Halftime! (What's Happenin'?)

Chuck said it, and he’s right.  This game is disappointing for the Suns so far.  The Suns oughta punch somebody in the mouth, and they haven’t done so.  But let’s take a quick peek at what’s been happening…the Suns’ bench is kicking the Blazers’ bench’s collective ass.  They’re outscoring them 25-9.  In fact, the Suns’ bench is kicking their own starters’ collective ass.  The bench is outscoring the starters 25-18.  Hey!  Alvin!  Maybe you need to keep the bench in there a little longer.  They’re the ones playin’ like this ain’t no thing…the starters are the ones playing tight and missing shots and doing all that rookie crap.

Let’s see what’s up with the key indicators…

Rebounds?  Blazers 25, Suns 22.  Not bad, but not what we’d like to see right about now, is it?

Turnovers?  Blazers 6, Suns 7.  S’alright.  Hold on to that ball, PHX (and interestingly enough, Barbosa is leading the Suns in turnovers with 3, which makes sense because he’s been out and is getting back in rhythm and all that.  But he also leads the Suns [not to mention all scorers, in a tie with Aldridge] with 13 points.  You give some, you get some, I suppose).

Shooting?  Blazers 41.9%, Suns 38.6%.  But again, the Suns’ starters have been pretty much awful so far; they’ve made only 7 of 27 shots (25.9%?  Egad!).  The bench?  10 of 17, for 58.8%.  I imagine that once we see a little regression to the mean, the starters will start making some shots and this second half will be a little more Fenix Friendly.

I’ve been wrong before, though…

  • http://Nugglove.com Jr

    What happened tonight? Of all the teams in all the rounds, the Blazers were the last team I’d pick. They didn’t have anybody that could demand the ball in the post and they lack a point guard that can shoot, maybe a zone defense? I don’t know, crazy.

    Louis Amundson a Denver Nugget is all I hope.

    • http://sunngun.com nate dion

      Well, a lot of things happened. A lot of bad things. Like ‘Dre becoming a shooter. It’s weird how he breaks out the ol’ J every now and again. Sorta sad to see two former Nuggs tearing it up for Portland, wasn’t it?

      Amundson to the Nuggets? Don’t they already have an Amundson? Only in Denver, he’s called Birdman…

  • http://Nugglove.com Jr

    It is sad, because I always like Dre and when he was Denver he did the same thing to San Antonio and than we lost the next four games. But Portland is a lot smarter team than Denver, so it will be interesting. However, I do not miss Camby. He never rotated on defense and he always wanted to shoot the ball.
    I guess Bird is kind of like Amundson, only thing is Amundson is smarter and does the little things. I’m trying to think the last time Andersen boxed out or hasn’t bit on a pump fake. I’d trade two Andersen’s for one Amundson.

  • http://sunngun.com nate dion

    Ugh. That San Antonio series was disgusting. I hate the Spurs.

    I don’t know how much smarter Portland is. They make some silly choices with their young players (overvaluing them and whatnot).

    Bird this year is definitely not last year’s model. I don’t know what’s up with him. As far as Amundson goes…be careful what you wish for. He’s great sometimes, and fun to watch, but he’s also frequently that guy who’s just in the way because he cannot shoot the ball AT ALL. His game is pretty much exactly the same as Bird’s. I think that’d be a really bad add for the Nuggets with Bird already signed for next year.