Does Jared Dudley know the LeBron James secret?

Suns forward Jared Dudley and JMZ may know what the nation is waiting anxiously to hear. The secret that’s getting its own one-hour TV special Thursday: LeBron James’ future destination.

Dudley posted the following on his Twitter account today:

Breaking News!!! My sources tell me Lebron will announce that he will be goin to the NY KNICKS tomorrow on ESPN.. This is serious.. WOW!!!!

That news is contrary to the widely-held belief that James will be announcing his return to Cleveland. If this is true, Dudley and “JMZ” just ruined the surprise and spilled LeBron’s big secret decision to the world. You have to imagine that an NBA player knows guys, but then again, James’ decision and any clues have been very well guarded throughout the entire process.

Dudley told TMZ by phone today that his “sources” had information from the Knicks that LeBron had informed the team that he’d chosen New York, where he’d be paired up with former Phoenix Suns all-star Amare Stoudemire.

News of LeBron’s decision (“The Decision”) is what everyone has wanted to hear for the past week and JMZ may have just delivered…

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  • Mel.

    I'd laugh my ass off if the intrigue were completely offset by Jared freakin' DUDLEY and his Twitter account.

    Good for STAT, if this fluff has any basis in reality.

  • Arnie Kuenn

    I dunno, I just can't see Dudley spilling the beans. But then why would he post a made up rumor? Very puzzling. I would be happy either way. NYK would be interesting, but staying in Cleveland would be the right thing to do.

  • Bob

    Darn. I'm hoping James goes to the Nets or stay in Cleveland. That way the East will still relatively suck. Number one place I don't want him to go is Miami but Knicks is a close second. You know Amare will be going "Thank god" if it's true.

  • Mel.

    Given what we know about Lebron's expectations in regards to the Cavs–which ain't much in terms of static, credible evidence–the New York move would actually make sense. His major impetus for staying was to get Cleveland to shell out money for a superstar who would support his push for rings; and here we are, on the precipice of the contract-signing frenzy, and the barrel's down to the brine.

    After all, Wade isn't coming to LBJ's neck of the woods, and neither are STAT or Bosh. Either Lebron's become so serious about his hometown loyalty that he's willing to make another go with his current supporting cast (Plus a markdown like David Lee and some role-playing pieces) and wait out another season for some help, or he's going to make his move.

    And honestly, NY makes more sense than Jersey, Miami or even Chicago. Definitely getting interesting in the East, right about now.

  • Joel

    Lebron should definetly go to New York. It's the biggest stage for him to display his skills and Knicks owner Dolan will spend what it takes to build a championship team around Amare and Lebron. Lebron doesn't owe cleveland anything. Who cares if they were the team that drafted him, every other team would have taken him #1 too if they had that pick so the idea that he should have some loyalty to cleveland is just STUPID. No one wants to play in cleveland so Lebron would be a one man show and probably never win a ring. New york would be the best stage for him to perform. It makes perfect sense to me

  • Brian

    Besides, CLE resorted to tanking that season just to make sure they got the #1. I hope they lose him.

  • Mike Meez

    I don’t get why Dudley would tweet that, even if it’s true. Lebron wants to keep it a secret for now so let him. If it’s true, it seems cruel for Lebron to hold such a big press conference to say he’s leaving Cleveland. In that case he better be apologizing to Cleveland fans the whole time.

  • John181818

    It's probably just me, but why would James pick NY w/Stoudemire over either staying in Cleveland or going to Miami? I don't think Stoudemire is reliable enough for James to bet his career on, or at least the next five years.

  • Mike Howerton

    Or could his informant be the new 100 million dollar man? If so, I think he is just hoping that James comes to join him.

  • Dave

    I think Jared’s source will probably be unsure right about now. Boozer to Chicago gives them more chance to land Lebron than New York. STAT has to face the fact that he will be the only All Star playing in New York. Lebron is most likely deciding between Cleveland, Chicago, and Miami. I hope Lee chooses to sign and trade with Phoenix for 10-13 million.(I would also like Suns to get Wilson Chandler for a reserve guard.) I think suns can also offer LB to NY for the trade exception for Warrick or to Boston for cap relief.

  • Bob

    Well there’s no difference between LeBron going to NY or staying in Cleveland. The roster is shambles in both cities. But NY does have half an all star there. Miami’s roster is in shambles too. Sure they have two all-stars but the supporting cast is so doubtful there I dunno if they’ll be a top 3 team in the East. Maybe top 4. Not to mention he probably can’t get max money in Miami. I think his best choice is Chicago. Best combo of roster and money.

  • AmareFan2

    D’Antoni asks Amare to win as many games for Knicks as he did at Suns, LOL!

  • Steve

    “Best” is all relative. LeBron isn’t good enough to win a championship on his own. I know you all will think I’m crazy for saying this, but the only player of the caliber is Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade already did it. If your counter argument to that begins with “But Shaq…” you can just stop right there. If my memory serves me correctly, Shaq averaged 13 and 8 in the finals. That’s hardly “help,” considering any mid-level center in the NBA should produce those numbers.

    If LeBron wants to win, New York is not his “best” case scenario. Stoudemire is an injury-prone defensive liability who has never come up big in the clutch for his team. Why would any of that change now, especially when he is going to a team whose coach has been known to say that defense is nonessential to winning championships?

    Chicago presents him with a fantastic opportunity to win and still be the big dog. Boozer, Noah, Rose, and James would be the best top four of any team in the NBA. Throw Deng in that mix, add a couple of hustle-guys to the bench with a good backup PG who can dish, and that’s a championship contender, but I don’t think they’ll be a perennial contender until a couple of things happen. 1. LA falls apart or gets too old. 2. Boston falls apart or gets too old. Also, add in a contingency considering that if Miami doesn’t get James, they will have more money to spend to add to their dynamic duo. Miami would be a force to reckon with as well.

    Miami provides the best opportunity to win now, assuming that those three guys are willing to split somewhere around $40 million between themselves. If they have the funds to supply some savvy vets and up and coming stars with some min contracts, don’t you think someone who is in it for winning will jump at the opportunity to play with three of the top 10 players in the NBA? Plus, you know Pat Riley will step down from his office and hit the hardwood again to coach another championship. Pat Riley v Phil Jackson in the ‘ship? Come on. It’s destiny.

  • Mel.

    Ouch. The air just went out of that request like a sat-on balloon, courtesy of LBJ completing Miami’s “Axis of Evil.”

    STAT, I wish you luck. Youuuu’re gonna need it.