The Lakers it is …. now we wait

To nobody’s surprise, the Los Angeles Lakers finished off their series sweep of the Utah Jazz on Monday night a day after the Suns swept the Spurs.

But thanks to TV networks ruling the world, we will have to wait until Monday night in Los Angeles before these teams finally tip things off.

The week will give Robin Lopez plenty of time to work his way back into the lineup, although it’s still uncertain if he will be available for Game 1 or any other game against the Lakers. The rest should also be helpful for Suns vets Steve Nash and Grant Hill and the Lakers’ ailing stars Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum.

A week will also give us plenty of time to dissect this series from every possible angle, and it should give fans on both sides plenty of time to rebuild the hatred the Pacific Division fan bases share for each other.

It’s the Suns and the Lakers as the Suns’ dream season continues in the conference finals.

  • Kobe

    i hope phoenix is ready for the lakeshow, its kobe time

  • speck

    I was thinking about this too actually – it would be quite interesting to witness a magic vs suns finals. It would probably break the record of most 3s made in a game/series in league history.

  • Talcott

    Accept your fate sunsboys your goin fishing in May!


  • Michael

    So far, ESPN expert John Hollinger has been right on all of his predictions in this years playoffs. he has been off in the number of games it would take for the team to win, but he has successfully chosen the winner nonetheless. and guess what FAKER fans… he chose the suns in 6 games. I'm so hyped for this round!

  • Michael Schwartz

    Yep, I suppose we should all brace ourselves for a deluge of comments like these…..

  • PJ

    The response above me is a Lakers fan doing a great job personifying the classlessness and general douche-baggary you come to expect from LA fans.

  • Mike Meez

    Nice usage of “douche-baggary” PJ, very fitting. I lived in L.A. for 4 years so I should know. This included the two years in a row that the Suns eliminated the Lakers (which was sweet) but also included last year when the Lakers won the championship. The latter was terrible because, as evidenced above, Laker fans are completely obnoxious. Here’s another great descriptor of L.A. fans: entitled. Discuss.

  • LakeSuperior

    Mike don’t be mad because the Suns have no reason to be obnoxious. Kobe has won (106) playoff games, that is almost as many playoff games as Nash (110) has played in.

  • speck

    So I am a mavs fan – so quite frankly, could care less which team got out of these series, but it would be nice for the Suns to get to the finals.
    Anyhow, I keep reading from the suns fans that say the Suns in 6. Talking to the rational fans here, really?? Do you really think the Suns will finish the Lakers in 6.
    NBA is ALL about match ups right – I mean, the Blazers had no business taking the Suns to 6 games – none! And I think everyone will agree to that – so why did they? Because the blazers match up well with them, even without their best player and lesser bench. So why exactly do the Suns have such an advantage to win by 6? Because we’re basically assuming they’re just as good as the blazers- right?!
    I just think the lakers are much better than the blazers I guess, and they present the same size problem to the suns as the blazers did.

  • shawn

    Lets put the LA/PHX season series in perspective

    1. Suns lost the first 2 games to the Lakers in November and December. Both those games were on the end of back to back games for the Suns. Throw those games out.

    2. Game 3 the Suns blew out the Lakers 118-103

    No rebound edge (43-43)

    3. Game 4 the Lakers won 102-96.

    a. Rebound edge to the Suns (43-40)

    b. Channing Frye our leading 3pt center was suspended for game.

    4.Also the last 43 games including playoffs

    Phx Suns 34-9

    LA Lakers 27-16

    This Laker team takes nights off and does not have great chemistry. There is no lock in this series, but I'll take my 3 to 1 odds on the Suns

  • Lakeshow

    I don't think it will be a sweep either way. Let us be real. This is what I see happening…my break down on the offensive end for the Phx:

    J. Rich will be guarded by Artest – I am sure you will all say that this is an advantage (there is no point arguing that now) but I don't agree. Laker's 2nd best perimeter defender will be on him and he won't be getting any easy looks. Up to this point, there has not been anyone that good defending him – you will all see how productive he gets when someone good is on him.

