A pro-1070 rally before Game 4

PHOENIX — As I was walking toward US Airways Center before Game 4, I noticed a small pro-SB 1070 rally going on outside the main entrance to the arena.

The following video shows some of the action, and it includes interviews with people on both sides of the issue. I look forward to reading your comments, but please understand the viewpoints expressed in the video are those of the participants in the rally and they do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of ValleyoftheSuns.

  • Garrick Akridge

    Why does it seem like the only folks supporting this law are elderly citizens who do not contribute to society in any way, shape, or form. And besides the people in this video look like poster children for inbreeding and I doubt have any form of substantial education. Plus they are from an era in the US when racism and hatred was tolerated.

    On a side note do not call for Nash to go back to Canada.

  • john marzan
  • Daniel

    I keep hearing this argument about majority support, as if that is what dictates legality and basic right and wrong. We have a constitution to adhere to, not simply the whims of the majority. It is why blacks and women were allowed to vote, and intermarry, it's why schools had to be desegregated, it's the reason for the first amendment. Our entire Republic is based off of the fear and prevention of the power and leverage of the mighty… at least the republic I grew up learning about

  • http://www.okaymentary.com the_capital_t

    These supporters of 1070 may or may not be intellectual heavyweights, but they’re definitely lightweights when it comes to communications. They said nothing to advance their cause.

    @john marzan: The results of the study are interesting, but it takes a pretty short view. I’d like to know how opinions change over a longer period of time. Say, 15-18 months. Right now, I suspect that some swing in opinion is the result of pushback regarding the rhetorical attacks/proposed boycotts of Arizona. Maybe not all of it, but it stands to reason that is a key factor.

  • john marzan

    so watching the video, are those mexicans i see supporting jd hayworth and SB 1070? (or are they native americans?)

  • Johnny

    Hey Garrcik,
    I support the bill. I’m neither a elderly citizen nor a non-contributor to society. Nor a racist. Nor a in-breeder. I have an education. Not racist. Not a hater. BAM.

  • ET


    I have not read a single thing in support of the bill that is not either (a) racist (hey, I mean moron sign-holder in the caption uses the term “senor” as an insult), or (b) entirely ignorant of the U.S. Constitution.

    Usually it’s both.

    Actually, those protestors are GREAT for opponents of the bill. Looks at ‘em–would you rather have those fat old xenophobes and racist fascist Sheriff Joe on your side, or Steve Nash and the Suns?!?!


  • john marzan

    @daniel, this ones for you

  • john marzan

    @the_capital_t when rasmussen first tracked what arizonans think of the law back in april, 70% of these racists support the law


    now, the latest one in may 20 show 71% support. pretty consistent so far. So I assume there are many hispanics and blacks in arizona who support the law, even if they are not loud about it.

    and AFAIK, rasmussen is the most accurate polster in the business.

  • Garrick Akridge

    Johnny, AUTO E