Suns set to acquire Josh Childress, Hedo Turkoglu

The Phoenix Suns appear ready to reshape their roster by acquiring Josh Childress and Hedo Turkoglu, according to The Arizona Republic‘s Paul Coro.

Multiple sources have reported that the Childress deal is done. The Suns will send Atlanta a 2012 second-rounder and sign Childress to a contract in the neighborhood of five years, $34 million.

The Suns would then deal Leandro Barbosa to Hedo Turkoglu, who has four years and $44 million left on his deal. The Suns could absorb those contracts thanks to the $12.5 million they have left from Amare Stoudemire’s trade exception.

Turkoglu is represented by Lon Babby, an agent who could be the Suns’ next GM, and Childress was represented by Babby earlier in his career. It’s too early to say if that’s the impetus behind those moves, but if so the hiring would pay off quite early.

This deal would completely reshape how we think about the Suns’ future. Both players would work beautifully with Nash and would keep the Suns among the better teams in the Western Conference, acquisitions made possible only because of the Stoudemire trade exception.

This would leave the Suns with a glut at the wing with Jason Richardson, Childress, Turkoglu, Grant Hill, Jared Dudley and Earl Clark. If the Suns were then able to trade Richardson for a big with a low post game the Suns would have a very deep, balanced and talented squad.

I’ll have more thoughts on this as it becomes official, but this has to be seen as a positive because the Suns as constituted at the beginning of the day today were not contenders. This is certainly a step in the right direction, acquiring two quality players for a guy falling to the outskirts of the rotation with the trade exception.

Without question the Suns have improved with a pair of moves that should set up another fun season.

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  • justin

    this is the best news i have heard in about 2 months i think i am am going to cry some tears of joy

  • Brian


  • Matt Manske

    I'm not thrilled about getting Turk chemistry-wise, but talent-wise it's a good move.

  • Hayden

    But you appear to have forgotten one thing Michael. We are trading FOR Turkoglu. DEAR GOD HELP US.

  • Ambidextrious

    In the words of nelson, HA HA

  • Robert

    Am I missing something, because it doesn't seem like we have anyone to play SG if we trade Richardson but we do indeed have a lot of quasi-bigs but only 1 traditional big. I know Dudley and Childress can probably guard most SG, but they don't really play like them. What are the minutes going to be like between Frye, Warrick, and Hedo? This makes it seems like Gentry is committed to line changes like last year, instead of a more traditional 8 or 9 man rotation. I'd imagine this increases the likelihood that Zabian makes the roster as the 13th man just so that we can have an extra guard ready with Gani Lawal as the 12th? Maybe Collins as 14th if he is impressive in training camp when his knee heals.

  • Dan

    How is this a good trade again? Hedo was awful last year – not only in terms of chemistry, but also actual production (career worst season – see… – and Childress, while a good role player, can not shoot the three (not too bad a trait in of itself, but it does go against the idea that Childress will fit in "perfectly" with Steve Nash). This also seems akin to last year with the Raptors- a team that is on the bubble of contention acquires Hedo in the hopes he can vault them over the top, ending in disapointment.


    I love the suns good pick up

  • Bob

    What I want to know is what does this mean with Grant Hill? Is Turkoglu gonna be starting or Grant Hill? I want Hill to start but I doubt Turkoglu will agree to that.

  • Alex

    I just went on the Raptors blog site and they think Barbosa can the one and that he'll be the savior of the Raptors loss of Chris Bosh LOL. IMO, this is dumping trash in both direction, but the Suns have a much better chance to get the better end of the deal. GO SUNS

  • omar

    good move for the suns they needed to get something for losing a guy that makes about 30 points a game

  • Jonny K

    Hedo's contract is horrendous – This could end up a disaster. His contract goes through his age 35 season….oof – This could end up like the Gugliotta deal.

    Childress deal is okay – The Suns will be uniquely deep next year. That and Nash gets you 50 wins.

  • Mike

    I'll miss LB more than I liked Turk in his prime. Not sure why we traded for him since he doesn't get boards or play defense and we seem to be stacked at the 3.

    I think the Suns rotation is now probably too deep, but we'll see how it works.

  • Billy Masterson`

    These moves in context will depend on two issues:

    1. If the Suns are getting Toronto Hedo or Orlando Hedo. Was last year a sign of an older player who lacks the skills he once had or an uninspired player who grew bored playing for a bad team? Time will tell.

