Suns agree to terms with forward Hakim Warrick

With Amare Stoudemire on the way out, the Suns agreed to terms with free-agent forward Hakim Warrick. (AP Photo/Darren Hauck)

With Amare Stoudemire on the way out, the Suns agreed to terms with free-agent forward Hakim Warrick. (AP Photo/Darren Hauck)

The Amare Stoudemire era in Phoenix appears to be officially over after eight years.

The Suns agreed to terms Friday morning with free-agent forward Hakim Warrick on a four-year contract worth up to $18 million. Reports of the agreement, coming first from Yahoo! Sports, surfaced around the time new broke that Stoudemire had turned down the Suns’ last offer of five years and $96 million with minutes-played clauses.

Warrick, who played for the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls last season, is the likely replacement for Stoudemire, though newly re-signed Channing Frye may share the time at power forward, too.

Warrick’s numbers weren’t anything near Stoudemire’s last season — or ever — but they certainly could improve in the Suns’ system and with Steve Nash.

Warrick averaged 9.6 points and 4.1 rebounds per game after going for 10.2 points a game for the Bucks and 8.7 points a game for the Bulls. His best statistical season came in 2006-07 for the Memphis Grizzlies when the 6′-foot-9 big averaged 12.7 points and 5.1 rebounds per game. Getting touches from the savvy-passing Nash could boost his contribution in terms of scoring, but the Suns don’t get a rebounding upgrade. Warrick logged just three double-digit rebounding games last season.

The Syracuse product with five years of NBA experience is no doubt a downgrade from the All-Star forward the Suns had in Stoudemire. Warrick has spent most of his career in a reserve role. However, Warrick’s length make him a moderate defensive upgrade over Stoudemire, although he’s not great in that area either.

With Stoudemire on the way out, the Suns had to act quickly and within their means. They didn’t have the money for the likes of Dirk Nowitzki or David Lee, so they made the smartest move they could. And it doesn’t look like they overpaid for him considering what other big men have received on the market already. It’s not a flashy move, but it’s a smart move and it’s better than nothing at all.

Warrick’s arrival pretty much guarantees that Stoudemire is done in Phoenix. It’s becoming clearer now that STAT had his sights set on a max contract with another team given that he’s still walking despite the Suns essentially meeting his demands.

The snag in negotiations seems to be the minutes-played stipulations. The Suns were worried about Stoudemire’s knees and eyes and wanted to protect themselves. Stoudemire apparently wasn’t willing to sign without a guaranteed five years.

Stoudemire’s negotiations with the Suns and expression of his desire to remain in Phoenix may have been an effort to drive up his price with other teams. Stoudemire may have had no intentions to stay in Phoenix, and his turning down of a five-year deal may signify such.

Let the Hakim Warrick era begin?

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  • JasonK

    It's 4yr/$16mil with $2mil in bonuses (unknown if they are likely or unlikely).

    Did Phoenix have to give up their MLE and Bi-Annual for these two signings? If so, I think they only have like $1.5mil left in cap room.

    Warrick has shown flashes of potential given a starting role and minutes. Check out his career splits, even including last year's mixed up season. Per36min numbers are good too. At 1/6th the price of Amar'e, and avoiding a more expensive higher risk Tyrus Thomas, I say good work Suns.

  • Brian

    Hakim Warrick > Boris Diaw?

  • Michael Schwartz

    As I'll write later, I think this is a nice value signing. The thing is you can't replace Amare with Hakim Warrick and expect to gain ground on the Lakers. I think he fits the system and will be a nice, affordable piece. The Suns have had the cap room to sign these guys with no Amare, so I believe they still have their exceptions to use. Not sure who they will use them on with their roster filling up fast.

  • Andrew

    Hakim Warrick sucks!!! Anyone who comments on this saying it'a a good deal had the first thought, "Hakim who?". This is are replacement for the second best PF in the league? A guy who can't play defense or get a starting role with the Chicago Bulls is going to replace Amare on THE PHOENIX SUNS!!!

    Nash, Richardson, Hill, Warrick, Lopez!!!

    Has Robert Sarver lost his mind!!! Earl Clark and Mickie Mouse are better options than HAKIM WARRICK!!!

  • Jasper Buckleman

    That Channing Frye deal just keeps looking better and better. Now we're not only going to let Amare walk, but we're not going to be able to afford a suitable replacement. Steve Nash and Grant Hill have to be thrilled that they stuck around for this. Keep up the good work, Robert Sarver! You don't need no stinkin' GM.


