A new beginning for ValleyoftheSuns

Welcome to ValleyoftheSuns 2.0.

With 2009-10 now safely in the books and the Suns set to embark on what promises to be a wild offseason beginning with Thursday’s draft and next week’s start of free agency, now is the right time to unveil our redesigned web site.

A Robin Lopez-sized thanks is in order to James Constable for implementing the theme and Matt Manske for designing it. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

A few bells and whistles will be added throughout the summer, such as a schedule, roster and salary feature. I hope you all enjoy the face lift!

Let us know what you think about the re-design and if there are any upgrades you think we should implement in the comments.

  • Anna Fitzgerald

    I personally like the re-design. I have a weird feeling someone British designed it. Good work!

  • Mel.

    I'll second that. (More the re-design sentiments and less the British bit, accurate as it may be…)

  • http://espn.com Andrew

    Great design. Love it. Looking forward to the salary feature addition!

  • shawn

    Hands down much better than the last. Glad to see some progression. As for some constructive criticism from a fellow designer and suns fan… I would not color the “posted by” purple as that is being used for the link color and can be confusing for some on what is a link and what isn’t. The background of the header has very attractive style and would integrate nicely into the footer using the “PHX” portion while looking better than what is currently there. Also the main nav could a little enhancing visually.

  • http://twitter.com/auggie5000 Auggie

    i like it. keep up the good work

  • Mike

    Looks pretty good. Agree that the main nav could use a little more work…either the font or contrast should be addressed. Also, the big VOTS logo up top should link to the home page – that's a pretty standard web nav feature. Finally, the search box would stand out more (and be more Web standard) if it were white and had a button which read "search", "go" or even an icon like a magnifying glass.

  • Matt Manske

    Glad to see people like it. :) It doesn’t appear to be coded correctly to work in the Mozilla Firefox browser but it seems to be fine in IE, Chrome, and Opera. Keep up the good work, Mr. Schwartz and the rest of the VOTS Staff!

  • James

    Hey Matt, what version of Firefox are you using, and what is the issue? It should be fine in version 3 onwards

  • Matt Manske

    I figured it out. Users of AD Blockers are going to have issues with the header, because the advertisement is the only thing up there spacing out the header correctly to display the background image in its entirety. I disabled my adblocker and the whole thing displayed just fine.

  • Matt Manske


    There's the original design, in case anybody is interested in seeing it. Obviously when it was integrated to a live website some things were changed based on what Michael and James wanted to do with it.

  • shawn

    Good point about the logo. It would also be good to have the main nav links repeated in the footer for quicker access when at the bottom of the page. I agree the search box could use a little work as well. It’s not visually appealing. An icon graphic is always nice. Instead of making it a drastic white to where focus will be taken away from the main area, I think a very light purple with the dark purple border would go great.

  • Ice

    Me gusta el neuvo diseno! That's spanish for this site looks pretty sweeter now!

  • shawn

    Nice job with the design Matt. I like the nav menu and original search box design you did. However placement of the search box on the right side as it is on the site now would be best. The watermark over everything is a way too much glad that was decided against. Using it in a lesser dose would be look much better and keep the site stylistic.

  • Matt Manske

    Well the watermark was put on just to protect my work from being stolen before it was put into use. It wasn’t part of the design; it is a security device.

  • Shawn

    Interesting choice, well if does give good texture to some areas.