What Just Happened? (4/20)

My immediate reaction?  Wow.  That was not the game I expected to see.  I mean, here’s what I wrote immediately before the game started, if I may quote myownself:

See, I don’t know if the Suns are capable of increasing the tempo against PDX, and I think this is where I drastically underestimate the Blazers.  I think the Suns oughta just push that tempo, but we’re sixteen quarters into head-to-head, and it just ain’t happening.  The Blazers are in total control of the pace.  I need to spend a little time figuring out exactly HOW that happens, but that’s what’s happening.  So I guess they just need to go ahead and make those open threes, no matter when in the shot clock they take them (!).

And apparently I was wrong.  Apparently the Suns were capable of imposing their will on the Blazers.  In fact, this game was about exactly the opposite of Game 1.  The Suns shot well (52.3% including 40% from 3); the Blazers did not (38.2% and 33.3% from 3).  The Suns dominated the glass (43-34).  They had 26 assists to the Blazers’ 12, and only 5 (!) turnovers for the game, as compared to 10 for the Blazers.  The Suns owned this game in just about every conceivable way.  I couldn’t have been more wrong about the way things ended up in this game.  Bravo, me.

So what does this mean for Game 3?  Well, I don’t know, but I think dekko’s got a point.  He says it’ll probably be exactly like neither of these games.  I don’t know what that will look like, but I’m intrigued.  Two dramatically different games so far…what’s next?

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  • dekko

    ” dekko’s got a point. He says it’ll probably be exactly like neither of these games.”

    That was a Nate comment before the series…

    (Side note, I am a ‘she’ type person, an old one at that, the year the blazers won the championship, 1977, my (long since ex) husband ran the Iditarod…)

    • http://sunngun.com nate dion

      Um…whoops. Sorry about that, dekko. Didn’t mean to be ageist AND sexist. I guess I just figured people in your actual demographic don’t even know how to use computers (this is where the emoticon would go if I didn’t find them morally reprehensible).

  • dekko

    No apology needed. I am not exactly the demographic for the typical NBA fan and the nickname is not a hint.

    Hard to find anything to say about game 2. A butt kicking really takes no analysis.

    Batum will have a MRI today.

  • dekko

    MRI done. Still listed as a strain. Batum listed as questionable for Thursday.