The (4/28) Quarterly Report (Q1)

Alright, with a more favorable setup for yer old pal Senor Sun-N-Gun, we open this one looking to see if the Suns can play efficiently on the offensive end and close out the Blazers.  I liked the notes format I was forced to go with in the last game, so whether you like it or not, here it is again.  Let me know if you like it or it’s just annoying.

J-Rich is ready to play.  Kicking it off with a three.

Why do networks show stats about “playoff history”?  What the 1978 Blazers or the 2005 Suns did in the playoffs is absolutely no predictor of what might possibly happen in this game.

The Suns are making shots early.  Also, Jarron Collins sucks.  Or is it Jason?  Who cares?  Mama Collins?

Richardson is playing like a $12+million/year player.  And it’s not even a contract year!

Suns off to a solid start and Nate has to take a timeout.  I’ve criticized Nate as a coach quite a bit, but he does seem to have a pretty solid understanding of gameflow and makes good decisions about things like when to take timeouts.  And that is as much about the crowd as it is about the men on the floor.  You’re right, Blazed…they are passionate and Nate knows he needs them.

TNT tries to show stats that matter, but then talks about Pace in terms of points per game.  That’s not what it means, fellas.  PPG is not an effective stat to talk about performance.  They also asked if Broy is “ready.”  Of course he’s not ready, but his coming back from the surgery is not about being ready.  It’s about the Frazier Factor…which hasn’t worked out so far, but you never know, right?

The Suns are playing really nice D so far…STAT’s got two, but that won’t matter if they keep playing like they have.  The Suns are getting a little erratic…they need to chill out and play.

The Suns smother the Blazers on D…which sets up a sweet alley from Nash.  JRich happens to be there for the Melo finish.

Does Bayless always play out-of-control on defense?  He looked so uncoordinated trying to play that screen…and then with the awkward play running into Dudley.

Seriously, the Suns D looks really good.  Forcing lots of outside shots from Miller and Camby.  As a Nuggets fan, I can tell you that the Suns will live with those all day long.

What the hell was Collins doing there?  That turnover’ll be credited to Nash, but that wasn’t his turnover.  Seriously, doesn’t he head back to the locker room and shower when he gets yanked in the first quarter?  Why the hell is he back on the floor?

Little run for the Blazers here, and a good TO by Alvin.  This game is sort of the opposite of Game 5 so far…this one features a very strong Suns start immediately followed by the Blazers clawing back into it and the Suns missing some shots.

Nash pushing the ball is a beautiful thing.  Barbosa shooting it is not nearly so pretty, but it went in, so that’s cool.

Each team has seven turnovers so far.  That’s a LOT for both teams…and there’s another one for the Suns (Nash).  That one had a little bit of “let-them-play” to it.

Nash has had a little bit of trouble handling the ball so far.  That’s extremely strange.  Dragic is finally in the game.  I wonder if that didn’t need to happen earlier with Bayless playing well.

We go to the quarter with the Suns up 24-17.  Seventeen is about where I though the Blazers would be, but 24 is waaaaaay less than I thought the Suns would have after their start.  The Blazers clamped ‘em a bit and forced some sloppy play.  It’s not a blowout, Blazed.  You can keep watching.

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