Suns-Spurs: Across the nation May 4

The Suns rode Steve Nash to a resounding Game 1 victory Monday, a first in the Duncan Era, and look to make it 2-0 Wednesday night. In the wake of the Suns’ impressive win, here’s what they’re saying across the nation…

  • Emily Allen of Project Spurs: “The team connection that brought the San Antonio Spurs through the first round of the playoffs never made it to the U.S. Airways Center for the first appearance in the second round against the Phoenix Suns. Shooting errors became a serious problem for a team that fought to find its rhythm, eventually losing to the Suns, 111-102.”
  • Dan Bickley of The Arizona Republic: “It was only one basketball game. But it sounded like vengeance. It felt like an exorcism. At one point, the raucous scene made Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter jump up and down with glee. It was a small slice of proof that this team might be different from its predecessors. This time, the Suns made the big shots. They repelled the big runs. They squandered a lead but clung fiercely to home-court advantage. They didn’t spook easily.”
  • On’s Daily Dime, John Hollinger discusses the negative results of the Spurs’ attempts to find their rotation in the second round of the playoffs.
  • Art Garcia of on the Suns’ plan to wear the Los Suns jerseys Wednesday: “The basketball court is rarely if ever the site of a political statement, much less during an NBA playoff game. Politics are going to be center court Wednesday night. The Suns are taking aim at Arizona’s controversial new immigration during the Western Conference semifinals. Phoenix owner Robert Sarver is outfitting his team in “Los Suns” uniforms for Game 2 against San Antonio. The game also happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo, a traditional holiday celebrating Mexican heritage and culture.”
  • Joe Gilmartin of discusses the challenges the Suns faced in Game 1, despite what may have looked like an easy win.
  • The San Antonio Express News’ Buck Harvey says George Hill came out of this round’s Game 1 loss with a different attitude.
  • Riveting words from Matt Moore at Hardwood Paroxysm: “We saw Nash, drive, as we haven’t seen him this year drive. Attacking the basket relentlessly, endlessly, fiercely, with singular focus. PUSH THEM BACK. And let them know that the Suns have not come meekly to surrender again, but with full intention of mindlessly attacking as if there were not just another series, nor a desperate fight against an unbeatable foe, but a death match upon which our survival hangs. Because honestly, there’s no other approach.”
  • Thoughts on the continued importance of Jason Richardson’s play and more from Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic.

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