Lon Babby seeking front office chemistry

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns were known for possessing a special chemistry on the court last season, and they’re trying to replicate that formula in their revamped front office.

“You’ve got to have the right chemistry among the people,” president of basketball operations Lon Babby told ValleyoftheSuns in an exclusive interview Wednesday. “You’ve got to have people who are willing to work with each other. There are a lot of egos in this world, so you’ve got to have the right people with limited egos to be able to pull it off.”

Babby added that the Suns are “just starting” their GM search and will take their time to secure the right person, which could happen quickly or take a while.

Whoever the Suns end up selecting must buy into Sarver’s vision and be willing to check his ego at the door by working under Babby. It must be a candidate who does not need control of the entire basketball operations department but instead is willing to work as a specialist doing his job for the greater good of the front office.

Therefore, it would also be hard to see the Suns bringing in an established GM like Kevin Pritchard, who was fired in Portland largely due to his lusting for the spotlight despite doing some tremendous work for that franchise.

Although the new hire may still be the most influential voice in the room when it comes to player acquisitions, the Suns need a selfless talent evaluation genius willing to share credit with Babby and the rest of the front office. It can’t be all about the new GM.

“I need someone here that I can feel comfortable can say this player’s better than that player and tell me why,” Babby said.

The question now remains if the Suns will be able to find that talent evaluation genius willing to buy into Sarver’s plan at the price they are willing to pay.

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  • Mike Meez

    I would like to officially announce my application, right here on Valley of the Suns, for the position of General Manager of the Phoenix Suns. I believe my talent as a successful manager in numerous fantasy basketball leagues will translate to an NBA team extremely well. I also have one year of law school under my belt so I can handle any situation (as long as it relates to a case from my Property or Contracts textbooks). I am a lifelong Suns fan and will do everything possible to win this city a championship. Finally, I am willing to work for cheap. I only require $100,000 and floor seats for the regular season and playoffs.

  • iLoveTaint

    Nice Mike you are in law school? I just graduated undergrad and I think I am going to law school next year. Where do you go?

    I think the Suns should look at Steve Kerr

  • Mel.

    I’d give Mike the bid, just based off of the quality of his VoS posts. You can’t put a pricetag on that kind of intangible talent.

    (Unless it’s $100,000.)

  • Mike Meez

    Haha, thanks for the vote of confidence Mel.

    @iLoveTain- in the great tradition of Suns players and staff, I’m at UA law.

  • Jim C.

    No reason to rush into hiring a fall guy, er.. I mean g.m. for when things go south now that the roster has been completely reshaped in absentia. After all, who needs a general manager when Sarver is already revoultionizing the way basketball operations are run across the league?!?! How is this going to work anyway? Is it Babs that has the final say on moves or will Sarver still be meddling? Good luck getting anybody of value when they’re going into it knowing they have no final authority over personnel decisions. That’s not a g.m., its called a head scout.