The (4/20) Quarterly Report (#3)

Here’s something I missed at halftime…Professor Hollinger pointed out that the only reason the Blazers were still in the game was that their bench was keeping them in it. The Blazer bench was 8-of-14 for 19 points, while the Suns’ bench was only 2-of-13 for 7 points.  That’s the exact opposite of Game 1; the Blazers’ starters dominated the Suns, while the bench kept it within shouting distance.  Usually, the Suns’ bench dominates the opponent’s bench, and that’s when it either gets close (if the starters had a bad start) or they start to pull away.

Wow.  This game is not what I thought it was going to be.  This is total and complete dominance.  Are the Suns this much better than the Blazers?  I reckon not.  But they have done, so far, everything they needed to do to rectify all the things they didn’t do in the last game.

I’ll be back after the game to talk about the play of Earl Clark and Taylor Griffin, and to start thinking about what comes next…

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  • Adam

    Glad to see the Blazers decided not to show up for this one, other than a little bit of Bayless and a little bit of Martell. However, I feel a little vindicated in that J-rich is really playing well, and his counterparts on the Blazers are not…just what I predicted for a Suns win. Now, part of me thinks that the Blazers ‘tanked’ this one a little bit…save some energy for the PDX games, maybe let the Suns get a little over-confident? Nah, I’m playing, the Suns just kicked our asses tonight. Even shooting over 40% isn’t good enough for the Blazers.

    • nate dion

      Bayless showed up…until he fouled out in only 23 minutes. Ouch? Pressing a little bit in front of the hometown crew, maybe? You think all the thoughts you’d like about tanking…although, now that I think on it…maybe that’s why Camby was the #1 offensive option at the open of the game. That was a bad idea if they wanted to win.