The Dump

None of these things was good enough for an actual post.  As such, here are some things.  Endorsed by the American Carny Association (I wish!).

  • Am I the only one who was nervous that the Suns were gonna piss away that game against the Rockets?  It sure followed that pattern they followed during their mid-season swoon: play close early, get out to a solid lead, give away said lead.  Only this one ended differently (obviously)…some slick three-point shooting in the last few minutes saved their butts.  Fortunately, Frye and Amundson picked up a few boards off the bench (in addition to STAT’s 13)…although they still got outrebounded…by a team who starts a 6’6″ guy at center.  However, they did keep the turnovers down (only 12 of ‘em on the game), so that’s a plus.  That kind of game ain’t gonna play against Denver and Utah and [Playoff Opponent], Suns.  Get it together.
  • From Ben on Sunday’s Blazers-Lakers game:  What a bizarre game.  Lakers clearly trying to lose to duck Portland, Blazers trying (?) to lose to face ‘em.  If “Gots to get mine” Webster hadn’t been at the line….  Look, I don’t think any NBA team would ever lose on purpose (ha!  Just playin’), but yeah, the end of that game sure was odd, wasn’t it?  Loads of missed free throws there at the end and really just a crapfest.  And with the way those two teams have played lately, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Lakers would be very interested in avoiding the Blazers, and the Blazers would be very interested in facing the Lakers, is it?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Sure, LeBron rested on Sunday, but it doesn’t matter who his team plays in the playoffs.  Kobe’s team had a game that would influence who they played against…and they sat Kobe.
  • Speaking of the Blazers, Brandon Roy is all but done for the year.  Whoooops.  That sucks for Portland (which I guess is a reluctant acknowledgment of Roy being a pretty good player…I certainly don’t think he’s as good as ESPN and Papa think he is, but he’s pretty good nonetheless).  Sorry, Portland.  Sucks to be you.  Oh, and they beat OKC tonight to lock themselves into the six seed (which means they’ll be playing Dallas or Denver or Utah or the Suns).  But it’ll be interesting to see how that goes for them.  Hopefully not all that well.
  • As of this evening, Hollinger’s Playoff Odds have the Suns as the five seed to Denver’s four seed, or as it’s known here at Sun-N-Gun headquarters, my worst nightmare.  I love the Suns, but I grew up in Denver and am a lifelong Nuggets fan.  I hate it when they play each other, because I have to root for the Nuggets win while simultaneously hoping the Suns will not lose.  It’s like when I watch the Spurs play the Lakers and somebody asks me who I’m rooting for and I say that I would like to see them both lose and since that’s not technically possible I’ll settle for a giant sinkhole opening up under the arena and both teams and all their obnoxious fans being swallowed up by the vengeful earth.
  • In other news, the Suns play the Nuggets today.  Oh, hell.

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