Lon Babby a candidate for Suns GM job

An unexpected candidate has emerged in the Suns’ GM hunt, according to a report by ESPN’s Marc Stein.

Grant Hill’s agent Lon Babby, who has never worked for an NBA team, is reportedly getting strong consideration in a revamped front office that would mix non-traditional executives with the kind of basketball people usually associated with this job.

Stein expects Babby to still be joined by “at least two veteran NBA personnel voices” even if he is Sarver’s pick. Babby is also the agent of Tim Duncan and Ray Allen among other clients.

This would certainly be an unorthodox maneuver, and it could be another way in which Sarver is trying to run his NBA team like he would a bank. I’m OK with out-of the-box thinking (in fact, my preference would be a stat geek kind of guy in the Morey mold), but I think this only works if he’s surrounded by legitimate basketball people. And by that, I do not mean Sarver yes men.

So long as this is not just another way to cut costs (isn’t it sad that that is everybody’s first thought?), this is crazy enough it could work.

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