A stupid Chris Paul offer

Ryan Schwan over at Hornets 247 asked members of the TrueHoop Network to come up with our best offer for New Orleans star point guard Chris Paul.

Robert Sarver did say at the Lon Babby press conference that he feels the Suns’ best chance to add a blue chip player in the next few years is via a trade, but it’s doubtful it’s going to be this one. As perfect as it would be for Nash to pass the baton to Paul, a ball-handling trio of Nash-Paul-Hedo would likely impinge on the effectiveness of each player since they all need the ball in their hands so much. Paul or Nash guarding a two wouldn’t be ideal either.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to see such an experiment tried, but it doesn’t appear as if the teams would match up anyway. But I had to put my GM hat on nonetheless and gave it a try, so here’s what I came up with:

Suns receive:

Chris Paul

Emeka Okafor

Hornets receive:

Jason Richardson

Goran Dragic

Jared Dudley

Earl Clark

Dwayne Collins (AKA filler now that Griffin can’t be put in the offer to make it work in the trade machine)

2 protected first-round picks

Schwan ranked this as the fourth-worst offer he received in the “And that helps the Hornets rebuild … how?” category.

Really what the Hornets need is a young center like Robin Lopez, but being that he’s the Suns’ only interior defender these days, he’s darn near untradeable.

I liked my offer for the Suns because they add that second superstar (even if he plays the same position as the first superstar) as well as a second interior defense/rebound guy to patrol the paint when Robin sits (and potentially start next to him).

New Orleans receives some nice young talent, but this is hardly the kind of godfather deal it would take to acquire Paul.

I was talking to Mike Schmitz today at lunch about power forwards the Suns should consider acquiring and we both immediately mentioned a different New Orleans Hornet: David West.

I could not find a deal that seemed amenable to both sides via the trade machine, and I feel like West would be a long shot anyway with the kind of parts the Suns would be willing to offer (potentially something starting with Dudley and Clark). I feel like New Orleans would want Robin in any deal, and the Suns just can’t give him up.

Still, West would be a perfect fit. Imagine a starting lineup of Nash-Richardson-Hedo-West-Lopez with Dragic-Childress-Hill-Warrick-Frye off the bench (assuming Dudley/Clark would be traded). That’s a contending lineup, right?

Since New Orleans appears to potentially be on the verge of blowing things up, it’s always fun to speculate how that could help the Suns. I feel like a West trade would be much more realistic for Phoenix since he obviously wouldn’t cost as much as Paul and he could be the missing piece for a Suns team that could really use a natural four.

At the same time the Suns don’t appear to match up to make any such deal a realistic possibility.

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  • Brian

    If those idiots don't appreciate what they'd be getting in Dragic, then they' don't deserve him anyways. NO DEAL!

  • justin

    this video gets me pumped up for suns 2010 2011 .. even though iu made it ha

  • Steve

    I'm not sure why everyone is so hot on Goran, to be honest. I like him, but thinking that he's going to fill Nash's shoes is a bit crazy at this point, in my opinion.

    Besides the explosion against the Spurs, all I have seen from his is a bunch of inconsistency mixed in with a little bit of bad vision, high foul rate, slow hands and not much of a feel for the team defense concept, all to go along with mediocre shooting inside the arc and relatively poor free throw shooting….

    How does that not have anybody worried? Dragic is going to be a good, quality, NBA player for many years to come. I have no doubt about that. But I do have serious doubts that he will ever step into superstar status or even just star status.

  • Jimi

    I would love this trade happen.


  • Billy Masterson`

    What about Richardson for West and Posey? Gives them immediate cap relief by taking on Posey’s contract…it would never happen but it’s nice to dream, huh?

  • Al

    Suns don’t need Chris Paul at the moment. Dragic is being prepared to take over as Starting PG. Phoenix has to secure Scottie Reynolds for the future guard next to Dragic. The Suns need to be looking at players to take aid at the PF position. I can’t believe the suns let go of Lous and are interested in Mark Blount. The suns need a young PF with talent. (Josh Smith, Jason Thompson, ect)
    Did some trades in NBA trade machine:


    Add the rights to Dwayne Collins and Pick/Cash and the Suns have completed the roster for 2010


    Jason Richardson for Josh Smith by the end of All Star break?

