Suns-Spurs: Across the nation May 11

The Suns shocked the nation with a sweep of the not-so-mighty Spurs, and now prepare to meet the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. But before we get into all-out analysis of the purple and gold, here’s what they’re saying across the nation after the conclusion of the Suns’ domination of the Spurs…

  • Rob Mahoney of Hardwood Paroxysm may be jumping the gun, but out of context, the highlight reel makes a case: “I don’t know if you heard, but Goran Dragic won the MVP Award on Friday night. He scored 26 points — all in the second half and 23 in the fourth — in the Suns’ decisive Game 3 victory over the Spurs, and was thereby coronated as the league’s Most Valuable Player, the Suns’ new starting point guard, and the sovereign ruler of the great state of Arizona.”
  • At the TrueHoop mother blog, Henry Abbott recaps the Suns-Spurs history after Phoenix’s monumental sweep.
  • At 48 Minutes of Hell, Andrew A. McNeill proclaims that the Suns were just the better team in this series: “Much like we thought the Spurs were peaking at the right time, so has Phoenix. And after their four game sweep of the Spurs is done and dusted, it seems the Suns are peaking just a little bit more.”
  • Mike Monroe of The San Antonio Express News on Manu Ginobili’s bad night: “Ginobili’s shooting fell off after he suffered a broken nose in Game 3 of the Spurs’ first-round series against the Mavericks, and coach Gregg Popovich acknowledged the difficulties his guard experienced.”
  • At FanHouse, Chris Tomasson says the Spurs need not blow up the current team, as they have the talent to remain a contender.
  • Bob Young of The Arizona Republic considers the alleged Spurs curse and others.
  • Also in The Arizona Republic, Doug Haller discusses Amare Stoudemire’s maturation and his role in the Suns-Spurs series: “Stoudemire had been reduced to a role player for parts of this Western Conference best-of-seven series. That changed in Sunday’s Game 4, a contest in which old demons threatened to derail the Suns.”

  • The Z. Man

    Please don’t stop.

    I know that this series and the season is behind us but we have been waiting a good long time. Suns fans like myself will never grow tired of reading about our decisive victory over the Spurs. Give us MORE!!!!

    Next year is the next subject and it pains me to read that the Suns may toss all that they have accomplished away. This year was about the chemistry of this team. Grant Hill has done his part. When he took up his option, a message was sent. This message was to keep the team together. Now it’s up to Sarver & Kerr. They MUST find a way to do what is BEST. That is to keep the chemistry at a high level. Easy to do!!!! Just keep the young guys. Don’t trade them or encourage them to walk away!!!! MUST KEEP Barbosa, Louis & Frye!!!!

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!