    Nash and Stoudemire pick and roll is the emphasize on Lakers practice this week – I do agree this is their best offense.

    You all assume the Suns will be raining 3s all day long – Lakers are the stingiest teams in allowing 3s – look back at last year's Orlando team (the top 3pt shooting team last year). There is a reason for that – you don't see them doubling anyone to help out in the middle, their bigs are capable of taking care of the middle…Frye, Dudley, and your other 3pt shooters won't be as open as they usually are. The Lakers can also shoot the 3 – so you won't have the disparity you had in 3 point shooting as you had with the Spurs.

    Now transition basket will be important for your team. You will need to get stops in the middle as I'm positive the Lakers will be pounding it inside or hope their 3 pt shooters are off as they kick it out.

    The bench IS better than the Lakers, but not to the extent it was better than the Spurs – the Spurs really only had 6 man rotation – a banged up parker was their bench the first two games, and an ineffective George Hill the last two games. Bonner was useless.

    Phil Jackson is 46-0 when his team wins first game of a series, so I suggest you win that one. But yes, may the best team win.

  • Artur Mascarenhas

    I take Suns in 6. We will steal Game 1, no doubt about it.

    Its time to make it rain from 3pt line. Frye better start making more shots. J-Rich, LB and Dudley gotta spread the floor.

    Amare will definitely need some help inside. If Lopez doesnt come back, its time to give Ponytail Amundson more minutes.

    GO SUNS!

  • Rocco

    @speck Actually, You’re assuming that the blazers and lakers are similar in the way they match up with the Suns, not about lakers skill level relative to the blazers. The spurs were certainly a better team than the blazers, and as you said, the suns were the better team.

    comparisons between the lakers and blazers (and their respective skill levels) only work if we assume that they match up in a similar way. I suppose that is true in some respect (very long players), but the lakers aren’t as athletic.

  • Tyler

    @MichaelSchwartz — you should write an article about how awful Lakers fans are. At least that would deter most of the stupid comments to that page. Or maybe never mention Lakers in the title… whatever the case, this week is going to be annoying if we have to read comments like that all day.

  • Corey37

    This western conference finals is the biggest joke I have seen in a very long time. The LAKERS are going to dismantle the suns like they did in the regular season. Pau, Drew, and Lamar are going to dominate the paint. PJ will slow the pace, and expect LAKER victories by huge margins. The suns will set after the first quarter of game 1 when they realize they have no chance in Haites. LOL

    #16 is just too EASY… GO LAKERS!

  • Public Notice

    "And we do say “Lake Show.” Better than Planet Orange…"

    Planet Orange is not great, and the marketing behind it is uninspired. But last year's B-movie-level sci-fi opening video, featuring Steve Nash with a 'stache, was completely worth it.

    "The Lake Show" is a terrible pun that reeks of arrogance and self-satisfied humor. While this might be oddly appropriate for a bandwagon-inspiring team, I cannot accept it as a superior gimmick.

    I am glad that a Ctrl+F search of this page did not find any matches to "Kobest", though. So kudos to the Lakers posters for that one.

  • todd

    dude corey37 how are u so sure of ur lakers “dismanteling” the suns like they did in the beginning of the season? we’re playing just a taaaad better basketball now and our bench keeps producing better than any….and if ur “big 3″ will be “dominating the paint” who in the hell’s gonna be stoppin j-rich,c-frye,dudley and dragic on the outside?! explain how PJ is gonna slooow our tempo down…

  • JoCaLa

    Keep it classy Suns fans. F**k all these idiot Laker bandwagoner fans. Because seriously? Half of them arnt even from L.A.

    Go get em Suns. We WILL outshoot the Lakers, no doubt about that. And Lopez, well Lopez is going to have to re-break his back defending shady deal Pau Gasol.

    F**k the Lakers. Go Suns!

  • todd

    ha ha cuz it sure as hell aint gonna be fisher…he’s worse than our nash is on defense.

