Suns-Trail Blazers: Across the nation April 25

All-Star guard Brandon Roy’s return sparked something within the Trail Blazers Saturday and they were able to pull even at two games apiece. The series is now one of the more intriguing in the league. With the series headed back to Phoenix and home-court advantage back in the Suns’ hands, here’s what they’re saying across the nation…

  • Before Game 2, The Onion reminded us that the Amare Stoudemire contract situation still looms once the season comes to an end: “After hearing his name in myriad trade rumors, Phoenix Suns forward Amar’e Stoudemire revealed Wednesday that, nearly two months after the NBA trade deadline, he is still trying to figure out which team he should currently be playing for.”
  • At Portland Roundball Society, Rob Simonsen says the return of Brandon Roy was almost the greatest moment in history: “I’m not going to say Brandon Roy coming back eight days after surgery was the greatest moment in history — sports or otherwise — but to put it in hyperbole-free perspective it was like Willis Reed carrying Kirk Gibson on his back as he stormed the beach at Normandy to dunk on Hitler.”
  • Dan Bickley of The Arizona Republic says the Suns should be ashamed of themselves for playing with a lack of urgency.
  • Also at The Republic, Paul Coro writes that talks are ongoing between Suns GM Steve Kerr and Stoudemire’s agent Happy Walters about a contract extension.
  • On ESPN’s Daily Dime, Steve Nash made “Saturday’s Worst” after committing six turnovers and dishing out fewer assists than usual.
  • John Canzano of The Oregonian thinks pretty highly of Brandon Roy as well after his surprise return: “For his next trick, Brandon Roy will make it snow in Phoenix. After that, he’s going to part the Willamette River. Then, who knows? Roy is legend.”
  • Also at The Oregonian, Geoffrey C. Arnold says Portland is facing an uphill battle against the Suns, but there are reasons they could win the series.
  • Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus argues that one of the Suns’ biggest concerns is their underperforming bench.

  • justin

    a day after david stern says that if you complain about referees you will get fined… we get a game officiated like this… the nba is pathetic.. i dont understand what they have against the suns

  • JoCaLa

  • The Z. Man

    “Lack of urgency” (read Dan the man) was the bottom line.

    Gentry has solved that. Play Collins just long enough to dig a hole. Then the Suns have the urgency to climb out of the hole. Brilliant idea!!!!

    Best coach. Best leaders for our young guys in Nash & STAT & Hill. Best bunch of young guys. Atop all of this, we have a healthy Barbosa back.

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!