    Why didnt the suns just let earl clark play down low he has the body the height and the defense to play down low

  • Rick

    Earl Clark will replace Lou as much as I will miss him too. Warrick probably will start pending any other signings. Frye will play both PF and C mostly behind Frye. what we dont need is barbosa dragic will replace the PG and play some at SG. Need an inexpensive SG who could

  • Rick

    in addition: score and play good defense or at least decent defense

  • Andrew


  • S

    Earl Clark is not a PF! Sure, he can guard big guys to a certain extent (like Dirk last season), but he is not a "big man"!

  • W4LT

    Hak has been a solid player throughout his career, although he has often been misused. When he has been a regular rotation guy, he has been quite productive.

    He is a jump-out-of-the-gym athlete who should benefit from playing with a top flight point guard for the first time in his career (college or pro). Between playing with Nash and getting regular minutes, I think the Suns will be pleasantly surprised. Hak is not going to the All Star game, but he will be a solidly above-average forward.

    As for Andrew: just who do you think the Suns can afford to sign with their salary limitations, anyway? You are not being realistic. The Suns can't shop from the top shelf, I think Hak is a very good and savvy purchase from the bargain bin.

  • ILoveTaint

    Yeah anything is possible Dave. Next time raw dawg it! Imagine giving up a future all star or NBA first teamer. It could be on the bed sheet, it could be in her mouth if could be in the balloon. Think of that next time and save our franchise with your sack. Let Sarver know to sign him in 2028 for peanuts as a walk on. Can you say TITLE?!

  • Andre Clark

    I would not have minded this Hakim Warrick signing as much if the Suns made an attempt at other power forward replcements such a Carlos Boozer. He is no Amar'i but he gives consist double double, surely they had the cap space for a 2nd tier power forward. Heck…it's only day two and that decision was made to fast for some reason for a question mark like this dude…Hakim Warrick.

  • justin

    None of you have any idea what you are talking about. yes, we needed amare back but it didnt work out. Hakim is going to flourish in our system, if he gets the minutes he could contribute a ton.


    @ justin our you referring to me because i think hakim warrick is a solid player

  • Artur Mascarenhas

    I like Warrick a lot for this signing. Cheap salary for a decent production.

    Amare would walk anyway. He wanted out for some time, so his talks with Sarver were just mis-en-scene.

    Dont like Frye signing, though. Way too inconsistent of a player for this kind of contract. For this price, we could have signed a better 3-pointer AND a better rebounder.

    Well, seems like its time to rebuild. Barring any surprise signing, gotta feel sorry for Grant and Steve.

  • PK

    Also, if someone has front office connections, please get them to S&T Amare to wherever he wants to go for a draft pick & a huge trade exemption. Thanks.

  • tedidog

    Robert $$$aver, the most hated man in the Valley.


    But i dont have no problem with hakim because he can rebound and pl;ay defense so i think that a good pick up but far as channin frye gettin paid all that mioney to be shitty in the playoffs i dont understand he did good in the regular season but wasnt good in the playoff way to go suns and he has no defense and has no post moves i hope he is workin on it now i also think we should have let charles barkley be our gm that would be better

    Read more:

  • JasonK

    Brian: Boris Diaw that tries hard and is aggressive > Hakim Warrick > Fat ice cream typical Boris Diaw.

    Michael: That’s some good news if this works out without the Suns losing the rest of the MLE or BiAnnual, assuming part of the MLE was used for Warrick. I hope they re-sign Lou, I’ll miss him.


    @andrew hakim warrick is not horrible he is not a starter but he is no were near horrible go look @ some of his highlights and see he is like another lou amundson


    @S do you know what you are talkin earl clark played the three and powerforward in college and he is 6’10 with a big physical body so he can play the 4

  • W4LT

    And it is even better when you dig into the details: it is 3 years for $12M with a team option for the 4th year, and up to $2M available in bonuses over the life of the contract.

    Sarver still has a lot to prove, but this was a smart purchase. It’s not like he spend $20M on Darko Milicic.

  • Andrew

    Steve Nash is now the leading scorer of the Phoenix Suns!!!

