Does Jared Dudley know the LeBron James secret?

Suns forward Jared Dudley and JMZ may know what the nation is waiting anxiously to hear. The secret that’s getting its own one-hour TV special Thursday: LeBron James’ future destination.

Dudley posted the following on his Twitter account today:

Breaking News!!! My sources tell me Lebron will announce that he will be goin to the NY KNICKS tomorrow on ESPN.. This is serious.. WOW!!!!

That news is contrary to the widely-held belief that James will be announcing his return to Cleveland. If this is true, Dudley and “JMZ” just ruined the surprise and spilled LeBron’s big secret decision to the world. You have to imagine that an NBA player knows guys, but then again, James’ decision and any clues have been very well guarded throughout the entire process.

Dudley told TMZ by phone today that his “sources” had information from the Knicks that LeBron had informed the team that he’d chosen New York, where he’d be paired up with former Phoenix Suns all-star Amare Stoudemire.

News of LeBron’s decision (“The Decision”) is what everyone has wanted to hear for the past week and JMZ may have just delivered…

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