Halftime Thoughts

I mentioned earlier that I hate this game.  I mean this specific game, with the Suns playing the Nuggets.  Hate it.  I’ve been a Nuggets fan my entire life.  I love the Nuggets.  I also love to watch the Suns (obviously).  But at some point, you have to choose, right?  Let’s just say that I’ve chosen…and I’m really really hating this game thus far.

But hey!  Here’s to success for the Suns, right?  Here are some things that point to why this game has gone the way it has up to halftime:

  • The Suns have 28 rebounds at the half.  They average 42.9 per game.  I’d say that’s a contributing factor.
  • The Suns are outshooting the Nuggets 56%-38%.  Mm-hmm.
  • This game would be more fun to watch if the officials hadn’t decided to be quite so involved in the proceedings.  They’ve called 29 total fouls so far.  Paul Coro’s been tweeting about it, but blaming it on the Nuggets.  Yeah, the Nuggets tend to go to the line a lot and commit quite a few fouls.  But there have been so many ticky-tack, bullshit fouls called on both ends of the floor.  Oh, and the Nuggets have shot 12 free throws so far.  The Suns have shot 22.
  • Here’s an odd thing: the Suns have only 9 total assists on 31 made baskets.  That seems awfully low, doesn’t it?

So yeah.  The Suns are, as Charles so tenderly puts it, whuppin’ some ass.  Although if the Suns’ recent history (as The Jet just pointed out) is any sort of predictor, this game will get close(ish) in the second half.  As the lead blogger of sunngun.com, that makes me nervous.

/tiny bit of Nuggets fan hope…

  • Adam

    Wow, what a strange game. Did the Nuggets even get off the bus? Never thought I’d say this, especially after getting his ass out-coached by Phil in LA, but regular-season George Karl is a difference-maker for Denver. Oh, and Chauncey really needs to play well for them to win, especially on the road. I’m just kind of blown away at that game…70 points at halftime?!?!

    • http://sunngun.com nate dion

      It was unbelievable. I was thinking exactly the same thing about Karl…they’ve just been eight kinds of messed up since he went out. Clearly Dantley doesn’t know what the hell is going on…maybe it’ll be good for them in the long run (and by the long run I mean next year). I don’t know if they’ll even win a playoff GAME at this point.