The time has come ....

Midnight Eastern on July 1, 2010, has finally come.

Enjoy free agency, folks.

Tags: Amar'e Stoudemire

  • Adrian C

    Isn't Steve Nash's friend in Dallas a free agent too?

  • Michael Schwartz

    That he is, but Dirk seems like a helluva long shot.

  • ResourcesCanBeBetter

    focus on better defense, become the first rebounding team in the league, limit basic mistakes ….. need to have the strongest bench … rotate, constantly play aggressive, hard, second unit even faster than first …

    improve on the already established ideas & run opponents out of breath

  • Jesus Buttersworth

    Wasn't Nash deemed a helluva shot too during the 2004 Free Agency?

  • morgamic

    Bye Amare! You can get 5 boards a game in the playoffs somewhere else.

  • Jacob

    the suns wont be as good without amare, morgamic.. trust me. if he leaves, the suns will be lucky to win 40 games. the pick and roll with nash and amare is the best since stockton and malone. dont focus on what amare doesnt do, focus on what he does do.

  • Jasper Buckleman

    Didn’t the Suns make it to the Western Conference finals without Amare?

    Having said that, I hope they resign him.

  • KyonoRocks

    While Dirk is an awesome dream and Lee seems to be a fitting replacement for Amare… I just hope we sign one of them or resign STAT. Anything less would be a step backwards and this team needs just one small step to improve on this year’s superb performance.

    We can’t afford to waste Nash’s time, Dirk, Lee or STAT.. do not settle for anything less!