Amare Stoudemire update: Phoenix Suns will make a final push to re-negotiate STAT's contract on Tuesday

The Phoenix Suns will make their final push to keep Amare Stoudemire in purple and orange Tuesday when head coach Alvin Gentry and owner Robert Sarver meet with STAT in Los Angeles to discuss his contract situation, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Amare Stoudemire

Amare can opt out of the $17.7 million he is owed in 2010-11 as early as Thursday, which appears to be what will happen unless the five-time All-Star forward can convince Sarver to fork over the maximum contract he is seeking.

But the Suns have already made it clear in the past that they won’t give Amare a contract with max years and max money, so Tuesday’s meeting seems like protocol more than anything.

Stoudemire has repeatedly expressed that staying with Phoenix is option No. 1, however the reality is that he won’t get the money he wants, so playing for the Suns is becoming less and less realistic as July 1 creeps closer.

The Yahoo! report stated that should the Suns lose Amare, Sarver is targeting New York Knicks free-agent power forward David Lee, who is a much more affordable option with similar effectiveness.

There is also the possibility of a sign-and-trade, which isn’t out of the question. Yahoo! cited the Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers as possible sign-and-trade partners for the Suns.

The popular thought has always been that Amare will end up in Miami, but a source in STAT’s camp believes otherwise.

“Everybody thinks he’s going to Miami,” the source said, “but that probably won’t happen.”

Then there’s the New York Knicks, who are hoping to meet with Amare Thursday after trying to woo Joe Jonson, but that meeting may not have the legs that people believe it does. So where will Amare end up?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Tuesday’s meeting with Stoudemire is really nothing more than protocol and STAT will undoubtedly be an unrestricted free agent come July 1.

UPDATE: Dennis Lindsey to interview with Suns Monday

According to a tweet from Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, San Antonio Spurs assistant GM Dennis Lindsey will interview with Suns owner Robert Sarver Monday and is also considered the favorite for the job.

This isn’t exactly shocking news, as the Suns were granted permission to talk to Lindsey after the draft, and he has been considered the front runner for a couple of weeks now.

But the fact that the interview process is moving so quickly is a bit of a pleasant surprise for Suns fans and shows Phoenix’s commitment to finding stability before free agency begins.

Lindsey has been with the Spurs since 2007, and he was with the Houston Rockets for 11 years prior, working his way up from a video coordinator to VP of Basketball Operations. He has been sought out for GM vacancies before, most recently before the 2009-10 season when the Minnesota Timberwolves courted Lindsey.

Lindsey has the experience and basketball mind the Suns are looking for, but more importantly he fits in the financial plans of Sarver.

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  • Hayden

    I'm pressing the panic button now. Sign and trade for David Lee. No big injuryhistory. Still has the ligaments in his knees. Great chemistry guy. Excellent rebounder. Good mid range jump shot. Couldn't guard a totem pole. No athleticism.

    Evens out to a decent Stat replacement if you can count on the development of the young guys. C'mon, Nowitzki isn't coming. It's the best we can hope for.

    Someone write about this so our non-existent GM can see it. Dear sweet mother, I hate Robert Sarver.

  • Roger Bourland

    I’d take David Lee in an instant. Better long term bet than Amare. Stable, balanced, growing, mature and good defence.

  • Bob

    Not to mention David Lee is cheaper. We might be able to afford another free agent if we get him. My first option though is still Dirk.

  • jerry

    Get dirk please .. This would be great if we lose stat though

  • S

    David Lee has good defense? Whaaaaat?

  • Brandon

    He’s not going to stay, he wants max $$$. Amare has been good to the Suns the the reality is he’s not a franchise corner stone. I wish he played D and grabbed boards as well as he plays O.

    I strongly feel that Dirk would fit right in with Nash for obvious reasons. He’s just as good offensively and the D is a wash, I actually think he might play better D.

  • Jason

    David Lee is not better than Amare. Not a better scorer, not a better defender, not better at all.

  • Dave

    It’s almost official, STAT isn’t coming back to the Suns. Stoudemire and LB (Not Frye) need to be packaged in the sign and trade to NY for David Lee and Wilson Chandler. Suns should also sign Scottie Reynolds and a decent contract. The chants at Airway Stadium are going to change from LOUUU to LEEE!!!

  • Bob

    Umm…you can’t really say Lee has no athleticism. Watch some of his highlights. He beat White in a dunk contest. And he has better dribbling skills than Amare.

  • tedidog

    Why us-why the Phoenix Suns & their fans- why are we the ones to be cursed with Robert $aver for an owner- WHY??????

  • Hayden

    Yeah, you’re right Bob, but he’s not the athlete that Stat is. He is a much better passer though. Forgot to include that.

  • Armen

    Lets get David Lee, Matt Bonner and Kyle Korver. Just rain them threes on them bi@*!a

  • KJ Loyalist

    All in all, if STAT leaves I wouldn't want David Lee or any of those other names getting tossed around if they are not a top flight player.

    How quickly you guys forget. We got to the WCF without STAT and with a far less talented team from top to bottom.

    If Amare leaves, I'd rather get Frye signed first off.

    Then I'd let the free agent lust fest take hold and see who shakes free. If there is nothing out there that fits the team perfectly, I side with Sarver and hold onto the money. Why? I've got Earl Clark sitting over there ready to eat up all of those minutes playing next to Nash and Dragon.

    How'd Rondo get so good? How is Dragon progressing so well? D. Rose? They're good because they got playing time and lots of it AND the trust of the team to let them grow and make mistakes.

    I'd rather give Clark the keys to the car than overpay a David Lee or a Carlos Boozer.

  • John

    I tottally agree with you KJ. There is no use in over-signing a player that is getting old and less skilled as the years go bye. And I don’t agree with giving Stoudemire a max salary. He may be a good scorer, but he cannot rebound and cannot play Defense. I also believe that Earl Clark could be a great player some day. Looking at his highlights from Louisville, he is a very athletic forward and a pretty good dribbler.

  • Derek

    I am sick and tired our cheap a$$ owner. You refused to pay Joe Johnson the max money, what did he do? Leave! I have been an Amare Stoudemire fan since he was being talked about in high school his senior year in high school. So, if he leaves I’m done with this once promising franchise back in 04-05. But our douche-of-an-owner is too worried about money to worry about winning I guess. We also have lost our GM, and former coach. How much more damage can this guy do to the Suns as a franchise. Wherever Amare goes, is going to be my team.