Suns-Trail Blazers: Around the nation April 21

With the series all knotted up at a game apiece and the Suns headed to Portland, the citizens of Planet Orange have taken their fingers off the panic button. Here’s what’s rumbling after the Suns’ blowout win:

  • After last night’s game, Charles Barkley had some positive analysis of his former team. Barkley said he doesn’t think the Trail Blazers can beat the Suns four times, especially without Brandon Roy. “If the Suns play well, they’ve got a better team,” Barkley said. “Plain and simply.” Barkley also said that if the Trail Blazers try to run with the Suns, the Suns will “run ‘em out the building.” Oh, Chuck.
  • At Portland Roundball Society, Andrew R. Tonry asks the question on every Portland fan’s mind: “What’s the status of Nicolas Batum?” Hopefully we can provide an answer sometime today after Batum undergoes an MRI.
  • It seems like a broken record, but The Oregonian‘s Joe Freeman discusses yet another Trail Blazers injury: “After enduring injury after injury after injury during this season of adversity, it should come as no surprise that the Trail Blazers have encountered yet another one in the playoffs.”
  • Brett Pollakoff at Fanhouse took some time to speak with Marcus Camby yesterday about his new contract extension with the Trail Blazers.
  • Blogging on, Joe Gilmartin says the biggest adjustment the Suns made for Game 2 was in their attitude.
  • In his postgame blog, The Arizona Republic‘s Paul Coro notes that Amare Stoudemire again didn’t make a huge impact, but did just what he needed to do in Game 2. Much more quality analysis as well from Coro, as always.
  • The Oregonian‘s John Canzano writes that Portland rookie Jeff Pendergraph, of all people, issued a call to action after the Trail Blazers got obliterated Tuesday night. Pendergraph has always been an emotional player, and his first trip to the NBA playoffs 20 minutes from where he starred at ASU had to have him even more fired up.

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  • Brian

    Is there something up with their training staff that makes this team so injury prone?

  • DW

    I meant to say he's not the expert people expect h im to be.

  • DW

    Chuckles Barclay will never ever have anything positive to say about the blazers until the blazers repays the $1200 he says they owe him for plane tickets when the blazers were considering signing him and the blazers decided he wasn’t good enough for what they wanted.

    So disregard what this clown says. He knows not the expert people expect h im to be.

  • The Z. Man

    MUST bounce back home game

    …”More things change…” Game five tipoff in less than an hour. Hope Hill and the rest of the Suns are as pumped up as they were for our last home game. Will be there with my son Jacob SOON.

    MUST score MUCH more than in game four. Replace Collins with “Basketball Jones” or go “TINY BALL.” Time for a lineup upgrade. MUCH more Brazilian Blur!!!!

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!