Phoenix Suns may still be looking to bag David Lee

Just when it seemed that the book could be closed on the Amare Stoudemire era and Planet Orange could start trying to accept life with Hakim Warrick, Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic had to go and give everybody a sliver of hope.

Coro reported late Monday night that the Phoenix Suns were still trying to figure out a way to get some kind of compensation for Amare Stoudemire via a sign-and-trade, including a possible pursuit of free agent forward David Lee.

Stoudemire made his departure from Phoenix official Monday when the New York Knicks announced that an agreement was in place with the five-time All-Star on a five-year, nearly $100 million contract. Coro suggests that since it is now certain that Stoudemire wants to join the Knicks, the Suns might revive efforts to acquire Lee, who averaged 20.2 points and 11.7 rebounds per game last season.

With a four-year deal for free agent Hakim Warrick agreed on in principle, things get tricky for the Suns. In order to make a New York sign-and-trade work, the Suns would also have to complete a sign-and-trade with the Bulls, where Warrick ended the 2009-10 season.

No player can sign a new contract until Thursday, so the Suns have some time to try to make this work. If there’s no way to acquire Lee, the Suns could still try to make a sign-and-trade happen for a trade exception, which would certainly improve their financial situation.

Stoudemire’s agent, Happy Walters, told The Republic that they would help the Suns out if they can, but a sign-and-trade would help his client as well. Signing a deal with Phoenix would allow Stoudemire to receive annual salary increases of 10.5 percent instead of the 8 percent he’d be allowed as a free agent.

After eight seasons and plenty of declined trades, the Suns may yet get something in return for the player that rose to stardom in purple and orange.

  • Michael Schwartz

    It wouldn't be about dumping salary for the Bulls. They would just be sending Warrick in a sign-and-trade instead of having him signed outright and the Bulls would get something like a second-round pick for their trouble.

  • A.J

    Isn't Warrick a Free agent now with no ties to Chicago anymore other than them holding his contract? I find it amusing of people thinking that Sarver is relying on fan comments and ESPN columns in order to run the franchise this off season. I think we should give Sarver some credit. Even I think Sarver has learned from his past mistakes and is willing to give the Suns fans what they want and that is Lee. I hope Suns are able to strike a deal with Lee (I think $13 million a year is a good offer in this crazy off season). Lee has to be informed that he'll be taking over the starting PF not being used as a replacement for STAT. I don't think any of the other teams want Lee as much as the Suns fans. David Lee will be loved here just as much as he was when he played with the Knicks. He will also be playing in a similar system as the knicks. The benefits to going to the Suns is that Lee will be playing alongside a Hall of Famer PG Steve Nash and be in a competitive team. The Suns is the perfect destination for Lee and Sarver has to do everything possible to obtain him.

  • Luka

    So what this is saying is that instead of Warrick leaving the Bulls for nothing, the Suns give Chicago a 2nd rounder and the Bulls then sign and trade him here instead of Phoenix outright signing him as a free agent.

    Then we have to do yet another sign and trade with the Knicks to get Lee.

    This apparently helps Amare and his agent get a 10.5% annual raise instead of the standard 8% raise that the free agency offers.

    Does this at all benefit the Knicks? I've read that it will help NY free up a small amount of money as well. Please confirm I want to make sure I've got the logistics of this plan figured out.

  • HankS

    I'd be overjoyed if the Suns could land D-Lee, but in that case I don't see the point of signing Warrick. Earl Clark is supposed to see some time at PF, so is Channing Fry, and the Suns just drafted two young and athletic PFs, one of whom (Lawal) is rumored to be a steal.

    So do we sign Lee and tell Warrick to forget about his "dream job"?

    Nah–as much as I'd like him in the Suns uniform, I don't really see Lee coming any more.

  • Luka

    Lee would contribute right away. Warrick would back-up Lee at PF, with Clark getting minutes at back-up SF.

    The Suns are actively shopping Barbosa right now for salary cap relief. The latest rumor has LB heading to the Cavs for Delonte West, and Jamario Moon.

    West makes about 4 million which expires after this year, and Jamario Moon would be under contract at 2 million per over two seasons. Both players would likely be bought out.

    If this happens, then Dudley could be moved over to back-up SG. This leaves a slight logjam at PF.

    However many are predicting that Collins and Lawal will be in developmental roles and will have to earn playing time.

    I say go for Lee if you have the chance. It's great to develop draft picks, but the Suns have a chance to get a talented PF who would have an unlimited ceiling with Nash feeding him the ball.

