Report: Player agent Lon Babby to be named Suns president of basketball operations

The Phoenix Suns will name player agent Lon Babby president of basketball operations sometime next week, according to a Tuesday report.

Sports 620 KTAR’s John Gambadoro reported on Twitter that Babby will be named to the post and will oversee the hiring of a general manager. Reports of Babby’s front-runner status began to surface last week, but those reports had Babby pegged as a candidate for the GM job.

Babby has never worked for an NBA team, so the move would be unconventional. Babby has, however, made the rounds in the NBA with high profile talent like Tim Duncan, Ray Allen and the Suns’s own Grant Hill. Babby is also the agent for soon-to-be-Sun Hedo Turkoglu and was Josh Childress’ agent earlier in his career. The Babby connection has been speculated as  a driving force in making the Turkoglu and Childress moves happen.

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  • Jacob

    Pretty good move. I like that the Suns are going in a new path. I've known of Babby for a while now, and he's a good basketball mind with strong business and negotiation skills.

  • Bob

    Does anyone know if this guy still stays as an agent even after becoming GM?

  • DAG

    It's official Suns fans are stupid. According to the poll on right 74% of respondents think signing Turk and Childress make them contenders in the West.

    Correct answer is Suns are contenders for the lottery.

    It will take 4+ years to undo the damage that has been done this offseason.

  • DAG

    signing – getting whatever

  • suns68

    Lighten up dag. This crew has yet to have a single practice together, much less an actual game..

    Sure, it's not an all-star lineup on paper. But fortunately, games are not played on paper.

    If they all buy in to the "everybody plays" concept, they could be very good.

    If everybody checks their ego at the door and works hard (and I admit, that's a pretty big if for some), the human wave attack could be as revolutionary as 7 seconds or less was a few years ago.

    I've seen the Suns do exceptionally well with a lot less.

  • Cresth

    I am a fan from turkey,I ve been watched hedo turkogle since even he wasnt in nba.. exactly both sides get what they need with this trade.I was sorry when he choosed toronto but you all have to know he didnt want to leave orlando for money or prefer toronto instead of portland for same reason.also they all lie about he was at the pub and didnt want play before the game with denver.bosh,andrea.. they all were in there.toronto managemant made that lie for save themself.

    I wacthed him a couple time at turkish television I can give you guarantee he wants to play so badly and happy,he loves play team basketball.if you look his past you all can see everyteam he has been played always can score easyly especially with threes because the ball can move.He is not a traditional SF or PF or wherever you need expect Center =)

  • Steve

    DAG, Suns fans are hopeful. I'll give you that, but not stupid. Does anyone actually think they're the favorite to win it all? Probably not.

    But you would have been saying the same thing last year. "The Suns are pretenders. All they have is an old point guard, a power forward with bad knees who can't play defense, a small forward who's older than God, a shooting guard who isn't a team player, and no true center (and their last center pick in the draft was a bust)." They made it to the WCF… with ease, might I add.

    You're ridiculous for thinking this Suns team won't be at least "good." They lost Amare, a player that has been touted as some great juggernaut of basketball by people who only live for highlight reels. The truth about Amare is that his adjusted +/- is just about dead even (I think it's actually slightly negative) over the past couple of years. He was HURTING the Suns. Amare wasn't winning them games. At worst, he's losing them, at best, he's just taking up space on the court.

  • sun also rises

    DAG, why are you even on these boards? All I see from you is bitch, bitch, moan, we're going to be a lottery team oh boohoo. You have that rotten fish stink of a fairweather fan and you should take a note from Steve's page: wait until the season starts to jump onto some other team's band wagon.

    I guarantee if the Suns pull out another miracle and wind up in the WCF again that you'll be sniffing around here like you never doubted the franchise or its decisions. You sure you aren't a spy from the land o' lake(rs) blog? :)

  • Steve

    Sorry for the DP.

    As far as the actual story goes, I would be upset if I were Hill/Turkoglu/any other player whose agent is/was Babby. I think there has got to be some conflicts of interest involved with this switch. Babby’s job was to know a lot about his players and the other guys his players play with. Now he doesn’t work for them any more, he’s their boss. It’s good for the Suns, I think. But bad for the players.

  • Jeremiah

    From what I’m reading on ESPN rumors page, Lon Babby is no longer the front runner for the position.

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