with Jarron Collins minutes.

    Go Hedo against Greece today!

  • KJ Loyalist

    You know what they say about addressing a weakness.

    This guy might not be ideal for our offensive plans but you know what? Scoring won’t be a problem.
    If he gets a few minutes and starts ripping down boards he will get even more minutes.
    If he can handle setting a good pick for our PNRs then he will see even more time.

    He might be on the court more than our beloved column writers think.

  • Steve

    I guess this doesn't hurt anything, but it certainly doesn't help either. They aren't going to use him, so why do they even bother?

  • Zak

    I think they should give him more minutes than most expect. 16 rpg is quite impressive in the d-league! If he can get half that pg in the NBA and prove to be at least a good defender then he's worth throwing into the mix. The Suns have plenty of scoring options. Throw him in with Nash, J-Rich, Hedo (at SF) and Lopez and the Suns will have a big front line that might actually out rebound other teams. And I agree with the poster who said it's probably time to trade Clark. His summer league performances were weak at best and I'm betting that he never lives up to his 'potential'. Although getting traded (or sent to the d-league) might just be the kick in the pants he needs light a fire under him.

  • HankS

    I think KJ Loyalist might easily be right, but in that case chemistry problems loom large, there just isn’t enough minutes for so many players. Also, I don’t think D-Jones’s arrival is a good news for Earl Clark, either: the more D-Jones plays, the more Hedo slides to his natural SF position. Earl probably needs to get traded, both for his own and the Suns’ good, though in and of itself that trade wouldn’t solve the logjam.


    Well, Why not give Dwayne Jones most of Lou's minutes? He will be a good upgrade from Lou (Bigger and Stronger)– Plus he does have some legitimate Center offense– Which will probably help Rolo score more points if they are both on the field together.

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  • suns68

    Anybody know why the Raptors didn’t want to sign him?

  • KJ Loyalist

    Depending on the fluidity of the young big men, I’d imagine that Lawal is more likely to gobble up Sweet Lou’s minutes.

    I think Tucker had problems here because he wasn’t the proper fit in the type of system Phoenix runs. Even as a slender guard he seemed to enjoy playing with his back to the basket more than anything. That simply doesn’t happen in Phoenix and he never seemed to adapt to the run. Meaning, he couldn’t find a way to contribute.

    If this guy can grab rebounds in the NBA while grasping the nature of our offense, (he’s already got some experience there), he could easily end up with some nice PT.

    I don’t know if EC was ever going to be asked to “rip boards” – It seems like those in charge of the valley are waiting for him to cultivate all of that offensive talent and not just jack up the first shot that comes, (with a hand in his face).

    Also, I don’t know if this roster is complete yet. We have a ton of extra position players across the 3 and the 4. Perhaps the Suns are trying to gather up as many pieces as they can for another trade that obviously hasn’t surfaced yet.

  • Kyle Fleeger

    I think people are selling Earl Clark too quickly based on his summer league. He is a 3/4 Combination player with terrific size, ball-handling, and athleticism. He is only 22 years old and was asked for the first time in his NBA or College career to be the play-maker, and first option scorer.

    During the summer league he played with a bunch of players who can't cut the mustard. It will be a little different when he is playing with guys who know the offense, and can shoot the rock. I think that he will end up seeing some solid minutes this year as he "re-learns" that its his defense and hustle that will get him time on the court.

    Also, I agree, please stop jacking up jump shots that are contested in the first 10 seconds of the shot clock. Bad shot.

  • Mike Meez

    I don't think we should make excuses for Clark's terrible performance. Yes, he did have subpar teammates but that shouldn't be an excuse for an NBA player. And remember, even though his teammates were not NBA quality, neither were most of the guys he was playing against.

    Still, even though I'm skeptical I'll wait and see on Clark at this point. Look at Goran Dragic. He was terrible in his first year, tons of turnovers and little production. Then second year, something clicked and he turned into a legitimate backup pg. Same could be said of Robin Lopez to some extent, though I think his progression was more steady and expected. And I have seen some spark in E.C. so maybe he can turn it on in his second season too.

  • Mike Meez

    As for the signing, it makes sense if for no other reason to have some insurance for Lopez getting injured. I thought Jarron Collins was actually a decent backup. His offensive game is so ugly, but I thought he held his own on defense and that’s all you can really ask from somebody in that position. Jones is younger and has more upside I suppose.