  • joe

    I feel sorry for Nash and Grant Hill. They get to waste the twilight of there careers playing with a bunch of bench players that no other team wants. The suns are praying that earl clark and gani lawal turn out to be studs but i doubt it. Nash will retire in a few years without th ering he so greatly deserves. SARVER IS GARBAGE!!! Why could he just create the money he needed for amare? Isn’t that what crooked bankers do anyways??? Suns are doomed to never win a ring as far as i’m concerned. I grew up loving the suns and still do but today is a sad day for the franchise

  • Dave


  • Dave

    Kerr messed up when he made the Frye contract last year. Frye should have signed for 3 to 4 years at $2 million each which would have given us the benefit of having him in the roster at $2 mill throughout this free agency and the option for him to opt out when CBA started next season. I don't understand why Kerr didn't sign him for longer at such a low contract when he believed that Frye would be able to thrive in the Suns system. Unless, Frye came to Phoenix looking to take advantage of the Suns and playing with Nash would make him up his game and give him more value before CBA started and make him appear more valuable than he truly is. The new Frye contract is costing the Suns this off-season and is the last mistake left from Kerr. Frye's contract is filling $4 million more in the Suns salary cap that could be used to attract a Free agent like David Lee.

  • TRX

    Drew Gooden is signing for $32M/5yrs. Darko is signing for $20m/4yrs. Amare Stoudemire will sign for ~$100/5yrs. Keep that in mind when you evaluate Warrick’s $16m/4yrs (and $2m in bonuses) contract.

    If Amare was offered $97/5yrs with minutes played clauses on the last two years of the contract and turned it down, he either didn’t want to come back to the Suns or doesn’t think there’s a good enough chance he’ll be healthy enough to turn those into guaranteed years or he’s upset management would even try to protect their investment. None of the three options speak well of Amare.

    Warrick will make ess over the life of his contract than Amare will make in a single year; it’s foolish to automatically expect he should or is expected to fully replace Amare’s role on the Suns. What I *do* know, however, is no metric will show Warrick is a terrible player. Go to and fiddle with their game filter. In five minutes, I found out in the ~100 games he’s played in his career of 30mpg+, he’s only took 10fga+ and shot worse than 45% AND grabbed less than seven rebounds ten times.

    I’m curious to find out what he can do with legitimate minutes, a legitimate role and legitimate teammates. He could be a bust, but in this free agent market, he cost the Suns virtually nothing.

  • Dave

    @ILoveTaint: He would be paid in Twinkies not peanuts.

    @ TRX: I agree with you. Harrick is just another Lou Amundson with a bit more scoring. Also, the fact that Amare turned down Sarver’s offer due to the last 2 years not being guaranteed makes me think that even Amare is not sure if he will be able to last 5 seasons. He is aware that his body will give out and have to undergo another surgery during his new contract. STAT might turn into the anchor for the team that signs him if he gets injured.

  • Bob

    I am disappointed we didn’t even try for David Lee. However I will say this about Warrick. That dude doesn’t try for layups as much as Amare does, most likely cause he isn’t really good at them. Every time this guy goes up it’s a dunk or nothing.


    What kind of suns fans are yah who is criticizin amare didnt want to play for us no more jus face it robert sarver gave him the money he wanted but he doesnt want to except it i think earl clark and gani lawal will mean a lot to this team and especially earl clark 6’10 225 playing sf and can play defense once he develop his shot more what small forward or anybody else would be able to guard him jus wait in see people didnt even think we were goin to make it to the playoffs or make it in the conference finals have faith in the team we know what we are doin trust me

  • Hayden

    Only hope of staying at the top of the West now is an Amare sign and trade. At least then we get something worthwhile back. Hopefully David Lee.

  • Hayden

    And as much as I hate Sarver, the truth is that if Amare is going to walk, the Suns don’t have the cap room to sign one of the top free agents anyway. Better to lock up a backup plan and try like hell for a sign and trade. It’s just I don’t trust Sarver to be doing the right thing now. I suspect he’ll just settle for an average team that he doesn’t have to pay any tax for.

  • justin

    @corey no not you just all the bandwagon suns fans that only watched the suns during the playoffs


    @justin i believe in the suns and i still believe in them even know amare is gone i think hakim was a nice fit but i jus think they overpaid channin he really didnt produce that much in the playoffs like he did in the regular season it took him a while to get it goin

  • Jasper Buckleman

    Hey Justin, read the comments. Nobody is pissed we picked up Warrick and most people agree we got him at a bargain. Most of us “bandwagon” fans are unhappy with the Frye contract and the apparent belief that Warrick will be able to replace Stoudemire’s production, when there are better options out there.

    And Justin, I’m guessing you’re young because you’ve made a common mistake amongst teenagers. Just because we don’t all agree with you, does not make us bandwagon fans. It just makes us people that don’t agree with you. In your life, you’re going to meet a lot of people that don’t agree with you. Try not to get your panties in a bunch everytime that happens.