A stupid Chris Paul offer

Ryan Schwan over at Hornets 247 asked members of the TrueHoop Network to come up with our best offer for New Orleans star point guard Chris Paul.

Robert Sarver did say at the Lon Babby press conference that he feels the Suns’ best chance to add a blue chip player in the next few years is via a trade, but it’s doubtful it’s going to be this one. As perfect as it would be for Nash to pass the baton to Paul, a ball-handling trio of Nash-Paul-Hedo would likely impinge on the effectiveness of each player since they all need the ball in their hands so much. Paul or Nash guarding a two wouldn’t be ideal either.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to see such an experiment tried, but it doesn’t appear as if the teams would match up anyway. But I had to put my GM hat on nonetheless and gave it a try, so here’s what I came up with:

Suns receive:

Chris Paul

Emeka Okafor

Hornets receive:

Jason Richardson

Goran Dragic

Jared Dudley

Earl Clark

Dwayne Collins (AKA filler now that Griffin can’t be put in the offer to make it work in the trade machine)

2 protected first-round picks

Schwan ranked this as the fourth-worst offer he received in the “And that helps the Hornets rebuild … how?” category.

Really what the Hornets need is a young center like Robin Lopez, but being that he’s the Suns’ only interior defender these days, he’s darn near untradeable.

I liked my offer for the Suns because they add that second superstar (even if he plays the same position as the first superstar) as well as a second interior defense/rebound guy to patrol the paint when Robin sits (and potentially start next to him).

New Orleans receives some nice young talent, but this is hardly the kind of godfather deal it would take to acquire Paul.

I was talking to Mike Schmitz today at lunch about power forwards the Suns should consider acquiring and we both immediately mentioned a different New Orleans Hornet: David West.

I could not find a deal that seemed amenable to both sides via the trade machine, and I feel like West would be a long shot anyway with the kind of parts the Suns would be willing to offer (potentially something starting with Dudley and Clark). I feel like New Orleans would want Robin in any deal, and the Suns just can’t give him up.

Still, West would be a perfect fit. Imagine a starting lineup of Nash-Richardson-Hedo-West-Lopez with Dragic-Childress-Hill-Warrick-Frye off the bench (assuming Dudley/Clark would be traded). That’s a contending lineup, right?

Since New Orleans appears to potentially be on the verge of blowing things up, it’s always fun to speculate how that could help the Suns. I feel like a West trade would be much more realistic for Phoenix since he obviously wouldn’t cost as much as Paul and he could be the missing piece for a Suns team that could really use a natural four.

At the same time the Suns don’t appear to match up to make any such deal a realistic possibility.

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