Some kind of big news in Miami

A couple thoughts on Le Decision:

It’s very possible that this was pre-ordained since the 2008 Olympics and everything else has been some giant charade, but you’ve got to wonder if LeBron winning a title in Cleveland would have changed things.

And you’ve got to wonder if Cleveland pulling the trigger on an Amare Stoudemire trade would have made any kind of difference in that regard.

If Cleveland has Amare instead of Jamison, I think they win it all (on the flip side, I think the Suns sneak into the playoffs and get smoked by the Lakers or Mavs in the first round in that situation). The Suns seemed willing to take nickels on the dollar and all the Cavs offered was J.J. Hickson, and at the end not even that.

If the Cavs would have taken Amare AND J-Rich (who of course dominated the playoffs), I don’t think there’s any doubt that they would have gotten The King his crown.

Cleveland made almost every move it could to pacify LeBron but in doing so in my opinion lost its best shot at him. Once Bosh said no to Cleveland and since prior moves severely limited the Cavs’ flexibility, you knew he would only return for sentimentality’s sake.

On the flip side, the Heat couldn’t be smarter for not dealing for Amare. Of course, he could have left Miami just as easily as he did Phoenix, but this offseason would have had a completely different feel for the Heat if STAT was their player. In the end, they couldn’t look smarter for failing to pull the trigger on Amare.

As for Amare, you’ve got to kind of feel bad for him and the Knicks. I don’t feel he’s the kind of guy who can carry a team to greatness alone. Perhaps as a No. 2 guy (although he never really did that in Phoenix) but not as the top dog.

The Knicks still have money to field a pretty decent team, but if they decide to save much of that for next year they’d be lucky to be a fringe playoff team.

As for the Heat, the NBA just got a whole lot more interesting. I don’t love the idea of Team Trinity, but it will give fans a new team to either love or hate.

I don’t think Miami will win it all this year, but they might win the next three or four once they have mid-level and spend a year gelling (teams so rarely win it all in their first run together). Plus, they could really use a center and a bench.

I really think Wade and Bron could be unselfish enough to make this work. Still, it’s so rare for a team to have two alpha dogs on the perimeter (unless Bron isn’t really an alpha dog) that this could still self-destruct at any moment, especially considering all the egos involved. Still, God help us all if Chris Paul ever joins them.

Finally, you’ve got to feel bad for Cleveland fans. That city has suffered enough and to have LeBron play it out on “The Decision” was more of a kick to the balls than was necessary.

You can either call LeBron the ultimate unselfish player who only cares about winning or a guy who doesn’t think he can win it all alone, but the scenario nobody thought could be true has finally happened. Three superstars have joined up on a team to take over the NBA (and the world). Can’t wait to see whether it works.

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