Amare Stoudemire reaction on Twitter

The Phoenix Suns to a man made it no secret that they wanted to bring the whole crew back and try to better their 2009-10 run to the conference finals.

That of course won’t happen, but when Amare Stoudemire signed with the New York Knicks on Monday we did get one more indication of just how close this team was last season.

Although I’m sure every member of the Suns was disappointed that Amare’s gone, many of the key players tweeted what he meant to them:

Steve Nash: “@Amareisreal congrats on your new contract and team. It was a dream playing with you. We’ll be wishing you the best. NYC’s going to love u!!”

Grant Hill: “Congrats 2 @amareisreal for your new deal. It was a pleasure and honor to play with you. Black Dynamite!!! Minister of Information!!!”

Jason Richardson: “Congrats 2 my bro @Amareisreal on the new deal. Shake them critics n haters off n do work in NY.”

Jared Dudley: “I just want to congradulate @Amareisreal on his Max deal with the Knicks.. He help us win a lot of games with the Suns..Happy for him.”

“Now all the current Sun players have to get a little better this summer.. Cuz no one person can replace Amare.. Can’t wait for next season!!”

Amare tweeted: “Again, I would love 2 take the time 2 say thanks,2 all the Fans of PHX. You guys where great. I hope that U all remain fans of mine. Thanks.”

However, some player-related negativity came from former Suns bench warmer Paul Shirley, who tweeted: “Congrats, James Dolan. You just paid $100 million for the house from ‘Poltergeist.’ Sure, you can live there, but there are demons, man.”

And perhaps the funniest Amare-related tweet of the week comes courtesy of The Sports Guy Bill Simmons: “Stephen A. Smith reports that N.Y. became sold on Amar’e after seeing Shawn Marion’s staggering success upon leaving Steve Nash.”

  • Bob

    Darn. I don't really want Amare to succeed that much. Really the only players that could leave the Suns and me wish for their success is Nash, Dragic, and Hill. And even then I would only accept Nash if he joined a team like the Lakers. But with the team still offering him support I can't wish Amare the worse. Though I do hope we sweep the Knicks next season and beat them by 30.

  • Quentin Richardson

    Bill Simmons: “Stephen A. Smith reports that N.Y. became sold on Amar’e after seeing Shawn Marion’s staggering success upon leaving Steve Nash.”

    HA HA HA HA HA!!! oh wait…

  • Mike Meez

    You would root for Nash if he went to the Lakers?! That would be unforgivable. But I see what you’re saying.

    At the end of the day, I want to see Amar’e do well. I’m just not that interested anymore (at least until it’s official and when there is no longer a possibility of a sign and trade). Same as I’ve been with Marion and Joe Johnson. Like to see them do well but they’re in my periphery. Nash is the only player I would continue to follow closely if he left.

    Bill Simmons is hilarious but I think he’s a little off on this one. Amar’e is 27 now whereas Marion was close to 30 when traded. Amar’e doesn’t rely exclusively on athleticism anymore, whereas Marion was all athleticism. Amar’e has adapted so that he has a nice jump shot and a decent post up game. So while STAT will be missing the awesome pick and roll with Nash, he has other weapons. He won’t be as good without Nash but he’ll still be a very high quality player. His stats might even be better than in Phoenix if the Knicks can’t sign another star. At least here the Suns had plenty of other options to score.

  • martinez

    well its time to move on and maybe its for the best i know these guys had great chemistry and i hope they do it again next season with the new arrivals thanks amare for the dunks and well i dont know if your going to be great in NY but good luck


  • Rob

    I guess money means more 2 him….

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