  • Mark

    i personally like these laker fans (homers)…i love that nobody gives the suns a chance…it makes this team even more dangerous…i loved what Gentry said in the locker room after game 4 with SA too… he basically said not to be satisfied with anything… and i believe this team is nowhere near satisfied yet

  • Ed

    Check back before game one see he doesn’t change his prediction. Before our series with Utah he had them winning in 6, then he changes his prediction to lakers winning in 7 or 6. We won in a SWEEP! Don’t bring Hollinger into any conversation, I’ll trust my moms predictions before i trust his, at least she watches games and isn’t blinded by numbers.

  • bedub32

    Phil Jackson has 10 rings as a coach and Alvin Gentry was fired as the Clippers' coach. That will be the difference. Lakers in 6

  • Patrick M

    I feel exactly the same way about the upcoming series vs. the Lakers as I felt before the series vs. the Spurs; in a word, worried!
    The Lakers size and post season experience is a huge factor. Scoring in the paint and rebounding are going to be supreme challenges.
    That being said, I really like how our 3 pt. shooting can spread the floor and I believe that we have the superior bench.
    There will be some x factors at work in this series that have not been considered or discussed. Will Ron Artest show up and be effective, or will he have a melt down? Will Andrew Bynum’s knee hold up? Will Robin Lopez be back and will he be effective enough to help counter the Laker’s size advantage? Will the Suns improved “D” be improved enough to get critical stops? If the game is close late in the 4th quarter, will Kobe try to save the day all by himself, or will he keep the rest of the team involved? Does Gentry and his staff have the chops to counter the Zen Meister? All questions that will be answered once the games begin.
    One last note; Phil Jackson’s teams have NEVER lost a series when they have won the first game, therefore I believe that it is absolutely critical for the Suns to take Game 1 and plant a seed of doubt into the Lakers.

  • Corey37

    todd, is this your first year watching the playoffs??? If you have not noticed, the pace has slowed already. The spurs were worn out after their series versus the mavs, and did not have the legs to keep up against the suns. I will give your team credit for that, but be realistic, who do the suns have to stop the LAKERS frontcourt? Amare ??? LOL The LAKERS dont even need Kobe to win this series, but unfortunately for you, he will be well rested and ready to explode like he did against the jazz. Be grateful the suns got as far as they did, but also know that the party ends here.

  • ILoveTaint

    Suns will win in a close series. The Suns are 4-1 on the road this post season. Its not like they can’t steal 1 in LA

  • Lakeshow

    LOL at bedub32 that was funny!

    PJ – seriously, let us not bring history. Nash had never beaten Duncan led spurs team either, but we saw what happened.

    Like all the Suns fans have been saying – different year, different team.

  • lll66

    I lived in AZ and Suns fans are just as huge of homers as LA fans are. You’re going to find all kinds of fans in the fan base. Phoenix will take a couple of games (but not game 1 in LA – that’s crazy) but LA will prevail. Someone said it’s all about match ups and PHO doesn’t match up with LA. You are short, short, short. So good luck. But LA will win.

  • sunset

    well, i say the Lakers will SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEP the suns

  • Public Notice

    I’ve decided not to read any “Comments” section on any web site during the next week. Unless you enjoy anonymous bandwaggonry, CAPS LOCK LOGIC, and witty nicknames, you may want to consider doing the same thing.

    PS – Seriously, the “Lake Show”? Do people actually say that in public?

  • Mike Meez

    Laker fans, you are only making my point stronger with every obnoxious post. Go write on your own blog. I checked it out and I think there may be more postings from Laker fans here than on there. Absolutely no class.

    Patrick makes a good point that a lot of things are undetermined right now but I think the biggest thing is stopping the Lakers Big Two. Easier said than done, but if Suns can do that I think they have a very legitimate chance. And look at OKC. The Thunder don’t have any dominant big men but they were able to shut down the Lakers in a couple of games with their defense. If the Suns stay focused, they can do the same. If they can hold Pau and Bynum from dominating the paint, I’m not worried about perimeter shooting too much. Obviously, Kobe will get his but he was putting up 40 points a game in 06 and 07 and look what happened there.

