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I’m down to 8% battery!  Dear God, hurry the hell up!  Here’s the iphone notes from the second half:

Suns with the nice start–Nash to STAT, just like it oughta be.  And
Hill strong to the rack?  Live in the paint, PHX.

Camby is the man.  Dislocated finger?  Eff you–I’m playing.  Love
that guy.

Portland’s playing strong right now, and–OH! that was a shitty pass
by Nash.

I’m not sure where the foul on Broy was, but I love it anyway.

Dear TNT,
Comparing Camby’s points to fouls is absolutely meaningless.  Tell me
about his rebounds.

Of course Hill has four fouls.  He has to carry the entire defensive
load on the outside.

Oh snap!!  Did STAT JUST FIX HIS GLASSES MID-DRIVE?!  Does it get any
more badass than that?!

Foul trouble for…Juwan Howard?  He’s played enough to have five
fouls?  Sorry, PDXers…even C-Webb thinks that a team that gives
Howard enough minutes to collect five fouls doesn’t deserve to win the
series, and C-Webb LOVES his Fab Five homies.

Up and down, up and down…this is Suns basketball for real!

Nash has only 9 dimes…and the Suns are ahead by 14?  ¿WTF?

Dudley has the most athletic hands in the NBA.  The Suns are
announcing their presence with authority!

Sweet dish by STAT.  Suns up 18.  Just a hint of conflict headed to
the quarter.

Back-to-back 19 point quarters for the Blazers.  That ain’t gettin’ it

Dan Majerle lookin’ like a smarmy sumbitch on the bench.  Screw you
and your non-wifi-having sports bar, Thunder Dan.

All benchers for the Suns right now vs. a conglomeration for PDX…and
an awkward fall for Webster.  Don’t even think about gettin’ mad at
Leandro, PDXers.  Robot G will clamp you good.

I like the way STAT plays defense next to Lou.

There’s a thing in the arena that says WERORNG.  What the hell does
that mean?

Dudley’s lookin’ good right now.

27 points?  Under 6 minutes?  I’d say that about does it…

Aaaand…an offensive board.  And a couple of turnovers.  Careful,
Suns, it’s over but it ain’t *over*.

It’s over over now.  As Adam said, it’s all about the bench.  If Phoenix can make sure the benches matter, then it’s all Suns.  PDX is deep enough that they’re still fielding a competitive team even with all their injuries.  The Suns don’t have all the injury problems, so their bench is mauling the Blazers.

The opening of this game led me to believe that the end would be significantly different from what has become the reality.  Looking at Broy sitting there about to squirt some on the Blazer bench, I have to assume that this, though it’s only Game 5, is the endgame.  The Blazers threw a heavy punch…and the Suns turned around and forced them into submission.  This was a helluva game for the Suns, because they took that big punch and didn’t just cave.  More to come tomorrow…I’m ’bout outta battery.  Night!

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