Phoenix Suns exit interview videos

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns said their final goodbyes for the summer at a team meeting Sunday morning before everybody left to ponder their respective futures.

But not before they took a few minutes to soak in the special season they just experienced before Kobe Bryant and the Lakers knocked them out in the West Finals.

“As I said to our players, we will not look at this as a negative in any way,” head coach Alvin Gentry said. “I think what we accomplished this year as a team and the way they played and the improvements that we made and the way the young guys got better and the leadership that we had, all of those things were real positive, and we’ll try to take them and grow from there.”

In the coming months there will be plenty of time to analyze how the Suns should re-shape their team this offseason, but for now here’s what the players, Gentry and team management had to say as they left US Airways Center for the final time this season.

  • Rosie

    I am SO HAPPY that I found this website! Here is my story (that I already posted in the June 4th article) that I wish to share with you…………

    Being from So Cal I’ve always been a Laker fan. I watched the Spurs/Suns playoffs to see what kind of “competition” the Lakers would face. I had no idea that I was going to be entertained by following this series! I found myself invested in the Suns, cheering for Steve Nash & the rest of the Suns team, hoping that they would beat the Spurs. I found myself yelling & cheering with such excitement! The amazing bench, Dragic, Dudley, Barbosa, etc! They won, what was I to do? I am after all a Laker fan right? Well, perhaps in some people’s eyes I am not a TRUE Laker fan, for I found myself cheering & hoping that the Suns would win! I was SO upset that the Suns lost game 2 in LA, it was so close! It was heartbreaking. I still believe if the Suns had won game 2 they would be in the finals, which leads me here. I find myself googling Steve Nash & the Suns for any news. I miss them so much! It broke my heart to see Steve Nash so crushed by the loss of game 6. Mr. Nash, you are a class act, please know that you have fans, not only in Phoenix but in So Cal as well and I imagine by the way you play, broken nose, swollen eye, etc, that you have many fans all over the country & around the world! I look forward to watching Steve & the Suns next season & I won’t wait until they make they playoffs, I am going to follow the Suns from day 1! That’s the power & class of Mr. Nash, making a So Cal girl root for the Suns & against the home team Lakers. You are a World Class Champion in my book Mr. Nash!