  • KJ Loyalist

    Remember when STAT was thrown to the wolves in his first couple of years? He was allowed to develop.

    Save that money, clear Barbosa, wait for next off season, and in the meantime, let Earl Clark begin to destroy the league, (I know I keep saying it but we didn't draft him for nothing).

    Nash may not get a ring, but you know what? We've had chances and we haven't been able to get it done. Barkley never got one. Malone / Stockton never got one either and it's okay. They're still legends. Nash is a legend.

    Perhaps he is remaining to make sure that the man to take his thrown is ready at a far younger age to be able to get the valley a ring.

    I'd be more than happy to avoid David lee, free up some cap space, let J Rich come off the books after this season, and make a serious run at Carmelo Anthony.

    Melo with this current young Suns nucleus with a more defensive mindset = championship contender every year.

  • Mike

    Sweet. So someone was reading ESPN and took it to heart? Please get a GM Sarver. I don’t think you’re stupid but running an NBA team is a little different than banking or real estate.

  • Mike L

    Anyone else notice the irony of two of our big guys (possibly) being drafted by Isaiah Thomas??? Frye was #8 and Lee #30 NYK picks in the 2005 first round of the draft.

    Also, I think we need to see how this shakes out before continuing to bash Sarver. It actually is wiser for things to play out this way. He makes Amare the best deal he believes in, then watches NYK and Amare fall in love. Only then does he broach the S&T. If you do it sooner than NYK thinks they can bag Amare too easily and get cold feet. Wait ’til NYK announces the big agreement and THEN push for a S&T.

    I just think people are Sarver bashing too soon. Although I’m shuddering in thinking about the Isaiah – Sarver comparison. I hear Isaiah hasn’t been hired as a GM anywhere … yet …

  • Glen Danzig

    what up suns fans! just a quick shout out to say Thank You 4 Amare! unlike your organization ,we know how to win championships so we will get the best out of him! P.S. Enjoy the basement in the western conference next year!! Regards,Knick the Prick!

  • Luka

    This would be incredible if the Suns land David Lee. But how do the Bulls fit into the equation? Are the Bulls going to dump some salary so they can stay in the free agent race for LeBron? This article needs clarification.

  • Rick

    Really? you know how to win championships? the knicks only won 2 championships and both were from the 70's. Other than that nothing but Lottery fodder and utter disappointment. Don't believe me look it up. Also you have Duh A'toni as coach, can you say knock off. Cause thats exactly what the knicks are doing of the Suns of 04-05. Anyways have fun with the ego maniac, and another lottery year…..o wait you have no draft picks next year. my bad

  • Burt Darkside

    Hey Glen, good luck…..don't forget to sign a star PG to "feed" Amare….he's too expensive to have standing around! WHO….Chris Duhon???? heard he's a MAGICal guy! Sergio Rodriguez???? does Amare speak Spanish???? Eddy House???? you must be kidding!!!! Also don't forget to get some decent rebounding cause STAT doesn't like to "bounce" around collecting boards, even less now that he's getting paid max during 5 years!!!! WHO…Eddy Curry cannot even walk, let alone jump, and Jonathan Bender and Earl Barron (who the F…) are….well… bench sitters. So you got Amare, good luck in finding a team!!!

  • Burt Darkside

    Oh yeah, D LEE would look great in a purple and orange jersey but I don't think it's going to happen….but he will surely change jerseys as the Nick cannot keep him around at the present price tag…..good luck hunting, it's boom or bust…..I would reconsider my comments over who may spent next season in the basement of the conference….PHX has got a TEAM although they lost STAt, Nicks have STAT but don't have e a TEAM…..playing with fire!!!!

  • Andrew

    Hakim Warrick was a good sign, but not to start at PF. We're knee deep in guards, and we have Lopez. Although Lee is short, he can play Center when we run small or if Lopez gets injured. A lineup of -

    Nash (Dragic), Richardson (Dudley), Hill (Warrick), Lee (Clark), Lopez (Frye)

    Gives me chills. We could create so many matchup difficulties in the league, and could close the gap with LA.

    We could be a better team next year if this works out right.


    I Love this idea robert sarver if u do not pull this off you will be crticize alot so you might want to do this deal to get david lee its our best option he fits perfect with us.@ andrew you have on part of the lineup wrong Nash (dragic) Richardson (dudley if barbosa is not gone) Hill (earl clark plays the three the PF is his second position) Lee (Warrick) Lopez (Frye) sweet team right there try your best to do that sarver come on my man you have to.


