The Quarterly (Yeah Right!) Report (4/26)

Hey, friends of Sun-N-Gun (and Blazers fans).  Sorry your old pal Señor Sun-N-Gun has been in absentia for the last couple days…as I said the other day, I had to take some time off for moving…in fact, moving was such a timesuck for me that I didn’t see even a second of Saturday’s game (which, in retrospect, was fortunate).  And now I’m playing the nomad game; I don’t have cable OR internet in the new pad, so I’m roaming the unfamiliar territory of downtown Phoenix in search of bars with basketball + wifi.  You wouldn’t think it would be so hard.  In fact, I’d like to throw a not-shout-out to Majerle’s for not having wifi.  Screw you, Thunder Dan.

Anyway, I sat at this one joint eating dinner (an ostrich burger!  With poblano peppers!) and wondering why in the hell their wifi wouldn’t work (and it wasn’t me; it wouldn’t work on my ‘puter or my pocket ‘puter, so there), and decided that the only course of action was to take furious iphone notes, then publish them for the world to see.  So here they are, plenty sic’d up as I was, as I said, typing furiously:

Suns with the shitty start…offense looks like shit.  Bad shots,
turnovers, no shots.  Good defense by PDX.

After timeout, Nash straight to the rack, draws a foul.  Joey Crawford
is on the call.  He sucks.

Portland’s got nice ball movement going on.

Suns missing shots, not following, no freaking rebounds.

In the post to STAT, he gets swarmed, knocks Camby down, stalks over
him a bit.  Head games.

PDX can’t miss and the Suns ain’t makin’ ‘em miss.  If there was a D
in Pgoenix they’d have to take it out.

They have to cool off at some point, right.  JRich is heating up.

Nice coaching by Nate to take a timeout as the Suns get the tiniest
bit of mo.  Nipped that in the bud.

Sorry, Steve.  Bayless is too damn fast for you.

Suns run: rebound, push, transition 3, steal, push, (OOB call), steal,
push, bucket. Dudley flop, bucket, steal, push, strong to the hole,
foul, tie game.

First Quarter?  Strong Blazers start, strong Suns finish.  This is a
basketball game!

Dragic is in to push the ball.  His jersey says DRAGIĆ.  Nice feed to

And Channing says, “Look what I found!” Awful shot by Dragic.  Nice
move to draw the foul on Broy next time down, though.

Nice flop by Cunningham to get a silly foul called on Barbosa.

That PHX bench is makin’ it happen, although PDX is still playing
really well.

Nice flop, Rudy.

Camby drives to the hole like a great blue heron, which is to say

This quarter is not nearly as exciting as the first quarter.  I hate
it when they settle in.

That’s the end of the iphone notes as I was moving to a new bar that has working wifi (which comes at a price, of course: $5.50 beer?!  Damn hotel bar).  The end of that quarter was all Suns, and mostly Jared Dudley.  This has been one of those combo games so far; looked like it was gonna be all Blazers, the Suns pushed back, they sat even for a bit, and the Suns put on a big push at the end.  This should be a great second half; hope I’ll be around to tell you about it (not only do I have wifi issues, but my battery is LOW).  Bad times.  See y’all in a bit.

(Oh, and don’t think I’m done with you, Blazed.  I have many, many things to say about your comments from yesterday.  I may not get to you ’til tomorrow, but I’ll get to you.  I’ll just lead off by saying that I think Batum not playing saying Batum wasn’t gonna play and then leaving him in to play like shit is a solid bit of gamesmanship by the Blazers.  Can’t wait for the inevitable “Yeah, it would’ve been nice if Nic could’ve played better, but, you know, there are extenuating circumstances…” press conference BS.)

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