    2. If the Suns can parlay J-Rich's contract into a decent power forward. That way the Suns could play Hedo at the 3, Hill at the 2, and get a real PF to pair with Lopez up front. That would also give the Suns a bench of Frye, Warrick, Childress, Dragic, and Dudley. Not a championship team by any means, but a solid playoff contender.

    We'l have to wait and see. But Turkoglu's contract makes it a risky move.

  • JC

    Wow…Sarver screwed up yet again. I agree with Dylan. Hedo's contract is just too big and he is getting older. Suns need younger talent. I think Hedo will be starting at the 3 unless Gentry decides to make him the starting PF. Hill will be the sixth man coming in and Childress will be playing the back up PG. If the Hedo deal doesn't work out, I hope the suns are able to trade him to the Kings for some players. Actually, how about the Suns trade him and Earl Clark to the Kings for Carl Landry and Beno Udrih (Udrih is from Slovenia and woulf be BFF's with Dragic) Hedo is not going to keep up with the Suns for long. I hope Sarver pulled his trade so he can trade Hedo to Kings and acquire better pieces. Suns can live with the Childress trade although I think that 5/$34 is too much for him.

  • suns68

    I think this is overall a good move. I'll miss Leandro, but Childress seems an adequate replacement. Don't see a good reason to trade JRich, which would leave us thin at SG and in the scoring department. Might think about moving Lopez out to the PF spot with Hedo as kind of a passing center.

    I hope our new additions are working on their cardio.

    Also wish Clark would get his act together, but it doesn't look like he's going to.

  • Hersey

    Anytime you can trade a bench guy for a starter, you gotta do it. Turk is a risk but I want to give it a chance before killing it. His versatility could be a huge gain. I love the Childress move. I think we're a little spoiled to have high hoops IQ guys like Dudley, Hill and now Childress. The depth is a problem I'd rather have than be like Miami looking for strays. Put me in the keep J-Rich camp. I think he should be leaned on a bit more on offense. This is good news, feels like the Suns are showing signs of life after a series of defections. We'll be battling OKC, Portland & Dallas for position again and with these moves I like our chances.

  • KJ Loyalist


    Childress is a great pick up. Hedo on the other hand…

    I'm not sure why we would take on all of that salary and give up Barbosa. I don't like that move really mostly because we don't really need him.

    I know EC is having a rough 2 games in summer league but it's to be expected. He needs that time on the floor to see what corrections and adjustments need to be made. He'll need time in the rotation to figure it out the same as Dragic and RoLo did. Bringing in Turk could cripple that – Remember how limited and undeserving Turk was coming into the league behind Peja?

    I'd rather keep Barbosa and wait for something else. That salary is something we'll be crying about in 8 months just like we've been crying about J Rich's now.

  • Jed

    Love it! These moves really ease some of my worry.

    I'll be curious to see what other moves we make. I would love to sign Raja Bell, if for nothing more than nostalgia's sake.

  • Jasper Buckleman

    Having said all that bad stuff about Hedo, this is intriguing:

    "According to the Republic, Turkoglu is waiving roughly $5 million of a trade bonus in his contract and reducing the guaranteed money in the final season — which was worth $12 million in 2013-14 — to facilitate his move to the Suns."

    Apparently he really did want to get out of Toronto. Maybe he'll be motivated. I still think they need to keep JRich, yet somehow pick up a rebounding big. So I'm still very much not sold on this deal, but I'm not quite as negative on it as I was, oh, minutes ago. Maybe by the moring, I'll be a big fan.

  • Nate

    We would definitely be adding some help, a guy that plays D with Childress and Turk well we all know if he wants to play somewhere (Orlando, Sac Days) he can be good, and he is versatile with his height. If only Clark could get better (way summer going who knows though, might as well bring the cheerleaders of the bench then him at this point) we would add some good size on the wings and hopefully if we did trade Richardson we could get a decent post and we could be a team that does some damage in the West.

  • Mark

    Love the added depth and length…I think it is going to be hard to re-create the great chemistry of this past year’s team but it is not likely any team Nash is leading is going to have really bad chemistry. I know J Rich has a desireable expiring contract but I think he is a key part of the Suns. He can be so explosive. Just having him on the floor opens the lane up.