    And the Barbosa trade with cleveland will be the best Jamario Moon you can buyout but you keep the two guard Delonte West im lovin the suns right now if they make that trade and the David Lee trade…

  • Andrew

    @ Corey

    Dragic & Dudley are only going to get better. I can't wait to see Lee in purple and orange if it happens.


    @Andrew i kno Dragic handles and shot is improving and i love Jared Duley defense and his jumper and i think Earl clark will be nice this year just like how Dragic was this year. I hope they make that trade with the knicks and get lee.

  • Glen Danzig

    @Burt – Don't forget! we're going to land KING JAMES!! LOL @ everybody thinking amare ain't s#%t without nash! PLEASE! u ppl are just bitter & JEALOUS!! DON'T HATE!! N.Y. KNICKS 2010-2011 WORLD CHAMPS!!

  • Andrew


    Shawn Marion knows life ain't easy without Steve Nash.

  • Mel.

    Sure, bud. Do the right thing and come back here in a week or so, after LBJ announces that he's staying with the Cavs and Bosh winds up in Miami.

    We'll have a hot plate of crow n' gravy waiting for you.

  • Rick

    @ Glen. The Knicks will land LBJ when hell freezes over. What ever tickles your fancy. Im no way jealous you have Amare'. am i sad that hes leaving yes because he was just what we all describe a beast on offense……but on defense hes the invisable man. So once again Congrats to your pick-up for your sake I hope the Knicks become relevant again…but they wont be title contenders next year.

  • Donnie

    I think David Lee would be the perfect fit. I have been wanted the Suns togo after him for a while. I actually think he is better than Amare. He is a great passer, and much better rebounder and with Nash and team can only be better.

  • jmar

    lee's not better than amare offensively, but on the defensive side and on the boards he just has the desire amare didnt.. lee outworks, when amare tried to out talent others… i'd hate to say bye to barbosa, but with jrich and hill and dudley, and nash and dragic, earls pf trapped in a small forwards mindset which isnt bad, and frye we have enough offensive power to compete without lee i feel.. now we add lee he brings a solid defensive presence and we all know the nash and lee pick and roll will be crazy with lee's athletic ability.. Lee lets us compete with LA again, i'd say grab him at all costs, waiting a year to sign someone like melo is not worth it, plus melo isn't championship pedigree he's a stats guy Lee should be priority one at the expense of barbosa unfortunatley..

  • jmar

    and forgive me robin lopez will only get better as years progress… he played great for being hurt in the semi finals, i think he can be the player his brother is when healthy, with Lee i like how our team would look

  • Slo-Mo Da Strategizt

    Best scenario to keep all PHX Suns fans happy!… Get David Lee, trade Leandro Barbosa for Delonte West & Jamario Moon anything else is a failure although I will take this scenario… Get David Lee and Wilson Chandler via S&T for Amare & Barbosa. This will keep us competitive enough for playoff hopes this year, but the 1st scenario will make us better as a whole & among top 4 in the West!!! Steve Nash(Goran Dragic), Jason Richardson(Delonte West), Grant Hill(Jared Dudley), David Lee(Hakim Warrick), Robin Lopez(Channing Frye)! plus Jamario Moon (SF), Earl Clark (SF), Taylor Griffin(SF) injury or Planet Purple tweaking plug-ins! Gani Lawal, Dwayne Collins gaining experience in the D-League 15-man roster! If not… Steve Nash(Goran Dragic), Jason Richardson(Wilson Chandler), Grant Hill(Jared Dudley), David Lee(Hakim Warrick), Robin Lopez(Channing Frye)! Earl Clark, Taylor Griffin, Dwayne Jones injury or Planet Purple tweaking plug-ins! Gani Lawal, Dwayne Collins D-League prospects! I would love to keep Louis Amundson if any way possible!!! For now this is best case scenarios I see, if you see a better realistic PHX Suns team out there please feel free to entertain!…

  • Mel.

    LOL. Sure thing, “Danzig.” We’ll be looking for you guys in the ECF, and expecting another epic Knicks closing performance like those the world witnessed in ’94 and ’99.

    After all, STAT’s hop from getting dishes from Nash to Duhon should be elementar… oh. Whoops.