  • KJ Loyalist

    Anything involving Dragon will not be supported by me.

    We traded Nash away before he was fully grown and got lucky to get him back.

    Dragic is ahead of Nash’s progression going into his 3rd year. I’d be happy if they passed the baton to him.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com adam

    @KJ loyalist
    so do i,I do like david west Trade,but anything that involve Dragic is not support by me too

  • Chad

    It would be really depressing if they trade Dudley. The 2 biggest fan favorites last year were him and sweet Lou. As far as the yesterday's brightsideofthesun.com article I would hope they pick up Lou way before signing Kwame Brown or any of the other free agent big men for backups.

    I think we need more of a proven starting PF than a backup. I was confused by this article.

    It is weird knowing that we have too many good players currently and that 10-11 of them need at least 20+ mins/game.

    Looking forward to next season regardless

  • Chad

    and while I brought up this topic… I don't mean to hate against Warick (I like his attitude) but maybe we should do a topic.

    Who would you rather have in a Suns "backup" PF role for the 2010-11 Season?

    a) Sweet Lou Amundson

    b) Hakim Warick

    c) Earl Clark

    d) Gani Lawal

  • Suns68

    Valiant effort, Michael, but futile because of all the teams in the league, the Suns need Chris Paul the least.
    We already have the best point guard in the league, and the best understudy, who I have no doubt will be ready to take over the Suns tradition of brilliant point guards when Nash graduates to NBA legend/Hall of Fame.

  • JasonK

    Yea, the title of this article says it the best. Setting up a Chris Paul trade just for the hell of it is nice and all, but the decline of Nash and rise of Dragic fits the Suns timing and chemistry, and is the position we least have to worry about.

    Now the logjam at SF on the other hand…

  • Jon

    Don’t add anymore players. Lets see what we have and most importantly… DON’T TRADE DUDLEY!!!! Mike, you of all should know this because you wrote an article on it; the guy just knows how to win and will do whatever it takes.

  • Jorge

    I think this trade will help the Suns: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId….
    Suns get Camby and Fernandez for Jason Richardson. We get help for Lopez on the rebounding department and still have two great shooting guards in Fernandez and Childress. Go Suns!

  • Zane

    d) Gani Lawal

    he deserves a real chance, esp. after this summer.

  • Zane


    Fernandez is hell-bent on getting back to Spain. Not a good idea cuz he would want a buyout right away.

  • TRX

    … Right, but where does that help Portland? o_O

    Chris Paul would cost way too much to fill a position the Suns don't have a hole at. Not a bad attempt at a hypothetical though, I guess, lol

  • Jorge

    I believe Fernandez would want to stay in the NBA as long as he gets the minutes. He can even be starting SG with Childress backing him up. As for Camby’s 11.8 rpg, he could really help the Suns!

  • KJ Loyalist

    @ Steve – It’s not about just the way he rocked the Spurs. It’s far more than that.

    If you’ve been following the Suns for … ever, then you remember back to when we drafted a kid with an ugly floppy buzz cut out of Santa Clara.

    We had him, he got some boos early, then we traded him away far too soon. He hadn’t even reached half of his potential. In reality, he wasn’t as dynamic as Dragon is now when we got rid of him.

    Look at what he turned into.

    Dragon is ahead of that progression with the substantial bonus that he plays solid on-ball one-on-one defense on the opposing guard.

    It’s not always about the “now” because a lot of times, the future is far more important.

    We don’t need another starting point guard. Dragon will be that. What we do need is a quality backup to start grooming now so that the transition is as smooth as possible. Scottie Reynolds looks very good in the summer league even on one good leg. I’d give him and Lawal shots.

  • charlene

    we dont need to get rid of j-rich he is inportant to the team lets see what we have now lets not jump the gun go -suns.

  • Steve

    J-Rich is important. If we didn't have him, who would miss game-winning dunks, who would commit charges in the open court on their way to even more game-winning dunks, who would fail to box out and send us home early in the playoffs?

    We need J-Rich.

  • Steve

    @KJ – While I agree that Goran is ahead of Nash’s progression at this point in Nash’s career, I know you know that doesn’t mean Goran is going to keep getting better at the pace Nash got better (and eventually be better than Nash).

