Dwayne Collins heading to Italy

So much for the possibility of Dwayne Collins developing under the watchful eye of the Phoenix Suns’ basketball staff.

Collins has instead decided to play for Cimberio Varese in the top Italian division, according to a report on Tuttobasket.net found by Ridiculous Upside.

I wrote yesterday that I hoped the Suns would sign the No. 60 overall pick in June’s draft because of the “ridiculous upside” that comes along with his supreme athleticism, but this really is the next best thing. He wasn’t going to get a chance with the Suns regardless this year, so it’s beneficial for all parties for him to improve in Europe while the Suns still hold his rights.

If Collins develops his offensive game in Italy, he could come back to Phoenix in a year or two and become an asset off the bench. In essence he now becomes just like all the other draft-and-stash big men that teams seemed to be grabbing at the end of the second round.

My only hope would be that in the future the D-League could become more of a minor league feeder system so that an American prospect like Collins who needs more seasoning (and really Scottie Reynolds, too) would find it more beneficial to play in the D-League than overseas.

I know that especially in Reynolds’ case the finances are such that playing overseas is a much better career move, but all things being equal it would have been nice to see Collins spend the season in Iowa under a coaching staff in constant communication with the Suns.

Perhaps Collins will develop just fine in Italy nonetheless and become a solid member of the Suns’ bench in a few years.

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  • stevo

    I like this. I heard lonn babby say on a ktar interview that adding a veteran big man woul be a job he would leave to lance blanks lets hope hes a guy who can roll with a dnp or give 15+ min in event of foul trouble or rolo health issues.Just please no one ask for kwame brown!

  • Mike Meez

    Probably for the best. He'll get more playing time over there and, if he develops, we can pick him up when he's ready for the NBA.

    I really like Thompson, especially going ahead for post-Nash years. He would be a great addition to go along with Lopez, Dragic, and Dudley. Add an elite 2 guard and that's a championship caliber team in a couple years. I just don't know how Thompson would fit in right now. That would leave Dudley as a 3rd string guy with Clark and Lawal getting absolutely no time.

  • Jake

    Suns might as well had picked Scottie Reynolds. Phoenix needs to fill the space that Dwayne Collins is leaving empty. I think Suns need to make a serious push for a young Power Forward like Jason Thompson as back up for Hedo. Warrick is more of a Small Forward than a Power Forward. Suns need size and could use the last of STAT’s TE and some picks to acquire a player like Thompson. Wonder what Babby and Blanks are thinking right now?

  • markai

    we need to pick up Earl Barron he’s a good player!!! he’s got size, can run, rebound, score, and play defense.

  • JC

    @Markai: I didn't know Earl Barron was a Free Agent right now. I think getting him would be great for Phoenix. Barron is a rebounding machine like David Lee and has decent scoring, but he would most likely be used as a back up center and would play alongside Channing Frye who would switch to the power forward position.

    Back Up Team:

    Dragic – G

    Childress – SG

    Dudley – SF

    Frye – PF

    Barron – C

    That's a pretty good bench with size if you ask me. I still wonder if Barron could play in Phoenix's run and gun system. I'd be happy if Phoenix is able to get either Barron or Thompson before the season starts.

  • Steve

    Darko is already taken, so Kwame is the next best thing. Bring in KWAME BROWN!

  • suns68

    Getting a middle-grade power forward (and Thompson is that, at 12.5 points and 8.5 boards in 30 mpg) would cost us a starter or half our superbench.
    I don’t think it’s worth it. I’d just as soon play with who we have.
    Lawal looks like he might develop into a 12-8 guy or Warrick could bulk up a bit and find his inner four.
    If Collins starts tearing it up in Italy, we could probably buy out his contract and bring him into the Suns fold.
    If we want a game-changer, I suspect we’ll need to need to wait and hope we can draft one.

  • George in AZ

    So you're saying in the future he could be an asset off the bench, but ,had he stayed, his assets on the bench?

  • http://twitter.com/stevedavis_ stevo

    would earl acept the role and money we have to offer?

  • http://twitter.com/stevedavis_ stevo

    And im sorry guys jason thompson is NOT going happen!

  • markai
  • Joe Key

    You make it sound like this was the same type of situation as Reynolds, when in reality the Suns specifically sent him to Italy to get playing time and learn the game, where as Reynolds was never part of the Suns team to begin with and went to Italy of his own accord. The Suns own Collins’ rights, let him get playing time overseas and come back ready to play, this is nothing but a GREAT situation for both sides.

  • Mike Meez

    While we’re throwing names out there, let’s get Kyrylo Fesenko. UofA already has a big lumbering Ukrainian in Kyryl Natazhko and let me tell you, it is hilarious to watch him play. I can only imagine bringing the entertainment value by bringing in the same kind of slow, clumsy Eastern European center.