  • CornFlakes

    Wait, did we really just traded a bench player for a starter, straight up? I love LB and I will miss him severely, but nabbing Hedo is too good to pass up! Man, these are some beautiful pickups!

  • Mike L

    Ha! I called it with Childress a fee days ago. Very nice pickup … Not sure what big guys are available but I do love Childress starting in JRich’s spot. Poor JRIch … He keeps getting traded thru no fault of his own. I like the guy.

  • luis

    That’s great .!!!!!!!! i like it I LOVE THE SUNS .! mm corn flakes men yeah ure’ right y love lb 2 but ht it’s better ure’ right men .!

  • justin

    JRICH DOES NOT NEED TO GO ANYWHERE… WE NEED HIM TALENT WISE AND CHEMISTRY WISE. plus if he went we would be a little low on guards… with LB leaving and all

  • Dan

    Don’t mean to double comment, but just look at this response to the trade from Raptor’s Republic-
    Colangelo, just when you’ve written him off the pulls out another rabbit out of his hat and corrects another one of his mistakes. This time it’s the much-hated Hedo Turkoglu who is being shipped to the Phoenix Suns for a player Raptors fans have been in love with for some time – Leandro Barbosa. But forget about Barbosa’s abilities as a player or whether he’ll even want to stay with the Raptors once his contract ends next summer, WE GOT RID OF HEDO TURKOGLU! It doesn’t matter what came back, WE GOT RID OF HEDO TURKOGLU! It feels so great to type those words in, I’m tempted to do it one more time but I won’t because that would be stupi…WE GOT RID OF HEDO TURKOGLU!

    Whatever the purpose of P.J Carlesimo’s trip to Turkey was, it worked. Maybe it was to convince Turkoglu to just shut his mouth about leaving Toronto so it wouldn’t hurt his trade value, or maybe it was to convince him to stay and it didn’t work. Whatever the case, who cares because WE GOT RID OF HEDO TURKOGLU!

  • Mel.

    ^There were a ton of similar sentiments on these boards when it was announced that STAT was officially done as a Sun.

    Don’t really have too much to say on the Turk trade until I see what it’s worth, but I also wouldn’t read too much into fan babble.

  • KyonoRocks

    I’m with the don’t trade JRich gang… I really love the guy.

  • Dan

    That was not from the comments section though, but from the one of the bloggers who run Raptor’s Republic. Further analysis on the trade is discouraging-
    There’s a reason this trade doesn’t work in the trade-checker, it’s because Phoenix used the traded player exception from the Stoudemire deal to account for the $2.7M difference in salary. Turkoglu had $44M and four years left on his deal, and Barbosa has two years for a total of $14.8M left (last year is a player option). The total savings for the Raptors is $29.3M, but more importantly, we got rid of a player that was just not a good fit. His defense was bad, his offense was extremely perimeter oriented, his attitude was poor and his contract was terrible. It doesn’t matter if Barbosa comes in and rides the pine behind Marcus Banks for 82 games, this is still a good deal!

    Turkoglu’s contract or persona just didn’t fit with what the Raptors have planned for the next few years and it’s great to see us part ways with a player that didn’t want to be here. Good luck to Phoenix! They’re trying to recover from the loss of Amare Stoudemire by rebuilding “on the fly” and good luck to them; I’ve always liked the Suns franchise and hope it works out for them, even though I can’t figure out how Nash can co-exist with someone as ball-hungry as Turkoglu. The good news for Turk is that he won’t be asked to play too much defense in Phoenix which fits him just right.

  • Dylan

    I’m a hardcore Raptors fan who just heard about the Hedo trade. I was quite curious what Phoenix fans were saying about it. I should first note that I do have quite the soft spot for Phoenix because of the whole Kid Canada connection, so the following is not meant to put you guys down, merely to lower your expectations- like I wish somebody had done for Raps fans when we acquired Hedo. Hedo is old, getting older and his stats reflect this downward spiral. Our GM was an absolute tard for giving out such a ridiculous contract to him and I’m sorry Phoenix is now stuck with it (also happy for the Raps though). I don’t know why you guys did this, but it really is not something to be at all excited about. On the plus side with Nash on your side he might not seem like the horrible shooting fat man that he was with the Raptors. Good luck!

  • HankS

    I like the virtual Childress for Barbosa swap–it gives the Suns more defense and athleticism, while the three-point shooting isn’t such an issue, particularly as Childress will see a lot of time with Fry and Dudley.

