The (4/28) Quarterly Report (Halftime!)

Pretty sure that was a travel by LMA.  Don’t think you’re allowed to roll with the ball.

Nice no call on the flop by Bayless.  I’m sure it infuriates Blazer fans because that shit gets called all the time, but it’s the right call there.

Webster’s looking good so far on both ends.  Just helped LMA abuse Amundson like the white boy he is.

Here’s something I don’t like so much; the Blazer bench is playing like they give a damn.  That hasn’t happened thus far in this series.  The Blazers are deep, but they don’t play like it, you know?

How awesome would it be to be Goran Dragic and suckle at the teat of Steve Nash?  I can’t imagine a better position to be in as a young, fast, talented point guard.

Shit.  Rudy apparently realized he can make more money if he actually shows up than if he plays like a guy who doesn’t give a damn.

This Dudley-Rudy battle is nice.  Hopefully the coaches don’t take one of ‘em out and jack it up.  How often do you get to watch an athletic white dude match up with a less athletic brother?  That doesn’t happen so much…or at all.

The Blazers are punching right now but the Suns are holding serve if you like the mixed-sport metaphors.

Little run for the Suns here…7-1 over the last little piece.

That was a ridiculous shot from Broy.

Quite a few missed free throws for the Suns so far.  That’s bad.  But the Suns are leading the rebound battle 21-16.  That’s a really good sign.

Broy is clearly not ready ready.  14 minutes and 3 points on 1-of-3 shooting?  That’s not Broy basketball.

Seriously, what is going on with Nash?  He’s playing like absolute shit.

Amazing transition D by Hill…leads to a sweet 3  by J-Rich on the other end.  Hill rebound…and he just decides to go coast-to-coast for the BUCKET AND ONE!  Wow.  Just…wow.  He is so good.  He wants to get out of the first round for the first time ever…and that’s TNT’s angle, too.  Bastards.  Makin’ me look like a copier.

So is LMA ever gonna develop any kind of mean streak or is he just the guy he is?  Because he’s talented; there’s no doubt about that.  But he’s gonna have to play with some kind of passion if he’s ever gonna be more than just a guy.

Wait…Earl Clark is in the game?  The hell is that about?

Oh my God!!  Grant Hill is ridiculous!

Nice push from the Suns there in the last few minutes of the quarter.  The Blazers aren’t going down without a fight; that’s fer damn sure.  But the Suns are playing really well right now, and aren’t looking like a team that’s going to be denied.  Also, there is one Suns in double figures…and it’s JRich with 19.  He came to play tonight…

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