    Remember, hardly anyone picked the Suns to beat the Spurs and no one thought it would be a sweep. Shock the world Suns!

  • Corey37

    Mike Meez, OKC had much better defenders down low than anyone the suns have. Ibaka did great job for the most part, and the thunder are much younger and energetic than the suns. Good luck though. LAKERS in 5 at the most.

  • Nash Stallone

    Suns in 4! no way those Laker towers can chase CFrye and Amare around. Our bigs can shoot the ball from distance and take it to the hole as well. Nash will kill any of the Laker guards off the dribble and Grant Hill will shot down Bryant.
    JRich > Artest so that will be another won battle for us.
    The bench??? don’t even get me started on the bench.
    I understand games have to be played, –but really. The Lakers present the Suns with a dream matchup. I’d be surprised if we lose 1 game

    Go Suns!!!!

  • Mavsie

    Someone mentioned that D. Fisher was worse defender than Steve Nash. LOL, that is too funny.
    Shawn – something you forgot to mention – Game 4, when the lakers beat you guys – you had a 5 day rest and you guys were in the middle of your great run – everyone playing great and your bench producing. During that stretch, lakers only had a day off and they were in the middle of their worst stretch – having lost 5/10 and Mavs catching up to them for that number 1 spot – the suns should have won that game. And if we are so keen to say the regular season does not matter, then both are 8-2 in the playoffs so no edge goes to either team.

  • Corey37

    I bet I wont see any suns fans here a week from today.

  • Corey37

    shawn, Lets put the LA/PHX season series in TRUE perspective:

    1. The LAKERS are the defending champs with the greatest coach in NBA history

    2. Kobe is going for ring #5 while amare is trying to get A ring

    3. If your hopes lie in Channing Frye and Goran Dragic, then you know you have problems

    4. D.Fish = 4 rings; nash = ZERO rings

    5. Anyone that thinks Kobe is not taking this series personal is DELUSONAL.. He remembers 2006 and 2007 when Smush Parker and Kwame Brown were both starters, but he knows he has the best team now and will make sure the suns know it when this series is over.

    Suns fans, just bit of advice – dont bother buying game 6 tickets because the suns wont be making it that far.

  • shawn

    The Lakers are a talented, but under achieving team- They are favored to win this series, but when you look at the stats from all different angles it does not back them up to be a great team able to blow out the Suns.

    They are supposed to be a huge team and they are from a height standpoint, but lets look at the stats.

    1. During playoffs Lakers have a rebounding differential of of +1.7 to the Suns +2.8.
    If they are so big why is it not showing up on the boards. (Also Phoenix had a better rebounding differential than the Laker’s during the last 50 games of the season and playoffs)

    2. Phx against the Spurs. Spurs were the best rebounding team in the Western Conference +3.25 during the Season. The Suns did not only beat them four games in a row but they had a +2.0/game rebounding advantage.

    3. Suns had a better point differential than the Lakers during the season, although not by much, but now 10 games through the post seasons the Suns pt differential is +9.90 to +3.90 for the Lakers

    4. If they are so big, you would think the Laker’s would be getting a lot of easy lay ups and dunks in the playoffs for a high field goal percentage, but again they only shoot 46% (33% 3pt) to the Suns 48% (42% 3pt)

    You would think a big team would block a ton of shots and not get blocked that much. During the regular season (PHX had a better block differential than the Lakers) * not by much, but still as you can see the Lakers are not dominating the areas they should if they play so big.

    So the Laker fans can take solace that they do have a tall front line in Gasol, Bynum, and Odom, but for some reason it does not result in stats that you can see. I don’t think they understand this is a different Suns team that likes to play defense and rebound.

    Look forward to the Series

  • lll66

    Mike Meez – the LA Times Lakersblog has been inundated with Suns fans in the past. And, as I understand it, any fan can post here.

