The Phoenix Suns' small forward brigade

It’s become something of a running joke that the Suns are just collecting an army of small forwards to unleash on the league.

In fact if they really wanted to they could probably field a “small forward lineup” to go with all the other versatile lineups Schmitz described last week.

Such a small forward lineup could put Hedo Turkoglu at the point, Josh Childress at the two, Grant Hill at his natural three, Jared Dudley at the four and Earl Clark at the five, and that’s not even including a guy like Hakim Warrick, who has been known as a three for some of his NBA career but will obviously be a four with these Suns.

Therefore it’s no surprise that the Suns made a huge dent in Ball Don’t Lie’s small forward rankings. Although I’m not surprised that Kelly Dwyer ranked four Suns in the top 30 (all of my small forward lineup except Earl), I am surprised that nobody cracks the top 20.

Dwyer tabs Childress at No. 22, Turkoglu at No. 23, Dudley at No. 25 and Hill at No. 29.

It would be strange in the old days for one team to possess so much depth at one position, but when you think about how interchangeable the Suns really are this isn’t much of a surprise. So many guys are multi-positional, and really Turkoglu right now is the starting four and Childress the backup two.

The NBA today really is not about positions but skills, and the Suns possess a creator/shooter three in Hedo, a defense/cutter three in Childress, a defense/shooter three in Dudley and a mid-range/crafty three in Hill. Plus, when you have so many long guys you can also really switch a lot of things on defense.

So it’s hard to say if all of those pieces will mix this season, but if nothing else it won’t be for a lack of small forwards.

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