It's World Cup Time!

That’s right, people.  Basketball is going to have to take a couple days off, as it is time for the World Cup!  I know there are plenty of haters out there who think that soccer is a bunch of crap, and Hey! I understand–I used to be one of you.  I used to say all sorts of ridiculous, irresponsible, uninformed things about soccer being boring and stupid and what-have-you.  But then I watched soccer.  I watched the World Cup.  And hey!  Soccer kicks ass!  But I’m not the only one who thinks so…your boy and mine Steve Nash thinks so.  Stevie loves him some soccer.  And hey!  He parlayed his love for soccer into a free trip to South Africa to cover the world cup for CBS!  Very shrewd, Mr. Nash, very shrewd.

Seriously, is there a better scam for a famous person than that?  Hmm…I love soccer.  I am recognizable.  I am funny and I am good on camera…surely SOMEBODY must want to pay me to go to South Africa and spend 15 minutes a day saying dry, pithy things about the World Cup.  Oh!  Look!  CBS Sports wants to pay me to say those things on camera!  Tits!

Seriously, though…enjoy the World Cup.  At least watch the US play England, because they’re gonna need all the good vibes they can get.  Maybe these videos will help you make the basketball-to-soccer transition:

Good, right? You remember that. How about this one?

And to make the transition, you should check out this video of Nash training with the New York Red Bulls. He’s the man.  Watch the soccer, peoples.

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