It seems like so long ago....

… when the Suns were still in battle mode, fighting their hardest for a chance to play for an NBA crown.

Alas, they were eliminated by the now-world champion Los Angeles Lakers, and nothing has been the same since.

Three weeks ago the Suns were the story of the NBA, a little engine that could kind of team led by a likable superstar in Steve Nash and a hardworking, deep supporting cast that shocked the league all the way to the conference finals.

Now the Suns are threatening to become one of the more intriguing stories of the summer via the way things are going up in flames.

The Arizona Republic’s Dan Bickley writes today that owner Robert Sarver needs to step back. When a lifer like David Griffin who grew up as a Suns fan as a kid and then developed into a respected executive through the Suns’ organization informs Sarver he’s not interested in his dream job, you know there’s more to the story than what we know.

As we saw tonight and throughout the West Finals, the Lakers are a championship-caliber basketball team, the kind of squad the Suns can become only with a fantastic offseason.

But with the front office in shambles and everybody jumping ship, the Suns sure seem much further away from taking down the Lakers than they did three weeks ago.

And 1

Suns assistant coach Igor Kokoskov will be welcomed as a US citizen at a 1:30 p.m. ceremony Friday in US Airways Center.

Kokoskov, a native of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, became the first non-American coach in the history of the NBA back in 2000 when the Clippers (coached by Alvin Gentry) hired him as an assistant. He will take the Oath of Allegiance and then become an official citizen.

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  • Mike Meez

    I had pretty much moved on from this past season; I had reconciled the what ifs and was proud of our season…until tonight. First, I see the Lakers squeeze out another championship and of course a small part of me thinks: “that should have been the Suns.” Just like Nash, I really believed this would be the year. And now reading this article I can’t help but think about the what-ifs should the Suns have won the whole thing in relation to offseason moves. No way anyone could walk away from this team. Not Kerr and not Amar’e. Sarver would have made some more money and felt pressure to keep together a championship team so would probably not low-ball these guys. I’m just glad that 1) I have the World Cup to distract me from the Lakers championship and 2) I’m not living in L.A. anymore and don’t have to see another of their stupid parades.

  • Brandon

    Its really dis-heartening to see these guys leaving. It really all goes back to Sarver. Its so frustrating to have such a cheap owner. I’ve said it time and time again, why own a franchise if your not in it to win?

    I really wish he would just sell the team to someone that wants to compete. Show some loyalty to Nash like he did to you when he resigned and chose to spend the rest of his career a Sun.

    I, like most Sun fans, cannot stand LA. But you have to applaud Mitch and Jerry for stepping up to the plate and signing big names and spending $$$. They know what it takes to win and look where they are now.

    Sarver, please play to win, not to save money. Do all of us a favor and sell the team to someone that is willing to give 100% to the fans or go out and show us you want to win.

    I don’t even mind if we let Amare walk, i love him but he doesn’t rebound well and play enough D for MAX $$$. But if we do let him go, pony up and go for Dirk and perhaps another mid-level free agent. Resign Fry and we have another championship run for next year. I have always enjoy LB but I feel he can be traded now. It seems he either shoots, or puts his head down and his contract is appealing to other teams.