Suns Execute Beatdown!

The Suns served.  The Jazz failed to serve back.  It was on anyway.  Apparently, for the second consecutive evening, the NBA failed to make the Suns’ opponent aware that an actual game would, in fact, be played.  Both the Nuggets last night and the Jazz this evening played like it didn’t matter.

The Suns, however, played like it did matter.  They could have gone into the playoffs as the 3rd, 4th, or 5th seed.  They proceeded to completely dominate two good teams (although the Nuggets totally suck right now; I wonder if they’ll even win a single quarter of a playoff game).  That’s what they call controlling your destiny, I reckon.

So how did they do it?  Well, it certainly didn’t hurt that Boozer didn’t play.  He lit the Suns up pretty good a couple months back.  But in his absence, the Suns outrebounded the Jazz–by one!  They also had fewer turnovers (by six).  The way the Suns are playing, they don’t actually have to dominate the glass, they just have to not get dominated.  Their offense is so good that as long as they don’t give up a boatload of second chance points, they’re probably in good shape.

Also, their defense rocked tonight.  It was defense to the power of 10 (!) as they had 10 steals and 10 blocks.  The Suns are primed and ready to get it done in the playoffs.  First up?  Portland.  More on that later on Thursday…

  • Adam

    With the way they’re playing, I definitely predict Suns winning in 4 games. How nice for them to get Portland without a 100% B-Roy! Actually did you see that he’s going to try and play ‘because doctors told him the injury CAN’T GET ANY WORSE!!!’ Anyway, Suns are on a role right now, Portland can’t score to save a burning baby, and PHX will win in 4 games, unless Aldridge plays out of his mind and STAT doesn’t show up. I can’t be totally pissed about that…