  • Dave

    I think Suns have the opportunity to ship Barbosa to the Knicks along with STAT in the Sign and Trade that they’re planning for David Lee or trade exception. D’Antonie likes Barbosa and would probably agree to have him back on his team now that the knicks have lost Duhon and no Mas Free Agents are planning to go to NY. The Suns could ask for Wilson Chandler for exchange for Barbosa alongside David Lee or the Trade Exception. Suns need to send both STAT and Barbosa to the Knicks and get Chandler and Lee and then Sign Warrick afterwards.

  • Jasper Buckleman

    The only way the Knicks agree to a sign and trade is if they can get a point guard out of it. I think you’re right Dave. They have the opportunity to trade Barbosa, who is serviceable as a point guard and better than their other options. Or get a third team involved somehow. Either way, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the Knicks, unless they can get a point guard too.


    @dave and jasper buckleman i like yah ideas

  • Hayden

    Do you think David Lee reads Valley of the Suns? If so:


    Don’t see why the Knicks would agree to this though. They’re dealing with a guy who only realised he could could do a sign and trade after someone showed him Hollinger’s article on

  • KeZ

    I would love 2 see Delonte “U betta get my donutz” West in a PHX uniform…..

  • DIG632

    The SUNS once again prove that it is a poorly run organization. The Warrick contract is one of the most bone-headed moves I have ever heard of in professional sports. I don’t expect the SUNS to make the playoffs for at least the next 5 years. COME BACK JERRY WE NEED SOME BRAINS IN THE OFFICE!!!

  • Jasper Buckleman

    The Hakim Warrick contract isn’t the worst contract of all time. It’s $16 (possibly $18 with bonuses) over 4 years. Did you see that Darko Milicic is getting $20 million over those same 4 years? Now that’s a bone-headed move. Under any other circumstances, the Warrick pickup could even be seen as a good move, a steal some might say. The problem is that right now he’s a replacement for a player with whom he can’t compete. But there isn’t a problem Warrick or the contract.


    @Glen lmao… at you. You are nothin but a fool if you think melo lebron or anybody will go to the damn knicks you will have to rebuild that whole team and that would take years especially with yah tell me who do yah have on yah roster thats good except for amare

  • Scott

    Ha Ha Glen Danzig is a Fing Dumb F#$%. Knicks fans are going to be in for a rude awakening when they wiff on LeBron and realize Amare will only be 50% of what he was with Nash. You idiots wasted 2 seasons hoping for LeBron to Lose Lee and Gain Amare who isn't even as good and is a couple years from faling apart. I'm sorry but Lee was a 22 point 11 rebond a night guy with garbage running the point, if the sign and trade works out with Lee coming here the Suns will be the best in the west. Lee will prove to be 10x better than Stoudimire when he has Nash dishing him the rock. So Mr Glen Dazig you should stop trying to talk B ball and go back to NY and eat a fat D$%^

  • Slo-Mo Da Strategizt

    I hope Lebron does go to the Knicks for the good of the PHX Suns we need to get David Lee!… Suns fans you know we can take the Knicks in a 7 game finals serious even if they got Amare, Lebron, and D'Antoni we have a better overall team chemistry (which they would have to build) and better coaching staff plus they don't have a top tier pg. Maybe they can be legitimate in 2 or 3yrs. for now Boston, Orlando, Miami, and Atlanta are all ahead of the NY Knicks… in the West the Lakers, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Denver are the teams to beat or get over with an emphasis on the defending back2back champs the L.A. Lakers and their tall frontline!!!

  • Slo-Mo Da Strategizt

    Even if the Knicks do sign Luke Ridnour who I think is a cerebral pg with good shooting skills and they do have an above average Danilo Gallinari why worry about the East when we have to conquer the West 1st… The Knicks and the PHX Suns have their own demons to deal with… Steve Nash 2011 NBA MVP & 2011 NBA Finals MVP!!!

  • Glen Danzig

    @Rick – HELL will freeze 2morrow night when King James arrives in NY!! lol basement dwellers @Corey – just watch!!

  • Mel.

    Where you at, Glen? Got something you want to say about the situation, now?


  • Slo-Mo Da Strategizt aka Dizmental1

    Man forget Glen onto Plan C! What is Plan C?… I don’t have the slightest clue now that David Lee is gone.. either Robert Sarver pulls a trick out his a$$ or this team is done for the next couple of yrs.!!! Pissed the f*ck off with management no one to replace STAT at PF.. Steve Nash & Grant Hill to the Lakers next season or if/when they sign Derek Fisher Steve Nash to the Miami Heat!!! On the real though I really prefer to see an a$$ trick for the Run-n-Gun PHX Suns!!!