    As to Turkoglu, his contract and age makes me a little worried, though he could easily flourish in the Suns system. But let’s be honest, Suns fans, isn’t this exactly the kind of move Sarver the Cheap was supposedly never going to make?

    I’m a bit concerned about the soft middle, both defensively and offensively. If there’s a decent big to be gotten for J-Rich’s expiring contract, I’m afraid the Suns will have to go for him. As the roster grows more traditional, maybe Al Jefferson should receive some consideration after all?

    At any rate, I’m pleased with the moves. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m looking forward to the continuation of Coach Gentry’s ten-men ball.

  • Martin

    I’m a bit curious about hedo, but since it’s a fact we have to live with we can only hope we get the magic hedo not the raptor’s one …

    We lost:
    Stat, Lou, LB (who was useless last season)
    We gained:
    Warrick, Hedo, Childress

    that’s look acceptable to me.

    I’d keep j-rich and give it a try. We took quite some long contracts in Frye, Hedo, Childress, Warrick …

    1st fice:
    Nash, J-Rich, Hill, Warrick, Lopez
    2nd unit:
    Dragic, Childress, Dudley, Hedo, Frye

    no place for Clark, the 3′s are Hill/Dudley, Childress and Hedo are also kind of 3′s …

    I’d put Warrick in the 1st five so he can benefit from Nash and Hedo can help Dragic in the 2nd unit …

    I kind of like it!!

  • jmar

    ok ok i respect everyones opinion here, but come on guys really?? i’m an advocate for barbosa, love his game, his energy off the bench and he added a dimension to our style of play.. With that said how do you not acknowledge hedo doing the exact same.. ok so he doesnt play great defense or rebound that well, well there was always the notion that amare slacked on the defensive end and never boxed out on the boards he’d get boards on athleticism.. Hedo is a match-up nightmare, off the dribble pull-up jumpers, handle to buy bigs, size for smaller defenders and knocks down the 3… ok he’s older and has a huge contract, well if the suns wanted to wait for someone like melo next year, then we’re signing up for a sweepstakes deal in free agency like this past one.. We made a move now and theres a reason turk was paid that much, he was a monster in orlando 2 years ago.. and for the record his legs werent that beat down in toronto cuz he wasnt happy and it was clearly obvious he wanted out and made the wrong decision… he fits the run and gun, and a half court offense easily, and we’re a help defensive gentry style team now so we’ll cover flaws.. i like childress and he gives us a guy to cover kobe and melo and the other stars in the league, anything on offense is extra.. the suns wouldnt make this move if it werent in the best interest, we get a guy who can drop 20-25 at a clip, and a above average role player to the squad for amare whom i love and regret not being back home, but lacked defensive intensity at times, and also has injury concerns.. This is a great move, trading jrich for a post would be ok, but i believe for a year lopez, frye, lawal who looks real good in summer league now, clark, turk, and another basic big can hold strong for us.. Guys we dont have nash for much longer and waiting a year to rebuild is out of the question, great move suns, cant wait to see them in a suns uniform!!!!!

  • Chad

    I think the best chance we have to succeed with Hedo is if we start him at the 4. He could be like Frye, but can create off the dribble. And he’s 6-10, so he’s probably good for 6 rebounds or more. But this is all depending on whether he is motivated to play well. Then, if we keep J-Rich, the starting lineup could be like this
    Nash, J-Rich, Grant Hill, Hedo, and Lopez, with Goran, Childress, Dudley, Warrick, and Frye coming off the bench. That sounds like a pretty good team to me.

  • Mel.

    Dan; thanks for the clarification. My bad.

    I’m still intrigued by the options on the table with Turk. It seems like the fit with the Raptors was just a bad one all-around, heading out of Orlando; whether or not it was a fluke year, and he’ll actually come alive (and can the excuses/nightclub trips) on a possible WCF contender is something that remains to be seen.

    But HankS is dead-on. Nobody expected Sarver to even TRY moves like this, prior to the off-season. Between adjusting new pieces to the roster and at least trying to put contention cash on the table to keep STAT, I’m having a hard time pulling out the usual “kill da ownah!” rhetoric.

    And hey, if the Childress deal pays out, we can say that the GM anguish was worth it.

