VotS Suns podcast -- Lakers preview edition No. 1

Back in college at the University of Arizona, my friends were divided into two factions: Suns fans and Lakers fans.

My guest on this edition of the ValleyoftheSuns podcast is one of the most rabid of those Lakers fans, Roman Veytsman, my partner in crime on the Arizona basketball beat and the Dorm Room Sports Chat (a TV show I co-hosted back in the day).

As we can see from the comments on the last few posts, there’s certainly some animosity between Suns and Lakers fans, partially because of the geographic rivalry and also because of some of the intense playoff battles earlier in the Nash Era and throughout the ’70s and ’80s.

Roman and I discuss that Suns/Lakers rivalry, Kobe and former Wildcat Channing Frye before Roman predicts the series.

  • Daniel

    This will be one of the more disappointing aspects of the series; LA will have about 20% of US Airways Center filled with Lakers fans

  • Mitch

    This is horrible, do I really want to hear a couple UofA grads argue about basketball like drunken frat bros….NO!