Amare Stoudemire update: 'Progress' after meeting; STAT officially opts out

Amare put Anthony Tolliver on a poster and carried the Suns down the stretch to victory. (AP Photo/Carlos Avila Gonzalez)

With free agency set to begin, the Suns continue their efforts to keep Amare Stoudemire in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Carlos Avila Gonzalez)

With about eight hours remaining before the wildest free agency period in NBA history begins, the Suns continue their efforts to retain All-Star forward Amare Stoudemire.

In an Arizona Republic report on Tuesday’s meeting between Stoudemire, his agent Happy Walters, Suns managing partner Robert Sarver and head coach Alvin Gentry, it was said that the talks lasted three hours and progress was made. The presentation in Los Angeles was believed to be the Suns’ last chance to retain Stoudemire, but after the talks went well the group decided to reconvene Wednesday before the Suns’ exclusive negotiating time runs out.

According to the report, Sarver has stood by his plan to give Stoudemire a four-year deal at maximum salary. However, NBA sources are cited in the report as believing that Sarver might budge and give Stoudemire a five-year deal worth around $107 million. It seems, though, that Stoudemire won’t be getting the six-year deal he wants — at least not from the Suns.

“If it all worked out, he might take less to stay in Phoenix than he would elsewhere,” Walters told ESPN after stating that Stoudemire is seeking a maximum salary at the maximum length.

A five-year deal in Phoenix would give Stoudemire around $7 million more than he could earn on the open market due to restrictions on raises when signing with a new team. However, Stoudemire could earn more money if the Suns could swing a sign-and-trade. A sign-and-trade might become a desirable option to both parties if it is clear that Stoudemire is set on leaving Phoenix. Stoudemire could make more money, and the Suns could get something in return.

Officially not a Sun … for now

At least for the time being, Stoudemire is officially no longer a member of the Phoenix Suns.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, Stoudemire officially opted out of of the final year of his current contract, making him an unrestricted free agent. Wojnarowski cited Stoudemire’s agent Happy Walters as the source of the information.

“Robert and Alvin have been great and we’re still talking,” Walters told The Republic. “We opted out to see what’s out there. Robert and I are trying to find something that makes everyone happy. Amar’e appreciated the meeting and asked a lot of questions about the future and Robert and Alvin had a lot of good answers.”

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  • David

    OK, so to retain Stat and get LBJ….how many current roster members would they have to kill?

  • Mohamed

    I do NOT want to see Frye and Amundson go. I also don't think Amare is worth the max. His D is just atrocious. For his height and strength (not to mention his leap), he's a horrible rebounder. He does have his up sides though.

    Commentators brought up a good point: at his age, with microfrac surgery, do teams really see him as a safe bet?

  • martinez

    well i would have to say keep frye were going to lose lou cuz we have clark and the 2 big draft picks that are pretty strong i may add look up youtube videos of dwayne collins and gani lawal there not bad but the amare situtation is going to take like 2 weeks to iron out watch


  • djstratboy

    Looks like Sarver is doing a little on the job training. This appears to be a more intelligent attempt to keep a player they want in Phx.

  • Brandon

    I am excited to hear Sarver is willing to spend. But I honestly don’t think Amare is worth it. I like him don’t get me wrong, but his D and rebounding does not warrent max $$$..

    If I’m not mistaken, we lose Lou and Fry if we let him go? Phoenix will feel those losses in 3pt shots and energy plays.

    Here’s a though, we trade J-Rich (expiring 12 million contract this year i think) and Barbosa (6 or so million), re sign Amare for less than Max and go after Wade….wishful thinking I know. Could you imagine..


    Bench of Jared Dudly, Goran, Fry, Clark, and Lou off the bench?? Wow…Hill could play some time at guard to make up for the loss of 2 SG’s..

  • Bob

    That’s really wishful thinking Brandon. Wade isn’t predicted to leave Miami even if LeBron and Bosh tries to get him to a different team. Out of all the free agents this off season Wade and Dirk are the most loyal to their actual teams.

  • Brandon

    There is NO way David. The three biggest contracts are Amare (17mil), Nash (13mil), J Rich (12mil), and LB ( I think 7 or so mil). The rest of the team makes 3mill or less.

    They have to elminate one or 2 of those contracts. Most likely J Rich and LB. That would thrust Dragic in the 2 guard spot and the front court would be undersized. I suppose Hill could slide over but its not going to happy. I’d rather have D Wade anyways.

  • Juan Garcia

    So far it looks like they have a good chance at resigning Amare, if they do, we have a better chance of resigning Lou then Frye, so we would only end up losing about 180 3′s that he made and he even got better in the D side late in the playoff’s, hope we can resign them all.

  • Hayden

    Brandon, that scenario is just not going to happen. Pat Riley would have to be actually having a stroke to agree to a Wade for J-Rich and LB swap and Wade is not going to be demanding a sign and trade to leave the beaches of Miami for an organisation with no championship history, a messed up front office and an owner with a history of stinginess.

    Best the Suns can hope for is either Amare at the max or close to it for three or four years, or a sign and trade for David Lee. I like Lee for the simple fact he’s a good pick and roll player and a great rebounder. Those qualities are both vital to the future of this Suns team. It also gives us a chance at resigning Frye or Lou as Lee won’t be demanding max money.

  • Dave

    Free Agency has STARTED!!! Will we see Lee or Dirk joining the suns? Will STAT come crawling BACK? We’ll know in less than one week.