  • Jasper Buckleman

    LB for Hedo and Childress seems like a good deal on paper, but who is going to rebound? We can’t do a whole lot of scoring without the ball. This seems like a typical Sarver move, thinking he knows how to run a team. He’s probably looking at PPG stats and thinking he got a steal. This just seems like a disaster move. As much as I hated the thought of Al Jefferson coming to Phoenix, I would have taken him over Turk.

  • Luke

    Sure, Phoenix will be more competitive next year than they would have been without these trades, but Sarver's ruined our future flexibility. With Nash gone after next year, I see no way we compete after that with a starting 5 of Dragic, Childress (with J-Rich gone also), Dudley/Clark, Hedo (at 33), and Lopez. Lots of good role players but no star power, and no cap space (because of Hedo, Childress, and Warrick's contracts) for the next 3 years to sign one. This only makes me wish we would've gone ahead and signed Amare to that max deal. Then we at least would've had someone to build around. Instead we got an aging big man and a couple of sorry role players… After this season, everybody will be calling for Sarver's head, as they should be doing right now. I'm sick of him.

  • Morel Orel

    I’m on the please don’t trade J Rich wagon too! He’s a guy who really steps up his game in the playoffs and those guys are few and far between!!!

  • Al

    Intriguing Trades Indeed. I like the Childress deal most of all. Childress is a SG/SF which gives the Suns the size and defense capabilities to guard some of the top best SG’s (Kobe, Wade). I am still not convince with Turkoglu. Hedo is more of a stationary shooting guard than a power forward. I am intrigued by the suns trying to acquire David West from the New Orleans to play power forward instead and put Hedo at the 3 position. Hill, at his age, should be there for coaching and willing to give the younger players more time to play and develop. Then I think that the Suns should try to do a trade for Melo before the end of the All-Star Break. Suns trading Richardson and Warrick and Picks/Cash to Denver for Melo and then offering Melo an extension offer to lock hims up for 3 – 5 years.
    The Starting (Back-up) Line Up at Start of Season:
    Nash (Dragic)
    Richardson (Childress)
    Hedo (Dudley/Hill)
    West (Warrick)
    Lopez (Frye)
    Bench-warmers: Clark, Lawal, Collins, Reynolds?

    Once Melo is acquired after the All Star Break:
    Nash (Dragic)
    Hedo (Childress)
    Melo (Dudley/Hill)
    West (Lawal)
    Lopez (Frye)

    Bench Warmers: Clark, Collins, Reynolds?

    Hedo would be moved to the 2 spot to play the Stationary shooting guard and have easy shots against smaller shooting guard defenders. Nash and Melo would be playing a pick and roll and West and RoLO would always be under the baskets ready to rebound and get second chance points. Trading Warrik would also give Lawal more minutes and the opportunity to develop mid-season. I am already considering Clark a bust and hope Suns don’t pick up team option next season at this point. i HOPE Clark proves me wrong.

  • Jasper Buckleman

    Carmelo Anthony is not coming to Phoenix.

  • Kyle Fleeger

    He gives the Suns another passing play-maker and knock down shooter to go along with Steve. Not to mention Hedo is 6’10.

    In addition, Hedo wanted out of Toronto and made it clear, as “According to the Republic, Turkoglu is waiving roughly $5 million of a trade bonus in his contract and reducing the guaranteed money in the final season — which was worth $12 million in 2013-14 — to facilitate his move to the Suns.”

    The Suns added serious depth today acquiring former Hawks and Olympiakos star Josh Childress. He is going to give the Suns serious depth at the Wing. This means the Suns can look to move the contract of Jason Richardson (Expires and costs 13 million) if they need a shake up.

    Now when you look at the starting line-up of with Hedo at PF… Which is possible in our offense, he can stretch a team as well as anyone and facilitate far mar offense. If he is on the bench and we play newly acquired Hakim Warrick in the starting line-up , that means the bench is Goran, Dudley, Josh Childress/Earl Clark,Hedo, and Frye.

    Wow. The Suns went from being crushed offensively without Amar’e, to one of the more interesting depth-charts in the NBA. I think this Hedo move could have been in large part because Earl Clark doesn’t seem to be getting he offense in rhythm very well in the Summer league.

    Go Suns. Great Move.

    Final Piece: Kevin Pritchard!

  • Jasper Buckleman

    As a lot of people have said, they can’t get rid of JRich. They don’t have enough guards and they certainly don’t have enough guards under the age of 65.