    And we do say “Lake Show.” Better than Planet Orange…

  • Javy 818

    It’s funny how both the Laker fans and Sun fans are both talking smack… I’m a laker fan myself and I like the suns because they remind me of the showtime lakers in the 80′s ( I said remind me not that they are) But on the real the lakers present a lot of match up problems for the suns as well as the suns present a lot of match up problems for the lakers but when shit hit’s the fan and you absolutely need a basket or two that’s where the Lakers have the edge they Have the best closer today in Kobe and you the Suns fans well know that is true… the suns don’t have a go to scorer… who? Amare? Nash? sorry but the Lakers will be taking this one in 5 or 6 games… It should be a good series High Scoring (which benefits the suns) But the lakers have been through this with the Thunder and they did just fine… Good Luck to the Suns and let the Best team win.

  • Lakeshow

    So classy!

  • Mike Meez

    @ lll66 – of course everyone is allowed to post here. I actually appreciate any substantive analysis from the other side, but can we all agree that it's plain obnoxious to go on another team's forum/blog just to say things like "i hope phoenix is ready for the lakeshow, its kobe time" and "Accept your fate sunsboys your goin fishing in May!" I mean, c'mon, grow up.

    If a Suns fan does that on a Laker blog same thing goes. But I just took a look at the article about Lakers sweeping Jazz on Forum Blue and Gold and there were only a few Suns fans comments and only one was not completely cordial and actual analysis of the coming series (and that comment was simply "Go Suns"- not very creative but at least not particularly toolish).

  • lll66

    ““The Lake Show” is a terrible pun that reeks of arrogance and self-satisfied humor. While this might be oddly appropriate for a bandwagon-inspiring team, I cannot accept it as a superior gimmick.”

    And you’re completely entitled to your opinion.

    Lakers and Showtime = Lake Show. And if the Suns had been good enough to inspire some sort of nickname that reeked of arrogance and self satisfied humor then I’m sure they would have done it.

  • lll66

    JoCaLa – I’ve been watching the Lakers since the early 80′s, through thick and thin, championships and the years when we lost to the Suns and Raja Bell clothes lined Kobe. No bandwagon fan here.

  • PJ

    Kobe doesn’t beat Nash’s suns if you want to go by history. If the Lakers win, it will be a in a dog fight and it will be because Pau is a legit and supremely skilled big man. The lakers team itself is scary talented, has the tools to win against anyone, and has a hall of fame coach. Doesn’t make the terrible Lakers bandwagon fans any more tolerable.

  • Public Notice

    “And you’re completely entitled to your opinion.”

    The NashStache is fact, not opinion.


  • PJ

    Yes crystal, I'm sure you've seen enough suns games this season to get a perfect read on this series. I mean, why even play the game at all when you've got Crystal-ball here giving you outcome!

  • crystal

    i feel sorry for the Sun fans. they are talking smack on this blog. but you all know it. the laker machine is too much. not only skilled big men, but lock down defense when they need it, and a guy named kobe. soo many commentators and fans around the nation would love to see the lakers fall (many kobe haters) but at the end of the day, this team continues to roll. wishful thinking ain’t going to hack it. lakers in 5.

  • Ace Phoenix

    Okay let's be real about what this series is going to come down too.

    You can't stop Amar'e on the block and we can't stop Pau. So both teams are going to have to double more often as the series goes on, so which team has been making the extra pass? Which team shot over 40% from the 3-pt line during the season AND thus far in the playoffs?

    If the Lakers really think they can handle Amar'e in the post and at the elbow without double teams then we'll being seeing someone in the NBA Finals.

    Go Suns, welcome Lakers' fans, looking forward to a tough series.

  • The Z. Man

    Hard to lose to anyone and be done.

    With a different outcome to game 5 (anyone’s game), it may have been a Celts vs. Suns final (my original pick before the very first Portland playoff game.) Just know that our Suns keep coming back. This year, we came back vs. the Spurs. Next year?

    Next year is the current subject at hand for the Suns. This year, Suns enjoyed rare team chemistry. For that chemistry to continue at such a high level, our guys will need to know that their efforts matter to management of our Suns. Kerr will want to keep that chemistry but will Sarver care? MUST KEEP our young guys. Frye, Louis & Barbosa MUST STAY!!!!

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • Wilburn Abrams

    Good news brother