    Nash was a rare exception to the general rule that once guys are 25, they are the player they will be for the rest of their career. Nash improved DRAMATICALLY from 25 to 30.

    Most NBA players figure out their game within their first few years of being in the association. Take KJ for instance. Rookie year was nothing spectacular (toward the tail end he starting getting some real minutes with the Suns and started to figure things out. Second year in the league, KJ was a 20/12 guy. Isaiah Thomas’ rookie season was 17/8 (a couple years later he was 21/14). Magic Johnson was 18/7 his rookie year. Even guys who weren’t all-time greats. Tony Parker was 16/5 his second season. Deron Williams 16/9. Mark Jackson 14/11 in his rookie campaign…..

    The list goes on. Virtually every significant player in the league is relevant within the first 2-3 seasons on a league-wide level. Dragic’s 7.9 and 3.0 is hardly relevant on a team basis, let alone for the rest of the league. Again, I think Dragic can be a solid NBA player for a long time, but I really don’t think he is ever going to be a superstar NBA point guard unless he drastically improves his shooting, shot selection, shot creation, and most importantly his court vision and decision-making. So, basically, he has to become a completely different player to make it to superstar status. I don’t see it happening.

  • Jorge

    Portland gets to have a very good three point shooter they very much need & want in J-Rich. Plus, they get to trade one of their many big men (Oden, Przybilla, Aldridge, Pendergraph). The only reason they needed Camby was because Oden & Przybilla got injured. But now that they are both back, they can let go of Camby’s big contract.
    In additiion, J-Rich’s contract is for one more year so they can let go of him if he does not play well this season.
    For Phoenix on the other hand, we get Camby to address our need for a strong rebounder. Plus, we get someone to replace J-Rich’s three point production with Fernandez. In the end, it is a win-win situation for both teams. What do you think?

  • KJ Loyalist

    @ Steve real quick – the difference in all of those guys you mentioned is playing time. Dragon must wait, but once he has the keys to the car I see him exploding.

    As far as J Rich goes, a general rule of thumb with the Suns organization says that him getting 14 mil means that if he can be gone, he will be gone.

    I mean, we don't really have anybody that can start over him, (unless you plan to promote J Dudley), so unless something comes back I don't see it.

    Could also go big I suppose:




    Clark / Warrick / Lawal / Frye (one of them?)


  • tyler

    How about this trade? Big pieces: Suns get West and Okafor, Knicks get Paul, Hornets get Richardson and Gallinari


  • tyler

    hmmm…somehow that link didn’t copy. you geet the idea. those pieces and filler and it works in the trade machine. hollinger puts the suns +3 wins and the knicks +6 wins, and the hornets start to rebuild.

  • Jorge

    J-Rich is in his final year’s contract, I believe we should trade him now otherwise we won’t have the chance next year. We know he can score well but those missed dunks (vs SA & Cleveland) and boxing out error (vs LA) caused us to lose important games. Plus, we need someone to help out Lopez and Frye on the rebounding task. So I still go with trading J-Rich to Portland for Fernandez and Camby. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=2c6rkc3
    Portland needs a good three point shooter plus, they have too many big men. Camby was taken in because Oden and Prysbilla were injured but now they can let go of Camby.
    The Suns will get a good SG in Fernandez who can shoot the three consistenly as well. More importantly, we get the help in the PF position we badly need. Go Suns!

  • http://lonniesmalley.com Lonnie

    I would rather see us trade J rich for Elton Brand

  • Luka

    Chris Paul isn't going anywhere, and the Hornets would not be dumb enough to send him to a division rival.

    A realistic trade would involve sending J-Rich for Okafor, and the Hornets 2011 first rounder.

    The Suns could start Lopez and Okafor at C and PF giving them a formidable interior presence. We would match-up much better against the likes of the Lakers. Okafor has a respectable offensive game. He's decent on the pick and roll, and his offensive game will improve with Nash feeding him the ball. The Suns could slide Hedo over to the 2.

    10 man rotation:

    Lopez, Okafor, Hill, Turkoglu, Nash

    Frye, Warrick, Dudley, Childress, Dragic