Suns set to acquire Josh Childress, Hedo Turkoglu

The Phoenix Suns appear ready to reshape their roster by acquiring Josh Childress and Hedo Turkoglu, according to The Arizona Republic‘s Paul Coro.

Multiple sources have reported that the Childress deal is done. The Suns will send Atlanta a 2012 second-rounder and sign Childress to a contract in the neighborhood of five years, $34 million.

The Suns would then deal Leandro Barbosa to Hedo Turkoglu, who has four years and $44 million left on his deal. The Suns could absorb those contracts thanks to the $12.5 million they have left from Amare Stoudemire’s trade exception.

Turkoglu is represented by Lon Babby, an agent who could be the Suns’ next GM, and Childress was represented by Babby earlier in his career. It’s too early to say if that’s the impetus behind those moves, but if so the hiring would pay off quite early.

This deal would completely reshape how we think about the Suns’ future. Both players would work beautifully with Nash and would keep the Suns among the better teams in the Western Conference, acquisitions made possible only because of the Stoudemire trade exception.

This would leave the Suns with a glut at the wing with Jason Richardson, Childress, Turkoglu, Grant Hill, Jared Dudley and Earl Clark. If the Suns were then able to trade Richardson for a big with a low post game the Suns would have a very deep, balanced and talented squad.

I’ll have more thoughts on this as it becomes official, but this has to be seen as a positive because the Suns as constituted at the beginning of the day today were not contenders. This is certainly a step in the right direction, acquiring two quality players for a guy falling to the outskirts of the rotation with the trade exception.

Without question the Suns have improved with a pair of moves that should set up another fun season.

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  • @thewrist45

    At the very least, its somewhat encouraging Sarver is actually willing to take on Hedo’s contract, no?

  • Chad

    It gets better, Hayden. After we get 'Melo, we're going to pick up LeBron, Wade, and Bosh for jarron Collins and Earl Clark. Then…






    It makes perfect sense, and then we're off to a title.

  • victor

    i guess forcefully

  • Jasper Buckleman

    I think we need to keep J-Rich, because someone is going to need to drive to the basket and almost everyone else on the team is a perimeter player. LB could also get the rim, but well, we know what happened there. J-Rich can drive and he might also be good, yet very different, pick and roll companion with Nash. Keep J-Rich!

  • J.R.

    if we trade J-Rich is should be for Al Jefferson

  • Auggie

    Turk gives us what we have been needing for years: A scorer with a killer instinct. Orlando would have returned to the finals had they still had him.

    I love it!

    And Childress fills out the bench nicely. He does the little things (like Duds) that teams need to win.

    That said I hope they start practicing together now. They can contend at the top of the west again once they learn to play together. I trust Coach Gentry to get them on the same page.

    Go Suns!!

  • Zach

    Jason Richardson and the trade exception for Al Jefferson
    LINEUP:Nash Dragic
    Turkoglu Childress
    Hill Dudley
    Jefferson Warrick
    Lopez Frye

  • joe

    Solid moves by the suns but they still need to make a couple more. Here’s what i would do. Trade 2 first round picks, 2nd round pick, earl clark and the rest of the trade exception to the Hornets for David West. Then do another sign and trade with the Knicks. We give then J-Rich for T-Mac and Wilson Chandler. T-Mac signs for the 5.7 million excemption. Then our starting five of Nash, T-Mac, Turkuglo, West, Lopez would be solid and could beat L.A. T-Mac can still score 15-18ppg with nash getting him the rock and our medical staff would have him running like a new engine just like they did for shaq. If the suns can’t get West then they should go for Emeka Okafor. He’s a great defender and rebounder. With him and Lopez guarding the paint we would be a very good defensive team and not lose much on the offensive end. What do you guys think?

  • Jed

    Love it, joe, but I don’t know how feasible it is.

    At any rate, I agree that these are solid moves but that we are not yet done.

  • joe

    We could also trade A couple picks and J-Rich for Al Jefferson. I’m big on Jefferson. He’s a beast when he’s healthy and the suns trainers would get him back to old form. They have an amazing history of rehabing knee injuries i.e. amare, hill, penny, mcdyess, shaq and the list goes on. jefferson outplayed amare almost every game they played against eachother. I love amare but Jefferson is a much better rebounder/defender. I’m sure the twolves would love to shed jeffersons contract and J-Rich is off the books next year anyway so that would give them plenty of cap room. The Suns need to Spend,Spend,Spend while Nash is still a star. Get Jefferson and sign T-Mac and lets make a run now before nash needs a new back!

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