Dwayne Collins deserves a contract as well

After a week in which the Suns signed second-round banger Gani Lawal and summer league sensation Matt Janning, it’s easy to forget about second-round pick Dwayne Collins.

Collins, selected No. 60 overall, missed summer league after undergoing minor knee surgery in June and has been somewhat of an afterthought ever since. Now the question remains whether the Suns will have a roster spot for him this season.

With 13 guaranteed contracts after the signing of Janning, the Suns have hit the roster minimum that they typically try to stay at. However, there would be no harm in signing Collins to a minimum contract being that the Suns are well below the luxury tax line for the first time since the 2006-07 season.

Collins is known for having massive hands and explosive athleticism and it figures to be worth signing him to give him a chance to develop into a useful NBA player.

“They think me and Gani can be good players,” Collins said after a Suns summer league game in Vegas, where he was a spectator on the Suns’ bench. “They’re just going to work with us. They consider me like a real athletic power forward. They really haven’t told me much, they just think I could be a really good power forward and contribute to the team.”

Collins is certainly somewhat of a character. He got a “Mr. Irrelevant” tattoo on his last hand after being the last pick in the draft, and he’s been known to sport Mickey Mouse shoes as he did when I caught up with him in Vegas.

“I was the last pick in the draft for the NBA, that’s something I’m not going to be sad about,” Collins said. “There’s only 60 players, and I feel like I fell in a great spot. My tattoo is a reminder, so is my number. I’m No. 60, and my tattoo ‘Mr. Irrelevant,’ and I’m always going to remember that every time I step on the court.”

Collins defines a high-upside player. He doesn’t figure to make any kind of a difference for the 2010-11 Suns, but his physical tools and drive are reason enough for the Suns to take a chance on him by signing him to a guaranteed contract.

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  • stevo

    send him overseas for a year

  • stevo

    not out of the question since suns toyed with the idea of sending taylor griffin across the pond last year.

  • http://www.valleyofthesuns.com Michael Schwartz

    Looks like you're getting your wish!

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  • stevo

    Wasnt a wish,I agree on the upside,would be beneficial to play and develop. this guy just gives off a good vibe I think he will be awfully good for us in the future,If it werent for the knee surgery I think he goes at least 10 picks higher.

  • Steve

    I've never read up on what happens when guys go over to Europe, but what will happen with him if he decides to come back to the states next season? Will the Suns retain the rights to sign him if they wish, or will he be up for grabs?

  • JBoogie

    I believe the Suns can use Dwayne Collins now more than ever. He plays Defense and a banger on the Offense…Steve Nash can really work with him seriously. It would be a smart move to call him back!!!

  • JBoogie

    I am a BIG SUNS FAN and I believe its time to give D. Collins a chance this dude really deserves it. I watched him throughout college and all it takes is a little work and you would be raising up another Amare Stoudemire