Channing Frye's Wildcats drop softball titles

The Phoenix Suns had just blown out the now Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics in late December when former Wildcat Channing Frye was asked about the Arizona football team’s embarrassing Holiday Bowl loss to Nebraska.

“You know, hey. We got there. We’re building blocks. Building blocks. Isn’t it coming up on softball season?” Frye asked. “Yeah hoops, we’re building on hoops, we’re building on hoops. I’m always with the hoops, but now we’ve got to go to something that I’m going to get a guaranteed win in, and that’s softball. Killing, killing in softball. What else? Swimming’s over, how did we do in swimming? Probably well, we always do good in swimming…..”

As one of the only UA guys interviewing Channing at the time, if not the only one, I’ve gotten plenty of crap about that answer from the pro-ASU Phoenix media concerning Frye having the audacity to bring up a sport like softball after a football bowl loss. In fact Seth Pollack from over at BrightSide was still joking with me about this interview after the Suns were eliminated by the Lakers, a loss that gave Channing and I more time to focus on UA softball this week.

Well, Seth and everyone else, guess what? I did focus on UA softball this week (on Sunday I even chose that sport over the NBA Finals. The blasphemy!).

And then the Wildcats proceeded to do the same thing to their fans that the Suns did to theirs the last week of May, allowing one fundamental miscue (in the Suns’ case the Artest missed box out, in Arizona’s case a lack of communication on a botched fly ball) to ruin a special run to the foot of a title.

So the dominant college softball program from Los Angeles bested the dominant softball program from Arizona (sorry, ASU fans!).

Now where have I seen that script played out before?

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