Stoudmire seeking career advice ... via Twitter?

Amare was not a happy camper in the aftermath of Game 4. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Could Amare Stoudemire be asking official Ron Garretson for some advice about his free agent future? (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

The question has dogged the Suns for two seasons now — will Amare stay or go?

Be it through trade or free agency, there has been endless speculation about Stoudemire’s geographic future. Phoenix? Miami? Mars? No one really knows … not even Amare.

In anticipation of his looming decision over whether or not to pick up his player option (and $17.7 MILLION DOLLARS!) or test the free agent waters on his boat solidified by an All-Star season and Western Conference Finals run, it seems Stoudemire needs your help.

Yes, you … assuming you are one of his roughly 77,000 followers on Twitter. Much like Toronto’s Chris Bosh did a while back, Stoudemire turned to the popular social networking micro blog to get some input on his future …

Amareisreal I think about Free Agency Everyday. Should I Stay in Phoenix or should I leave? This the question of the Summer. What do you guys think?

It remains to be seen if Stoudemire will consider any of the thousands of replies he is bound to receive from the tweet, but it’s clear Stoudemire was trying to accomplish something (regardless of how important that something may be).

Was the tweet a true look at where Amare is at in his decision — conflicted, deep in thought and in need of guidance to determine his landing spot for 2010-11. If it was, then there is hope for Suns fans, most of whom seem to be expecting his departure. But it seems a bit … unusual … to seek the guidance of your social networking friends, who are non-expert strangers. Not too likely he’s putting Twitter feedback high on his list of sources for solid advice.

Or maybe the tweet was Stoudemire’s attempt to gauge just how much Suns fans adore him and really want him to stick around. Maybe Stoudemire has been hearing all the Dirk Nowitzki talk and needed to make sure he’s loved in the Valley.

Or maybe it is just a cry for attention now that the Suns are an afterthought of the 2009-10 season and all the attention has shifted to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Tom Izzo … oh, and the NBA Finals.

ESPN’s chronically connected blogger Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons has a theory of sorts about the tweet in question, though he didn’t name any names …

Sportsguy33 Signs you might be a dick, Vol. 138: you ask your Twitter followers whether you should stay with your NBA team or sign elsewhere.

Well, I guess Simmons doesn’t trust in the Twitter method for deciding your basketball future. Wonder if Jordan would have tweeted for the fans’ input…

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  • JCG

    I dont even know how you can just turn your back on Steve Nash. You will never play with a better point guard then Nash . This is a tough decision on your hands. First of all you must trust in God in everything you do and actually pray about it. Wow yeah thats right pray about it. You dont need to consult with all these others players. You are not a follower you are a leader. Joe Jhonson really? Really? You would of already had a ring had Joe not left you and the suns. If you signed with suns you make them promise you that their gonna give you some help, bottom line. Stoudemire I know I can give good advice maybe not what you want to hear. But good in the long run. I lead the camel to the water but I cant make it drink the water. Good luck and God bless….

  • Mel.

    No other NBA team OR fan base is going to be as supportive and forgiving for a guy with as much superstar stroke–and spotty execution–as Phoenix is.

    With all the crap this franchise has had to sift through in the last twenty years, quibbles such as the "soft defense" and "vanishing rebounder" are absolutely nothing in comparison to how much Suns' fans love Amar'e; he can go cold for weeks and have ONE monster game, and it's like the guy was putting up 25-10-10 the entire time.

    Ultimately, we'll see what the money says. But I don't think Miami, Cleveland, New York or Chicago are going to be as eager to forgive if STAT doesn't immediately take to a new system and start earning that max-contract the hard way.

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  • TRX

    No max for Amare. Please. Not for a player who disappears on defense too often and allows cold streaks on offense to dictate his effort. How much he is loved is not a good indicator of how much he is worth.

  • coachV

    Amare, money ant everything. How many millions do you need. Its clear no dout you are getting paid bank already. Think about and put your family first, your girls and your wife.

    what will a move from Phoenix to another city, an all-togather new environment and new schools do to them, this could be hard especially for them to adjust.

    what about your childrens nanny, what would a move from the Valley and her family do to her? As a fan Amare, I and you know all of your fans would like to see you as a PHX SUN throuhg out you career. We are asking you to resist greed and wate for things ( $ ) to come to you. I beleve you will get your worth becouse good things come to those with patients. Think about it Amare, and look at what winning a division championship with the Suns would mean. Winning the first ever Finals would get you the max contrac without adout. Amare, there is not one true Fan who would say that you are not worth the max, but let it come to you. don't chase it for it can be allusive. the chance to win and in time get the max ( $ ) is really insight.

    Another thing Amare, you will be better remembered for winning than for your payday. why not get them both your chance to do that is great as a PHX SUN.

  • ron smith

    I’m a huge fan of amar’e stoudemire iknow it hurt’s us to see him go but his time is up in the valley of the sun. One thing I think people forgot is if amare signs with ny tracy magrady is there,and in my book he’s still a force to be reconned with! And teaming up with amare will be a sight to see,especially if both are healthy! We’re all talking about lebron,wade,bosh,I believe this will inspire tracy to come back better than ever. Teaming up with the best power forward in the game right now,amare prove to all haters u play defense as well as offense,no one can stop u only u can stop u.keep God first and he’ll do the rest,Pastor ron smith