Change is in the air

As you may have noticed, we here at ValleyoftheSuns have taken this offseason to transform our corner of the web from essentially a one-page blog to a multi-page web site.

That transformation began with the re-designed site in June and continues today with a number of additions to the blog that can be found in the navigation bar at the top of the site.

The most exciting addition comes in the form of player profiles for all 2010-11 Phoenix Suns. These profiles include all the typical information you would expect out of a player page — such as stats, a picture and biographical information — as well as advanced stats dating back three years (for the veterans at least), a Twitter feed for the players who possess one, a YouTube highlights package video and our season outlook for each particular Sun. In the future we also hope to add links to articles on ValleyoftheSuns about each respective player.

The new web site also includes Phoenix Suns salary information so you have a go-to source when you want to start projecting future moves, a roster and a current schedule as well as schedules from the past two seasons with links to the ValleyoftheSuns game stories from those respective games in case you ever want to check out what we had to say about some showdown with the Lakers in 2008.

We have also added an About Us page so you can get to know the writers behind this site a little better, an advanced stats page that acts as a glossary for the advanced stats in the player profiles (not to mention to provide a baseline for discussion on the site) as well as archive pages by month, category and staff writer.

This week we also celebrated our 1,000th post going live, something we are proud of being that the site is not even 22 months old.

During the first two seasons of ValleyoftheSuns’ existence, we’ve strived to become a go-to source of Phoenix Suns news and analysis. With these site additions, we hope to also become a source of everything else you might want to know about the Suns.

  • Mike

    Hell yeah! You guys are doing great stuff and it’s appreciated by Suns fans everywhere! Looking forward to the great integration with other respected bloggers that you’ve done so well.

    Can’t wait for the iPhone app (2011?!)

  • Mike Meez

    Here, here. I'm liking the new additions, good job guys.

  • B-Roy

    Awesome job, guys! Continue to innovate.

  • Drew

    Hats off to you. Great work. This has become my main source for Suns news, talk, and analysis. When I grow up (wink), I want to work for!

  • Haipei

    Well done. I visit everyday – you have done a great job.

  • Michael Schwartz

    Thanks for the kind words, guys. We are really glad to have readers like you (group hug!)

    @Mike There has been some internal discussion about a TrueHoop Network iPhone app that’s been kind of put on the backburner lately, but hopefully we can make something like that happen!

  • Steve

    Easily one of the best team blogs I've come across. I already liked the blog a lot, and now I have a lot more reasons to enjoy this site.

  • Ben

    Great job! Living in Sydney we don't see much mainstream NBA news. By far the best email I have in the inbox each morning.

  • Matt Manske

    Congrats Michael, the site is looking better than ever.

  • King Fahd

    I enjoy the debates that comes around in this forum. Keep it up and Congrats!