  • Kyle

    Everyone thinks that J-Rich should be traded and that his clock is just ticking down. I don't get it. He is extremely explosive and now that STAT is gone, one of the main offensive forces we have. Yes, his contract is not desireable, but that's really the only bad thing. He can drive to the rim or shoot 3s.

    Also LB's role may have seriously decreased, but I think this time next year we'll realize how much we let go. When starting, LB was the type of player who could post 20+ on any given night. He may have had cold moments, but he was a big offensive threat that Gentry just couldn't find minutes for. So- how is there supposed to be minutes for Childress if he's pretty much taking over LB's role?

    I don't wanna sound too negative though b/c Tukolu (spelling?) seems to be a good pick up in return.

  • Bryce Maximus

    A lot of people believe Hedo will be able to stretch the defense and keep other teams honest but…that’s usually only the case when you can actually knock down the open jumpers given to you – not really the case for Turkoglu.

    In the middle of this ongoing saga with Hedo, people forget that he actually was excited to play for the organization when he signed with the Raptors before last season. It’s not that he didn’t want to play well, it’s that (with a fat paycheck in hand) he didn’t care. It’s hard to see why he would start to now…

  • Hayden

    Al // Today at 1:52 am (11 hours ago)

    The Starting (Back-up) Line Up at Start of Season:

    Nash (Dragic)

    Richardson (Childress)

    Hedo (Dudley/Hill)

    West (Warrick)

    Lopez (Frye)

    Bench-warmers: Clark, Lawal, Collins, Reynolds?

    Once Melo is acquired after the All Star Break:

    Nash (Dragic)

    Hedo (Childress)

    Melo (Dudley/Hill)

    West (Lawal)

    Lopez (Frye)

    Okay. You just got West for nothing and then traded the expiring contract of Jason Richardson and Hakim Warrick for Carmelo Anthony, superstar? That's incredible. I hear the Suns have some openings in their front office. You should go for it.

    Really like Childress. But four years of Hedo is a huge burden. Could be a millstone later on. In the meantime, it will be interesting to watch him trying to defend PFs. Could be a real boost to the NBA's highlight dunk reels.

  • Fanta

    I agree with the don’t do the Hedo deal. Honestly move LB and try to get Childress (who will fit. I mean, Grant Hill fits without a 3 pt shot) but please not Hedo. No boards, and no interior D. Get David West. Just do it. Especially if NO guts their team and trades Paul.

  • suns68

    The question is: Will all these guys buy into the Suns human wave attack?
    Position for position, we don’t match up with the elite teams that well, especially without Stoudemire.
    But that advantage can be offset (as shown last season) by wearing the opponents’ stars down with a constant supply of fresh legs applied at the right times, and staying with a hot hand, including the reserves, in crunch time.
    If the new guys are willing to play that way, this team as constituted could be a tough out.
    If, on the other hand, guys get all freaked out about sharing minutes and who starts, this could be a real mess.

  • NewOrder

    The Turkoglu trade could have been better had they included Griffin instead of Jones. Jones has actual NBA rebounding skills, which is why the Suns signed him last season as insurance for Lopez. Griffin has yet to have shown any NBA skills whatsoever for his size – a tweener with no real shooting touch from 12-15 feet, much less threes (as a SF) and no real size to bang and rebound (as a PF).

    Also Jones’ contract was very friendly to the Suns, Griffin’s was substantially larger.

    Looking back, has ANY of the Suns’ 2nd-round “projects” ever made an impact other than Marcin Gortat (2005)? I mean, seriously – Strawberry, Ford, Tucker, Vroman, Davis – all out of the league in three-years-or-less (the length of a rookie contract). Griffin is no exception here either.

    To a man, everyone is posting either how this trade works or doesn’t work in terms of how Turkoglu is going to impact – one of the knocks on him is his rebounding. The Suns just traded away one of the better rebounders on this team as compared to the other pieces available for trade.

    What are they planning to do, re-sign Jarron Collins again? Hope that Dwayne Collins rehabs that knee into shape to become an impact 2nd teamer?

    Seriously, the Suns could have done much better – a trade of Griffin would have also freed up a roster spot for someone like Dowdell, who can actually contribute to the 2nd unit and be a useful practice squad player.

    But this is what happens when you don’t have a GM in place.

  • NewOrder

    Correction – Jones’ contract was non-guaranteed, not necessarily smaller than Griffin’s.